What are some really nice German songs

From Casper to picture books The 60 best German-language songs of the 10s


The 2010s were full of great German-language music. But what gets stuck in the end? We discussed massively - and agreed on our top 60 best German-language songs of the decade.

Status: 11/12/2019 | archive

60. AnnenMayKantereit - Pocahontas (2016)

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Pocahontas - AnnenMayKantereit

AnnenMayKantereit have certainly delivered several noteworthy songs this decade. With "Pocahontas", however, they hit the bull's eye, which not only die-hard fans feel, but can also shout drunken football fans in case of doubt. Regardless of the situation in life: There is something liberating about shouting "I'm sorry, Pocahontas" from your soul together with Henning Mey. Commercial success or not, this thing is a great breakup song.

59. Eunique - Exactly So (2017)

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Eunique ► TOXIC / EXACTLY SO (ft. Veysel) ◄ prod. Juhdee, Michael Jackson & Aribeatz [Official Video]

She gets her Rolie herself! "Exactly like that" by Eunique is great rapping, great production, great writing, great empowering. After the number, the whole of Deutschrap was afraid of the woman from Hamburg - and wondered where this damn nice sample was coming from? You and your fanarmy, the Kobra military, are definitely on the way up. That's exactly how it is done.

58 Billion - Katy Perry (2016)

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Billions - Katy Perry (Official Video)

A life on the edge: night shift, depression, drugs, overdraft facility at the attack - and Katy Perry in your ear? In the song "Katy Perry", the German band Billions from Berlin 2017 cleverly negotiates how the promises of pop music and a real, shitty life collide. Even if lines like Katy Perry's about the inner fireworks aim to encourage and sometimes even help, plaintiffs, landlords and bosses can unfortunately not be appeased by it. That's pretty smart and pretty danceable.

57. Laserkraft 3D - No Man (2010)

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Laserkraft 3D - No Man (official video)

In 2010, Laserkraft 3D deliver the anthem for the rave audience, who in the trance-like dance cannot be stopped by friendly advice, flirtation attempts or security staff instructions, but rather stomp into the club floor until the cleaning light comes on and the clouds come on again ... (no man, that was a different song). This anti-party hit, which the techno duo from Mannheim and Kaiserslautern created with a music video in a DIY black light look, was a classic one-hit wonder. "No man" is one of those songs that you feel a bit ashamed of now, but you can still secretly sing along to every line.

56. Casper: The Pressure Rises (2011)

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Casper - The pressure rises / see blood

"Three, two, one - the pressure is increasing!" In 2011, with the opener for "XOXO", Casper delivered the soundtrack for a pathetic spirit of optimism and rapped lines like "We fail more and more beautifully, are failures with style" that literally got under your skin. A revolutionary moment for German rap still resonates in "Der Druck Risigt". Casper: the media education student with a feeling for a great feeling, the dude who lost his voice in hardcore and suddenly became the mouthpiece of an entire generation in rap.

55. Nura - What I Mean (2019)

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Nura - What I mean (prod. By SAM SALAM X YUNG MOJI)

Did the hook of the song really come about as the Netflix series "Skylines" showed us in the summer? As a spontaneous inspiration from the ingenious beat producer Jinn in a high-quality sound studio in Frankfurt's Westend? Probably not. Nura will have figured it out herself. The first official single from their debut album "Habibi" picks up where SXTN left off. "What I mean" is the grip on power, feminist self-empowerment as a rap song. After separating from SXTN, Nura continues to develop into a successful solo artist.

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CRO - Easy (Official Version)

Twenty years after "Die Da ?!" German hip-hop is swabbing again. Yes! A man in a white panda mask flows non-chalantly into the wild dreams of hip skater girls from Degerloch to Bad Canstatt. The Stuttgart-based company delivers the summer hit of 2012 and reinvents sampling hip-hop. His brave play with Bobby Hebbs "Sunny" pays tribute to the original and brings the timeless melody into the present. German pop music rarely sounded so light, so free and carefree as it did here. Less thoughtless, however, is the image of women that Cro draws in the lyrics. A little more sense of responsibility and a little less who cares.

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LARY system

In 2013, LARY brought a new style into the German-speaking music landscape with "System" and #fdw. Behind the three letters is her self-proclaimed "Future Deutsche Welle". This is the finest Neo-R’n’B full of futuristic beats, looped vocals and lyrics about the difficulty of letting go. A sound that impresses to this day because, in retrospect, LARY was quite a bit ahead of its time.

