How long does Captain America Civil War last

Captain America: Civil War ”is one of the best and most successful blockbusters of the summer of 2016. With a running time of two and a half hours,“ Civil War ”is clearly too long, the actual story of the conflict between Iron Man and Captain America is made up of numerous other heroes stretched.

Editor's recommendation

The many supporting characters ultimately serve one of the most exciting action scenes in recent film history, a 20-minute fight at Halle / Leipzig Airport. The appearances of some well-known Marvel characters in "Civil War" don't really make much sense. Even if the scriptwriters try hard to fit them into the story with all their might. In the end, “Civil War” would have worked even better with just five or six characters and wouldn't even have taken too long. But as it is, Marvel shakes its entire toy box into the film.

We have listed for you which superhero is really important in "Civil War" and which was actually only cast so that he looks pretty on the poster for the film. The list starts at the most unnecessary appearance and leads to the real star of the film.

14. Martin Freeman as Everett Ross

A senseless line-up like something out of a textbook. After the trailer for the film went online, the Internet community puzzled over the mysterious role that the star from "Sherlock" and "The Hobbit" would take. The result: Freeman walks through the picture for a few minutes and does not contribute anything to the plot. In the end he is allowed to text Daniel Brühl a bit, that's all there is to Freeman.

13. Don Cheadle as War Machine

Can do almost anything Iron Man can do. Just boring. War Machine is a sidekick that only provides a few more 3D flight scenes. Is of course there for the big fight, but otherwise contributes nothing to the plot.

12. Jeremy Renner as Hawkeye

Had retired in The Avengers: Age of Ultron. It was okay too, after all, the archer has never really cared about it. In “Civil War” he's back - all of a sudden. The authors try to justify the appearance with sayings like “I got bored in retirement”. Doesn't work.

11. Paul Rudd as Ant-Man

Ant-Man enters the scene after 90 minutes by simply being thrown out of a van. Then he will be standing at the airport in Leipzig and fighting people with whom he actually has no problem. After all, the biggest wow moment in the film belongs to him - but the character's appearance is not more than fan service. After a fight scene that has no far-reaching consequences anyway, he disappears like many other characters into insignificance.

10. Anthony Mackie as Falcon

Is there for the entire film, but most of the time is limited to playing the yes-man and nod for Captain America. Probably lost his own opinion in the military. As a consolation, he has a few funny scenes with the Winter Soldier.

9. Scarlett Johansson as Black Widow

At this point, let's be honest: The author of the text saw “Civil War” 10 days ago and completely forgot what Scarlett Johansson did in this film - really! But it was something important.

8. Paul Bettany as a vision

Editor's recommendation

Creating vision was perhaps the biggest mistake Marvel has made to date. The character doesn't fit into the film at all visually and must always be written in the margin - it's just too powerful and could probably solve most of the hero's problems in a very short time. In "Civil War" Vision is forced to stay in the US while the real action takes place in Europe. The reason: He should make sure that Scarlett Witch does not leave the house. By the way, me.MOVIES asked the vision actor himself why his character is important for the film. Have fun with the explanation:

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7. Tom Holland as Spider-Man

Iron Man knows that he wants to stop Captain America in Leipzig. There are only 36 hours left ... so he first flies to New York in peace, introduces himself to Spider-Man and then takes the youngster into a dangerous fight. Morally, everything is highly questionable, even more so in terms of content. Spidey actually has no place in "Civil War". His appearance is so much fun, however, that we turn a blind eye at this point and just look forward to the new Spidey with wet fanboy eyes.

6. Elizabeth Olsen as Scarlet Witch

Is important at the beginning of the movie because she accidentally kills some civilians. The witch sets the action of "Civil War" in motion in the first place. Right to exist granted! Even if it drifts into insignificance afterwards.


5. Daniel Brühl as Zemo

Even if he is not seen too often and only meets the Avengers at the very end. Daniel Brühl is one of the most important people for the plot - and that without any superpowers. His character orchestrates the dispute between the Avengers through a couple of murders and good research in Russian military facilities. More terrorist than comic book villain, but definitely an asset to "Civil War".

4. Chadwick Boseman as Black Panther

All civilian victims of the film come at the expense of its nation, the fictional state of Wakanda. When his father dies in an attack, the Black Panther really freaks out. This is followed by exciting action scenes with the Marvel newcomer, who on top of that has understandable motifs and speaks pleasantly little in superhero phrases. It is impossible to imagine the film without it.

3. Chris Evans as Captain America

Sure, it's his film. Captain America is the star in "Civil War", although the very important events are always started by others. Actually, he's just protecting his old friend from the war and showing so little diplomatic skill that he messes with half the world. Strong performance, especially when he beats Iron Man's armor (and that's what we pay the entrance fee for, don't we?).

2. Robert Downey Jr. as Iron Man

Is the bad guy here, but only because he's actually good. But just good in the wrong way ... or is it the right one? In short: Everything in “Civil War” is a bit tricky with Iron Man. Has actually had an excellent character development behind him and is no longer as good a mood as it used to be. Acts first out of a sense of duty, later out of pure anger. Indispensable for the film.

1. Sebastian Stan as Winter Soldier

The Winter Soldier was already important in Captain America's second film, which is aptly named "The Winter Soldier". He is also the driving force in “Civil War”. The old buddy from Cap has done so much nonsense in the past (by nonsense we mean: kill people) that years later he is still hunted, protected and used as a straw man for terrorists. The big showdown between him, Iron Man and Captain America is far more emotional than the airport fight with all the other heroes.