What is a 70th wedding anniversary

Mercy wedding: Customs, gifts & sayings for the 70th wedding anniversary

The wedding of grace is celebrated on the 70th wedding anniversary. After 70 years of marriage, the couple can look back on almost a lifetime together and it could be the last wedding anniversary that will be celebrated in a big way. For this reason we have everything about the meaning, customs and gifts for you as well as 50 sayings and sample texts for appropriate congratulations.

The 70th wedding anniversary is known as the wedding of grace. This occasion is usually celebrated in the closest circle of family and friends. Find out what this wedding day means, which customs there are, which gifts are suitable and let yourself be inspired by our sayings and sample texts for personal congratulations on this special day.

Mercy Wedding: The 70th wedding anniversary

Mercy Wedding: The 70th wedding anniversary

The wedding of grace takes place between the iron wedding on the 65th wedding anniversary and the crown jewel wedding on the 75th wedding anniversary. For many married couples - even if they live a long time - it is usually the last wedding anniversary that is celebrated in a big way. For example, in 2017, according to the Statistical Office for Hamburg and Schleswig-Holstein, 73 married couples celebrated their wedding of grace and only seven married their crown jewel wedding. Queen Elizabeth and Prince Philip also celebrated their mercy wedding in 2017 with their close family. Find out here which wedding days are still available.

Since the anniversaries are already of an old age, the wedding of grace is usually celebrated in a closer circle with family and friends. It's a nice touch when going to Organization of the celebration Friends, children or grandchildren agree to to help the elderly couple.

Karam and Kartari Chand from India had the longest known marriage in the world. Their marriage lasted a proud 90 years and 9 months and produced eight children, 27 grandchildren and numerous great-grandchildren.

Meaning of the wedding of grace

The wedding of grace has a Christian origin. She symbolizes God's grace and the kindness that made the marriage last so long. Because the basic requirement is not just one harmonious marriagebut also a long life. When man and woman are both gifted with harmony and health, they will experience their 70th wedding anniversary. In order for a married couple to be able to achieve the grace wedding, they must also marry relatively early.

Customs for the wedding of grace

Customs for the wedding of grace

There are some customs that are suitable for special wedding anniversaries and that should be strictly adhered to in order to please the couple. The 70th wedding anniversary could be the last wedding anniversary on which all relatives come together. So on this special day everything has to be geared towards making the cheering couple happy.

Celebration in a small circle

Since the couple is a bit older and perhaps no longer has the strength for a big celebration, it is also perfectly fine to celebrate the wedding of grace in a small group. So it doesn't need any explicit invitationsthat need to be designed and mailed. Calls or normal invitations by post are enough for closest friends and relatives.

The party can get together at home with coffee and cake or eat together in a nice restaurant. Everything should be to the satisfaction of the anniversaries. If they agree to have a bigger party, however, the organization should be taken over by younger relatives.

Advertisement or an article in the local newspaper

In smaller towns in particular, it is common for special occasions to be featured in the local newspaper. Birthday announcements can be found there as well as congratulations on wedding anniversaries. To make the jubilarians happy, one can Advertisement with photo and congratulations in the local newspaper for them or relatives contact the press directly. In this case, the Mayor comes over or an article with a short interview about the couple.

Color and decoration

The grace wedding is different from other wedding days not tied to any particular color. If there was a certain color motto at the wedding 70 years ago, this can be taken up again. Otherwise are festive splashes of color in gold, silver, white or red always a good idea. Decoration can be candles and napkins, beautiful tea lights, pictures of the couple and family, flowers and small bouquets. Gypsophila is also always suitable as a typical wedding decoration.

Speech in honor of the cheering couple

It is a nice gesture when on the wedding day not only the accomplishment of the marriage is highlighted, but the whole Lifetime achievement of the couple is appreciated. In all this lifetime they have certainly done a lot for which they are to be thanked. The opportunity for friends and family to get together on this occasion should therefore be used to Giving a speech, reciting a poem, or offering a toast. Subsequent toasts can create a laugh and a good mood among the guests, especially if the speech was a little more emotional. Here you will find tips on how to give a good (wedding) speech.

Mercy wedding gifts

Mercy wedding gifts

With 70 years of marriage and even more years of life, the couple will surely have accumulated quite a bit of property. Because of this, are personal or personalized gifts most suitable for the wedding of grace. We have a few ideas for you that are personal and warm and are sure to go down well.

Self-written poem

If you write a poem yourself, you can recite it as a kind of address and have covered two customs of a wedding day: a personal gift and a speech. Take enough time to write and don't be too critical of yourself. The gesture itself is what matters; the older generation has one solid connection to poems, because they accompanied her in her childhood and school days.

You don't have to stick to a specific meter, sentences can also be broken up by enjambements, not every sentence has to rhyme and words can sometimes stand alone. Let your creativity run free, create mind maps, word fields or fixed rhymes in advance and use them as milestones. If you absolutely cannot manage to write a poem yourself, you can also recite a well-known poem.

