Do the students feel that teachers are mean?

Bullying doesn't start in children's minds

Dear Jesper Juul! Your article speaks from my heart.
I have to get rid of something now: We - my husband and I try out of conviction to raise our daughter in such a way that she understands that all people on this planet are worth the same. And, in short, you simply shouldn't be mean, shouldn't hurt anyone and should stand up for weaker ones. Not only in school, even now in kindergarten, we notice that the majority of children do not have this attitude, not to mention their parents. That annoys me! There are little monster tyrants and ar ... children - yes there really are. And to be honest, I ask myself how they will be in school ... There are no limits to them and they do not treat others as equals but rather "inferior". The pedagogues also find it difficult to get a grip on this problem. That is precisely why I think it is important that we, as parents and educators, give the children courage. Children actually instinctively know whether what they are doing is right or wrong. And if they treat others mean or wrong, it is OUR job to show them how to do it right. If parents and educators turn a blind eye here, these children will continue to bullied. My opinion - there are some things that children should not "make up with each other" (by the way, this is the favorite saying of parents who bully their children) ...