Why do I find strong women attractive

Attractive: This is one thing men find irresistible about women

For many years Scientists and psychologists are racking their brains over what men find attractive about women and what not. We have already found out which part of the body we can best wrap the majority of men around our fingers, but here tastes can actually differ quite a bit. However, there is one thing that the lords of creation seem to agree on, because a very specific quality makes women so attractive to them that no man can really resist. You will now find out what that is ...

Men find this trait extremely attractive

Men and their preferences are such a topic in themselves, because while one of them is particularly into humor, you can convince the other with intelligence and as far as the visual stimuli are concerned, tastes differ widely anyway. But there is actually a certain quality with which we can cast a spell over all men: The magic formula is independence! Nothing is as attractive to a man as a strong woman who is confident, assertive and goes her own way. Why? Simply because they does not make her happiness dependent on others, but has both feet on the ground, knows exactly what she wants and pursues her own goals. Because let's be honest: Although men love the feeling of being the greatest pike ever for their loved ones, they probably find nothing more unattractive and boring than a friend who is constantly clinging, has no interests of her own and only has to be entertained by her boyfriend all the time.

Incidentally, this is also confirmed by the sex expert Paula Lambert, according to which women look incredibly sexy, make men feel not dependent on them and who go through life with confidence. In her book "Find yourself well, otherwise nobody will find you", says the journalist from experience, why the relationship with oneself is the most important of all. Because only those who have a healthy relationship with themselves and are at peace with themselves can also have a functioning relationship with their partner. By the way, we have summarized for you what, according to the study, can help your crush or loved one find you more attractive, both visually and internally. 😍

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