How much do small tattoos cost

Mini tattoos: The most beautiful motifs that no one can avoid in 2018

Are you thinking about getting a tattoo - but don't you really dare? After all, an engraved motif is something that will last forever and should be carefully considered. A Mini tattoos might be just the thing for you. These tattoos are so small and delicate that they are barely noticeable and sure to never get on your nerves. We explain everything you need to know and have also put together the most beautiful motifs for inspiration!

What do you call small tattoos?

The small tattoos that often adorn fingers or wrists, are also called "tiny tattoos".Stars like Rita Ora, who wears a small heart on her finger, have shown the way. Even blogger Chiara Ferragni has her dog tattooed, while singer Selena Gomez has a small note on her wrist. So you already notice: Almost every motif can be converted into a mini tattoo and there are no limits to creativity. The only question left is which image or symbol you choose!

What do small tattoos cost?

Even the very small tattoos have their price. You have to reckon with 50 to 100 euros, but the costs vary depending on the tattoo artist and of course the motifthat you choose. The colors also play a role: a colorful tattoo usually costs more than a monochrome one.

The most beautiful hand and finger tattoos

Granted, tattoos on hands or fingers are pretty daring and can quickly look trashy. Not so if you go for the right tiny tattoo. How about, for example, outlines of a triangle, cool little symbols or nice lettering like "Baby Girl"? Your mum will love it!

Schnurrr ... for all cat lovers:

Outlines of geometric shapes that stretch over several fingers ...

... or a sweet saying for mommy:

Tattoos on the wrist: the most beautiful inspirations

Still one of the most popular places for small tattoos: the wrist. Symbols that are important to you and that say something are perfect here. How about, for example, half a heart for your best friend, sister or loved one? Or an anchor for solidarity and a sense of home?

Say it through the flower with this delicate rose tattoo

The hand of Fatima should protect you from all evil. Not like it on your wrist!

A flower tendril as half of the heart is perfect as a partner or best friend tattoo

Small tattoo on the neck

Neck tattoos are great for anyone who would like to have a tattoo but don't want to show it always and everywhere. After all, it is super easy to hide through the hair. How about a sweet heart or cool lettering?

Super cute and super sexy: a mini heart on the neck

For all bicycle fans among you ...

Tattoos on the thigh: the most beautiful motifs

Small tattoos on the thighs are great for those who like things a little crazier but don't want to show it off right away. You can only see them when you are in underwear, bikini or naked. Cool surprise for your loved one. In addition, they will become a trend in summer 2019 that no one can avoid.

Let's go right now: Geometric animal figures

Colorful tattoos: These motifs are absolute eye-catchers

Don't worry: colorful tattoos don't have to be called rockabilly style! There are so many simple motifs that with a little color become absolute eye-catchers, such as the zodiac or the zodiac, which would look only half as exciting without color!

Looks cute and has an even sweeter meaning: the two little girls on the swing are perfect for a sister tattoo

Mega-cool: your zodiac sign in bright colors

Shell tattoos stand for the hidden treasure, wisdom and connectedness.

Tattoos with meaning: the semicolon

Now it's getting exciting: Tiny tattoos are ideal if you want to convey deeper messages with your motif. The semicolon, i.e. the semicolon, is intended to draw attention to depression and an emotional imbalance, but at the same time spreads a positive message and stands for the fact that the sentence is not over yet, but something will come after it. They also look great, of course, and look great on our wrists, necks or fingers.

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