Is tea healthier than coffee

Tea versus coffee How do tea and coffee work?

The caffeine content: how much is in where?

Coffee beans contain up to two percent caffeine, the same amount of tea one to five percent. Since you use much more coffee (approx. 50 grams) per liter than tea leaves (approx. 13 grams), there is more caffeine in a cup of coffee. A cup of coffee a day with about 100 milligrams of caffeine prevents Alzheimer's and dementia because caffeine blocks the damaging effects of cholesterol in the body.
Black tea has the same effect. Since a cup of coffee has about two to three times as much caffeine as tea, you have to drink at least double the amount of the latter to prevent forgetfulness.

The effect

The caffeine develops differently in tea than in coffee: the effect starts more slowly and lasts longer. The active ingredient is bound to tannins, which means that the organism cannot completely absorb the caffeine. The longer the tea steeps, the more the tannins dissolve. They bind the caffeine, only gradually release it in the body and the drink calms you down. If the tea is only steeped briefly, the caffeine unfolds faster and has a stimulating effect. Green tea has more tannins than black.

Coffee, on the other hand, works just a few minutes after drinking, as the caffeine gets into the blood faster. Adrenaline is released and creates the stimulating effect. However, this is not of long duration.

Which is healthier?

In addition to preventing Alzheimer's disease, caffeine has other positive effects on our health.

A cup of tea in the morning is recommended for everyone: tea contains fluoride, which strengthens tooth enamel. In addition, black and green tea have a cancer and vascular protective effect. However, only if you drink it without milk, as this cancels the effect.

Coffee drinkers benefit from the fact that the coffee bean contains antioxidants that reduce the risk of gout.

The question of whether tea or coffee is the better drink can be debated by die-hard fans for hours. Many scientists have come to the result in their investigations that none of the drinks can be given preference. It is important that coffee and tea are consumed in moderation. Two cups of tea in the morning and one coffee in the afternoon are harmless, larger quantities should be avoided.

Source: Cover Media