Is it possible to stop masturbation completely?

NoFap in self-experiment: One month without masturbation

As of this writing, I haven't masturbated in four weeks. I actually like to watch porn. When I enter the letter P in my browser, it automatically completes “” and leads me straight to my virtual harem. On the side it looks like Tarantino's legendary Titty Twister, the Mexican brothel from “From Dusk Till Dawn”, in front of which a man with a mustache stands and advertises the variety of whores: “Pussies on special offer! We have white pussies, black pussies, Spanish pussies, yellow pussies, we have hot pussies, cold pussies, wet pussies ... "

I grew up in a time when masturbation is normal. Gone are the days when adolescents were told tales of spinal cord atrophy and hair on the palms of their hands. Masturbation is viewed as a form of sexual hygiene that is consensual: there are men who masturbate and there are men who lie. The sexual revolution has made dealing with pornography casual, the digital revolution a matter of course. Porn consumption is commonplace, and labels like Brazzers, BangBros and Evil Angel are as familiar to most men as their preferred brand of beer.

But what happens to a man who has been celibate for a month? Who does not have sex, neither with others nor with himself? In the midst of an oversexualized public and a completely pornographed private world, there are ascetics who test the limits of lust under the catchphrase “NoFap” and promise themselves a healthier sex life, better concentration and more control over their lives.

A joint challenge that is not only about overcoming the inner pig hedgehog, but also about giving the brain a break from the permanent sexual overstimulation

Anyone participating in “NoFap February” on the Reddit social platform undertakes to refrain from “fapping” (an onomatopoeic description of the masturbation process) for the entire month, but also to avoid any other type of sex. 140,000 "Fapstronauts" have registered on the site. A joint challenge that is not only about overcoming the inner piggy bank, but also about giving the brain a break from the permanent sexual overstimulation.

Because nowadays porn is no longer a realistic representation of sex, it is a larger-than-life utopia. In fact, there are men who complain on internet forums about the negative effects of their masturbation behavior. Sex with her partners is less fulfilling than her porn use. Young men in their early twenties report porn-induced erectile dysfunction. They expect a “reboot” from a month without masturbation and pornography: The brain is weaned from overstimulation and can then be restarted for a healthy sex life with partners from real life. Self-confidence increases, so does motivation.

I had been watching the nofap movement out of the corner of my eye for a while but could never really find a connection to it. The users came across as too sectarian and liked to talk about changes that were always at least "life-changing". These people used porn as an excuse for their dissatisfaction. I also couldn't imagine giving up sex and masturbation for a month. Even in February that's four long weeks! But this year I'm going to try myself. 28 days of NoFap. I am doing the test.

day 1