Short story

A Short story about getting to know the couple is a very special gift for the wedding of grace. Either you already know this story or you inconspicuously introduce a little one a week or two beforehand interview with the two future anniversaries. They should tell you exactly when, how and where they met and you then pack that into a nice, coherent story.

After getting to know each other, this story can continue and lead into the future, up to the 70th wedding anniversary. Use everything you know about the couple and mention the greatest Highlights of their lives. If the story is short enough, share it in front of all guests. If it is a little longer, you can write it down, print it out or even bind it as a unique gift hand over.

Photo collage

Photo collage

Once the old age has been reached as is necessary for the grace wedding, there is not much left that can still be experienced in the future. Older couples therefore often live in the past and feed on their precious memories. This is quite normal and also necessary in order to be proud of your life and to draw strength from past achievements every day.

Help the couple better remember all of their accomplishments and highlights in life by making a photo collage. Frame them so the couple can hang them up and admire them every day. You can also use the Write the years next to the events or make the collage with handicraft utensils. Alternatively, a large family photo or a voucher for a photo shoot with the whole family is also suitable.

Slide show

A slideshow is very nice to run at the party so that all guests can see it. You could do the same thing as you would with a photo collage by selecting the most important events in life and arranging them in chronological order. Small comments, thanks or congratulations in between are also very nice. Don't let the pictures run down too quickly, the couple probably want to say something about each picture and the Relive memories to let.


If someone in the family one instrument plays, the couple will surely be happy about a serenade. Maybe the two anniversaries have one favourite songthat someone can give for the best. Otherwise also can sang a song together become. Either texts are distributed in the family beforehand and everyone learns the song by heart or a well-known song is sung together with the cheering couple.

When all the guests participate in the song, it is of course particularly nice. But it is also sufficient if a few volunteers get together. Nobody should be forced to sing, the couple would certainly not want that.

Fingerprint canvas

What is common for weddings is also a great gift for the wedding of grace: the fingerprint canvas. You can buy them ready-made or simply design them yourself. Draw one for this bare tree on a canvas and buy finger paints and a waterproof black pen.

Each guest must now have their fingerprint as a ‘Sheet’ on the canvas press on the tree and sign it in small letters with his first name under his fingerprint. In the end, the couple has a guest book that is very memorable. A tip: have cleaning cloths for your fingers in close proximity to the canvas.

Engraved and personalized

Few people still drink alcohol regularly in old age. For this reason, engraved wine or champagne glasses are probably not a particularly good idea. On the other hand, engraved gemstones, wooden boards or carafes are more beautiful. An embroidered pillow or newspaper from the couple's wedding year are also very nice. Alternatively, all photo gifts such as printed mugs, clocks, snow globes or simply framed pictures are also suitable.

45 sayings for the wedding of grace

Sayings for the wedding of grace

Over time there are many Sayings and proverbs about "grace" or “God's grace” emerged. In keeping with the wedding of grace, we have selected many sayings that deal with this topic. In addition, you will find Sayings on the topics of friendship, love, marriage and partnership. Use the sayings as an introduction and inspiration for your own text or to fill the blank page in your card. If you cannot find what you are looking for here, try these wedding sayings, life wisdom, love sayings, love quotes, love poems or friendship sayings.

