How do I advertise my products online

7 social media tricks: why everyone wants your product

No matter how active you are on Facebook, Twitter & Co. - if you fail to draw your followers or fans into your world and get them excited about them, it will never be noticeable in the sales figures. In order to really achieve something with your efforts, you should know the following social media tricks.

1st trick: the early bird catches the worm!

Who actually said that you can only advertise your product when it has long been on the shelves? Use your social media channels to get your followers excited about your upcoming product. Show them photos of the product's development, show them an extreme close-up of part of it and let them guess what it could be, or shoot videos. But don't reveal too much - if you make it exciting, people will keep dropping by to find out what you ended up keeping secret.

Trick 2: Let bloggers do their job!

The opinions of others are often decisive for purchasing decisions on the web. Therefore: Try to get bloggers to report on your product, because the readers find them mostly neutral. Good bloggers with a lot of readers offer you a great platform to market your product. Depending on your goals, you can either browse the web for suitable blogs yourself or you can use platforms that bring companies and bloggers together (e.g. Ebuzzing).

3rd trick: make them feel special!

Your followers should get the feeling of being something very special. How do you do it? It's simple: Take an extra portion of special offers, limit them to Facebook fans or Twitter followers and give them, for example, the shipping costs, a discount or a nice free item. Of course, you can also make the whole thing subject to a condition and, for example, start a photo competition à la “Send us your most beautiful photo with product XY”.

4th trick: start crazy actions!

Anyone can get bored - but this is guaranteed not to bring you any new sales. Surprise your followers. Start funny actions or post “photoshopped” pictures. You can be serious when you sell serious products. Everything else can be underpinned with a healthy pinch of fun.

5th trick: say it with a picture!

Anything you can say with words, you can tell with photos. Especially in Facebook and Twitter, where shorter messages are the order of the day, many users respond much better to a picture than to text. Don't post just any pictures of your product - they should be professional, bursting with color, and put your product in the right light.

By the way: If you sell an item that cannot be photographed, you can also draw attention to yourself with exciting infographics. With tools like, Piktochart or, you can easily implement them yourself, even without great previous knowledge.

6th trick: create real relationships with your fans!

Hard advertising really has no place in a social media profile. First, start by building relationships with your readership. Help them to solve their problems, give them information or fun. Only when a follower shows active interest in one of your products can you carefully start promoting your product. But even then: the relationship that has been established should always be in the foreground - going straight to the advertising campaign is not a good idea.

7. Trick: Show your followers positive customer ratings!

Most valuable for your company's success are still positive customer ratings from customers who have bought and tried your product. Share these reviews with your followers on social media. On the one hand, you encourage them to rate a product themselves, on the other hand, you may also shape the opinion of one or the other undecided.

Do you have any other tips for social media strategists who really want to excite their fans and followers? Tell us about it!


Sabine Hutter has been working as an online editor and copywriter since 2008. As a business economist and HR specialist, she prefers to write on topics related to human resources and online marketing.