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Hotel administration / hotel administration

The hotel management is the center in the business of an accommodation company. From booking to billing, the guest should be guided stress-free - ideally through a direct transaction. However, the rental of rooms in particular is always subject to developments. The hotel management also wants and has to show new reservations to donors and investors (preferably graphically), be it by business customers or private guests.

In Germany, automatic business can only be generated (expensive) by OTA companies. And since Corona you have to be flexible in your career and price. There is no longer a uniform success like in 1990 with traditional formulas. The conference will be hybrid, the city hotel will have to make further concessions in terms of price. Nevertheless, the well-trained hotel specialist remains at the center of the 'knowing responsibility' - he is the indispensable success factor in the hotel management and administration of the hotel - in which the hotel management plays a major role.

The hotel administration departments report to him

Lower hotel management departments are supported in their work by physical (checklists, briefing) and electronic hotel management systems.

Hotel management tasks are e.g.

Hotel management using hotel software

The German hotel management and their support is controlled by management software for larger hotels and chains.

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Hotel management software Temia - a term used in the hotel industry

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