Why is Usain Bolt unbeatable

«Legend, unbeatable, unstoppable»

Usain Bolt is putting on a show even before the World Athletics Championships. This is how it should continue after the grand finale in London.

It's not a press conference like most of the others. It's a show. And the protagonist, Usain Bolt, enjoys it. He's enjoying the applause from the journalists, demanding more of it, and he must have enjoyed the video messages before his performance too.

Sprinter colleague Asafa Powell thanks him on behalf of all Jamaicans, sports and show business greats such as former footballer Thierry Henry and model Cara Delevingne express their admiration. And finally, even Samuel L. Jackson speaks up. In his usual foul manner, the actor praises the world record holder. We will forego the exact translation of Jackson's words at this point.

Soccer player or actor

Bolt then answers the questions with his typical joke. Someone wants to know what he'll do after the World Cup in London. The sprinter laughs, he's still waiting for a call from Manchester United coach José Mourinho, so football is an issue. Or act, maybe he'll become a movie star.

Although these statements are followed by laughter and Bolt himself does not celebrate them too seriously, it does not seem impossible that the Jamaican will one day appear as a football star for Manchester United. Or that he will play a role in the next part of the film series “The Fast and the Furious”.

This is how convincing Bolt appears at this press conference. Self-doubt? No. “I'm still the fastest man in the world. You all know that, there is simply no doubt about it. " The Jamaican is certain that he will win his 12th World Championship gold medal in the 100 m on Saturday evening. And in his mind's eye he can already see the headlines: "Legend, unbeatable, unstoppable."

Bolt prophesies emotions

With all the looseness: A little emotion should not be missing. In addition to his future plans, Bolt also talks about his deceased friend Germaine Mason. The former high jumper was killed in a motorcycle accident on April 20. Bolt wants to win gold for him too. "For me, for him and his family." And the 30-year-old admits: "There may be tears in the stadium, including from me."

The press conference then ends as it opened: with a show. So Bolt's parents come on stage and, together with the sprinter, present his new shoes that he will wear at the World Cup. Bolt presents himself in action for the photographers, showing his well-known victory pose under confetti rain. Firmly convinced that it won't be his last.

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