Why do we pay indirect taxes

This episode: Why do we actually pay taxes?

Taxes are important, of course. But who actually pays taxes? And for what will the tax money used exactly?

We all pay taxes.

That starts with sales tax Food and starts with breakfast at.

Followed by the Motor vehicle tax, or vehicle tax for short.

And of course the one income tax, which is a special form of collection of income tax, because your employer pays the income tax directly to the tax office if you are employed. In total there are around 40 tax types.

One distinguishes between Federal, state and local taxes, depending on whether they are due to the whole of Germany, the individual federal states or the municipalities. Some taxes are also shared - the so-called community taxes.

Basically, taxes can be in direct and indirect taxes subdivide.

The vehicle tax, for example, is paid by every car owner to the customs authorities. It is different if, for example, you buy a roll in the bakery. Here is the value added tax, colloquial too value added tax mentioned, already included in the price. End consumers pay the tax, but the bakery owner is the tax payer. He or she has to pay the sales tax to the tax office.

So many taxes? What happens to all the money?

One thing is clear: Without taxes, our daily life would look pretty poor. We all benefit of it - often without our being aware of it.

Much of what we take for granted only works through our taxes:

Roads and bike paths

Kindergartens, Schools and universities. The state takes care of the construction of the educational facilities and pays the teaching staff.

The fire Department

… and also the police and courts are funded by taxes. So that we can live together safely.

And also in Arts and Culture

sport and health

Science and Research

… as in "Environment, nature and climate protection“The country invests a lot of money and takes care of our livelihoods.

Tax money goes into strengthening ours too Business location: Together with employers, the state creates the framework for new jobs.

Taxes are by far the most important source of income in the country.

And because each of us pays taxes - there is a huge amount that can be used to achieve a lot.

Our cooperation only works if everyone participates, because taxes finance a lot of things that are important for our coexistence.