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Costs Bali - What does a month actually cost on the island?

How high are theyCost in Bali? What expenses do you have to expect? We tell you! It's crazy. It's crazy how fast time goes by. Funny to hear this sentence annoyed me at the time. Now I'll say it myself. It's just unbelievable, we have lived on the island of the gods for seven weeks now, two months ago we started our new life. During this time we have experienced a lot, enjoyed many moments and gained a variety of impressions.

But how much did all the fun cost us? For a better comparison to the monthly expenses in Germany, we have divided our numbers into two periods (weeks 1 to 4 and 5 to 7). This way you can quickly see how high the monthly expenses are. The expenses listed below are always calculated for two people. The cost overview includes the expenses for daily life. We only took flights and visa costs into account at the end of this article.

Table of Contents

Cost pointtotal costØ per personØ per day
Accommodations516,00 €258,00 €8,60 €
Eat Drink461,00 €230,50 €7,68 €
Transport (scooter / taxi)153,00 €76,50 €2,55 €
Sightseeing13,00 €6,50 €0,21 €
Shopping26,00 €13,00 €0,43 €
Internet & co-working83,00 €41,50 €1,38 €

1. Living in Bali

With the exception of the first 4 nights, we only lived in Airbnb accommodations. We counted the first nights in the hotels in the daily budget, even though Bolle had given them to me for my birthday. For the bookings with Airbnb we had used voucher codes, without we would have paid about 200 € more.

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→ Total costs in the housing category: € 516

2. Catering in Bali

All expenses for our meals are listed here, both our purchases in the supermarket and the expenses when we were out to eat. Dining out and cooking were roughly in balance. Most of the time we had two major purchases a week - on these days we exceeded our daily budget. In return, we logically had days on which we didn't even have to go shopping and thus managed to get by on the daily budget.

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We noted a few more prices from the supermarket. The supermarket (Pepito) is one of the more expensive markets on the island, also because it has a lot of western products in its range. We can only advise you to buy in smaller (local) supermarkets and to compare the price level. In a local supermarket we only paid IDR 12,000 for 10 eggs (€ 0.84) and about 30% less for fruit. So it's worth comparing!

→ Total costs in the catering category: € 461

3. Transportation

On the island of the gods, the absolute number 1 means of transport is the scooter! We rented it for IDR 40,000 (€ 2.60) per day for 6 weeks. According to various sources, this should even be much cheaper, but after tens of providers we didn't feel like haggling anymore and then paid the 40,000 IDR per day.

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Added to this were the petrol costs (approx. 7,500 IDR / € 0.50 / liter), parking fees that you have to pay on some beaches (IDR 2,000-5,000 / € 0.13-0.34 / parking space) and a few taxi rides. By the way, we have had very good experiences with UBER. Instead of 150 to 200,000 IDR for a taxi ride, we only paid 45,000 IDR via UBER. So we can highly recommend this app!

→ Total costs in the transport category: € 153

4. Sightseeing in Bali

I would rather class both of us in the category of “sightseeing grouches”, and the expenses for this are correspondingly low. Here and there a temple, entry to the Monkey Forrest in Ubud, etc. All in all, everything is pretty manageable.

→ Total costs in the sightseeing category: € 13

5. Extras / miscellaneous

Extras are all costs that are occasionally incurred but do not fit into a specific category. This includes, for example, two rented beach chairs (100K IDR / 7 € / day), laundry service (20 € / 4x complete laundry), rented surfboards (50K IDR / 3.30 € / 2h), fever thermometers (12 €) and so on.

→ Total costs in the Extras category: 59 €

6. Shopping on the island

In this category we calculate all purchases that do not concern food. We both got used to shopping a lot, after all, every new item of clothing will be carried around on your back at some point.

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We also ask ourselves very intensely whether the T-shirt (or whatever) is REALLY needed. Because: Minimalist life is alive! The € 26 was only due because I had to buy new shoes in Bali thanks to the stolen shoes (Sri Lanka), otherwise we would not have had any expenses here. Nice!

→ Total costs in the shopping category: € 26

7. Internet & co-working

Very interesting topic, especially for digital nomads. When booking our accommodations, we paid attention to the speed of the Internet, at least as far as it was evident from reviews of former guests. Fortunately, we only had bad luck with one accommodation and had to go to the “Dojo” co-working space in Canggu. Here you get a great place to work as well as fast and safer internet. Membership per person currently costs:

  • 1h = 50,000 IDR (€ 3.30)
  • 1 day = 150.00 IDR (10 €)
  • 1 week = 700.00 IDR (47 €)
  • 2 weeks = 1,200,000 IDR (80 €)
  • 1 month = 2,000.00 IDR (€ 133)

The prices are only valid for the period of the renovation that is currently taking place there. Bolle and I got a small discount, so we paid a little less than the above prices.

→ Total costs in the Internet category: € 83

8. Total expenses for 4 weeks

Wow, we only spent € 1,252 for four awesome weeks on the island of the gods! We only stayed in cool accommodations, rarely did without something and had the coolest lifestyle that you can imagine (having breakfast, then getting on the surfboard, living in a very beautiful villa, etc.).

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626 € per person for a month and for such a lifestyle! This is really crazy! What would we have gotten for the money in Germany? Which lifestyle is possible with 652 € in Germany? Back then I had more than three times as much money for myself, drove a pretty cool car, had a large apartment to myself, a huge TV hanging on the wall. But was I happier during that time too? Fuck that shit! Today I live on a small backpack, only need € 652 a month and am happier than ever!

→ Total expenses for four weeks and two people: € 1,252 (results in € 41.73 per day or € 626 per person per month)

9. Cost overview month 2

So this is our cost overview for one month in Bali. However, we were there for a total of 7 weeks. In the next 3 weeks we even spent less on average. There are various reasons for this: We no longer had expensive hotels that screwed up our cut, optimized shopping, no taxi rides (when we used UBER), no expenses for other shopping and sightseeing.

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In the extras category, the expenses for the excursion to Nusa Lembongan were also summarized (travel, snorkeling, etc.). We have also introduced a new category: dining out. We want to analyze how often we have eaten out and what it cost us. Also in order to be able to draw a comparison to cooking for yourself later.

Total expenses for three weeks and two people: € 887 (results in € 40.32 per day or € 443.50 per person for 3 weeks). Extrapolated over four weeks, we would have ended up at € 1,210, which would have been € 101 less than in the first 4 weeks. For 3 weeks only 443 €? If you add a return flight, you could easily take a three-week holiday there for € 1,000.

I would prefer that to a 14-day all-inclusive holiday in Turkey, which would probably cost € 700. So in 7 weeks we spent a total of € 2,198 on daily life. The flights (Prague – Dubai – Sri Lanka – Bali) cost us both € 894 (one-way). Visa fees have so far totaled € 90.

In the end, we come to a sum of € 3,182 or € 1,591 per person for 7 awesome weeks in Bali!

We hope that this article helped you. On our Indonesia country page you will find many more travel tips and travel reports (e.g. Sumatra, Thousand Islands, Bali, Ubud and Co.)

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