  1. Anything that makes more of us is grace for us.
    (Rainer Maria Rilke)
  2. ... because grace will be given to you if you exercise grace.
    (Jalal ad-Din Muhammad Rumi)
  3. Grace blesses those who grant it and those who receive it.
    (William Shakespeare)
  4. When a mouth that has forfeited grace
    speaks of grace, he profaned this word.
    (William Shakespeare)
  5. Fear is the grace of debauchery.
    (Joseph Joubert)
  6. Better too much grace than too much punishment.
  7. The world is founded on grace, not on right.
    (Alphonse de Lamartine)
  8. The law demands, takes punishment, and grace gives.
    (Francis of Assisi)
  9. God's grace is his cooperation in our will.
    (Hermann Oeser)
  10. Grace grasps everything and leaves no corner free.
    (Anthony of Padua)
  11. It is a grace to be convinced!
    (Max Kemmerich)
  12. Those who serve by grace are paid with mercy.
    (German proverb)
  13. Grace is the support of righteousness.
    (From Russia)
  14. When grace is bestowed on a man and a woman, God rests upon them.
    (Babylonian Talmud)
  15. What decides is always the grace of God. And this grace of God, it goes its own way. It is not bound by any rule, it is a law of itself.
    (Theodor Fontane)
  16. Changing paths, shadows and light,
    everything is grace, do not be afraid!
  17. The first thing grace does is this: it confers divine being.
    (Thomas Aquinas)
  18. Every happy moment is a grace and must vote for thanks.
    (Theodor Fontane)
  19. It is a grace to grow old. You only experience a lot in old age.
    (Richard Rothe)
  20. When the grace of God breaks down on a human heart, it becomes strong enough for everything.
    (Thomas Aquinas)
  21. Heaven and earth come together in a good marriage.
    (From Brasil)
  22. To love a person means to consent to grow old with him.
    (Albert Camus)
  23. Marriage is the closest, most beautiful, intimate, holiest and most lasting covenant that people can make with people. A happy marriage is the greatest good of earthly life.
    (Heinrich Daniel Zschokke)
  24. The most precious thing about love is trusting one another.
    (Julius Grosse)
  25. The soul of marriage is the equality of mind.
    (Christian Fürchtegott Gellert)
  26. Age does not protect against love, but love protects against aging.
    (Coco Chanel)
  27. That is the magic power of love,
    That she ennobles what her breath touches,
    Like the sun, whose golden ray
    Thunderclouds turned into gold themselves.
    (Franz Grillparzer)
  28. Married couples who love each other say a thousand things without speaking.
    (Chinese wisdom)
  29. Love has no age, it is constantly being reborn.
    (Blaise Pascal)
  30. Marriage is the prose translation of a love poem.
    (Alfred Bougeard)
  31. Every loved one is the center of a paradise.
  32. Where there is love, the impossible becomes possible.
  33. Marriage - the most important journey of discovery that a person can go on.
    (Sören Kierkegaard)
  34. The great happiness of love is to find rest in another heart.
    (Julie de Lespinasse)
  35. All you have to do is love and everything is joy.
    (Leo Tolstoy)
  36. A good marriage is perhaps the best, but it is certainly the most original of all goods in the world.
    (Carl Hilty)
  37. To experience the full value of happiness we need someone to share it with.
    (Mark Twain)
  38. A good marriage is based on a talent for friendship.
    (Friedrich Wilhelm Nietzsche)
  39. Life receives meaning only through love. That means: the more we are able to love and give ourselves, the more meaningful our life becomes.
    (Hermann Hesse)
  40. Love is a fabric that nature has woven and imagination has embroidered.
  41. To be able to find one's joy in the joy of the other: that is the secret of happiness.
    (George Bernanos)
  42. To love means to seek the happiness of the other.
    (Johannes Bosco)
  43. Love is a festival, it not only has to be prepared but also celebrated.
  44. My heart is like the sea
    Has storm and ebb and flow
    And some beautiful pearls
    Rests in its depth.
    (Heinrich Heine)
  45. Is there anything more joyful than knowing someone you can talk to as you can talk to yourself?

Congratulations on the wedding of grace: 5 sample texts

Congratulations on the wedding of grace

On the 70th wedding anniversary, you should definitely write a card - whether you are invited or not. When you learn that a married couple is celebrating a grace wedding, you should heartily congratulate them. We have created some sample texts for you based on quotes on the subject of “grace”.

The quote was taken as food for thought for the respective text. If you do the same, you will find it easier to write. Some sample texts emphasize the good character and lifetime achievement of the couple, others praise them because they are allowed to have such a great experience as the 70-year marriage. Learn to write better here and learn to write creatively here.


"... for grace will be given to you if you exercise grace."
(Jalal ad-Din Muhammad Rumi)

You both have always shown grace in your life, always showing consideration and understanding - not only for one another, but also for those around you. We love you for that and thank you for such great role models.

We congratulate you on your 70th wedding anniversary and wish you all the best, luck and health for the future together.

Paula & Gert with Linea & Jonas



When a mouth that has forfeited grace
speaks of grace, he profaned this word.
(William Shakespeare)


Dear anniversary couple,

you have always been gracious and patient, tolerant and just. You have never displayed your best qualities and have now been rewarded for your humility.

There is something very special about your marriage to be proud of. While it may seem normal to you, it is not without reason that such a long marriage is so rare. What you both did is a masterpiece - an achievement of grace.

Congratulations on your 70th wedding anniversary - the wedding of grace.

Elfriede & Hans



"Better too much grace than too much punishment."

You two never punished each other for your mistakes. You have always accepted yourself as you are - with all good and all bad qualities. This eternal grace has kept your marriage up for a proud 70 years. I congratulate you with all my heart and wish you a wonderful wedding of grace with your loved ones.




“It is a grace to be convinced!”
(Max Kemmerich)


My dear,

the two of you have repeatedly convinced each other that you are the right person for each other - and quite unintentionally. Anyone who is gifted with this mutual, natural power of persuasion knows for me the recipe of true love, the secret of a long marriage and a close friendship.

A connection like you have will probably always remain a secret to most people. Congratulations on your 70th wedding anniversary!

Your Nadine



"Grace grasps everything and leaves no corner free."
(Anthony of Padua)

You both are truly gifted! Your love is a grace that fills every corner of your life and has made you so happy. 70 years of marriage are a true miracle - and we warmly congratulate them on this miracle!

We look forward to being with you today and celebrating with you.

Elisabeth & Karl


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