52. Marteria - Irradiated (2010)

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Marteria - Verstrahlt (ft. Yasha) [HD] [Lyrics]

Soccer player? Model? Superstar! Marten Laciny faced a very difficult decision in his life. He would have had what it takes to start a career as a professional footballer or indulge in the sweet jet-set life as a male model in New York City - but wanted to become a rapper. OK then! With "Verstrahlt" he opened Deutschrap 2010: German hip hop before "Verstrahlt" and German hip hop after "Verstrahlt" are not the same thing. The ravy beat, his deep voice and the cunning observations became his signature sound afterwards. It's pretty irradiated and pretty cool.

51. Beginner feat. Gzuz, Gentleman - Ahnma (2016)

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Beginner - Ahnma feat. Gzuz & Gentleman (official video)

"The test winner raps again" - this line not only heralded the comeback for beginners in 2016, but also put Hamburg back on the rap map, as promised. The track was therefore much more than just hip-hop nostalgia. For the first time everyone looked at the new generation of Hamburg street rappers when Gzuz from the 187 street gang made the expression "Ahnma" socially acceptable with a brutal attitude. A lot has happened since then. "Ahnma" remains a hit - but with aftertaste.

50. The Nino from Vienna - Praterlied (2016)

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The Nino from Vienna - Praterlied (audio)

Nino Mandl has also set a small musical monument in the Prater, the famous amusement park in Vienna. However, the "Praterlied" is primarily about himself: The Nino from Vienna describes his biography in just 62 lines, tells where he comes from, what works in life and what doesn't. From supposedly irrelevant ("zhaust spüst a bissl Fifa and valierst") to the big issues ("Des Leben hod jo eh an Sinn"). He makes all of this so charming that the song was an absolute chart success in Austria and also brought numerous people in this country to sing along and thus - sometimes more, sometimes less successfully - into the realm of Viennese shame. Ninos Wiener melange of indie-Austropop and folk, with influences from Bob Dylan to Oasis, has earned him the unofficial title of Austria's best singer-songwriter. And rightly so.

49. KitschKrieg, Trettmann, Gzuz, Gringo, Ufo361 - Standard (2018)

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A black and white video, dancehall beats that honor Jamaica as much as London, and four rappers: a classic farce cut that became the most cited rap song of 2018. Default! At least when it comes to the hit after hit collective KitschKrieg. Why did it work so well? Because of the crazy gringo line that the good guy has been messing up forever? The end of career in the track, announced by Ufo in person? The smooth refrain from Trettmann? The portion of street from the disgraced Gzuz today? In the end, it's probably all put together.

48th Fiva & The Phantom Orchestra - The City Is Mine Again (2012)

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Fiva & The Phantom Orchestra - The city is mine again

2012: The world did not end despite all the predictions, but the musical cosmos of Fiva is still upside down. She put an orchestra at her side for the first time and gave her sound a good portion of power, based on the motto: "Who actually says that a good hip-hop track needs an 808 ?!" If you sing about the new beginning after a breakup, then better with emphasis and a lot of brass! That's why it just fits when tubas and trumpets in the hook shout everything down while Fiva sings: "You can keep the cat, but the town is mine!"

47.Dendemann - No Slogans (2018)

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Dendemann - No slogans

"He left. He didn't do anything. He's coming back," says the Youtube video description for "No slogans". A Caesar reference including a secret diss to the rappers who have been declared dead five times but have been resurrected. That's how we know Dendemann. With two decades of German graphic history under its belt and its ability to think not just around the corner, but around the whole block, the Dendemeier came back in 2018. With its typical flow, but not without absorbing current German rap trends.

46th Gerard - Lisbon (2013)

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Gerard - Lisbon

The reflection on one's own state of mind and the hedonistic lifestyle characterizes the handwriting of the Viennese rapper Gerard as well as his joy in experimenting with pop elements, popping beats and dark, wriggling synths. With his debut album "Blausicht", Gerard opened a niche in German rap in 2013 that is worth a trip. So it means for us: Have luggage ready when Gerard raps "Better get away from Vienna and to Lisbon quickly".

45th Frittenbude - Wings (2012)

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Frittenbude - Wings (Official Video)

What comes after the euphoria? What comes after "Electrofikkkke" and "At least in 1000 years"? The endorphin recession. After years of intoxication, the party, the pills and the synapse fireworks, "Wings" found their sadness. The song about the end of youthful ease gives the band new depth and meaning. Frittenbude can do more than just rave and hurray. Or as they say: "Drunk on ourselves, on this blue planet, every escape remains an enclosure, every club is the arena."

44. Marteria feat. Yasha, Miss Platnum - Purple Clouds (2012)

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Marteria, Yasha, Miss Platnum - Purple Clouds (video clip)

A picture, a time, a mood - with "Purple Clouds" Yasha, Miss Platnum and Marteria 2012 lifted into the Chartolymp, which is suitable for the masses. Heard it hundreds of times on the radio, shouted along in the football stadium and put it on prom playlists, and yet the feeling of freedom that has become pop after a night of partying has not lost its magic to this day. Because no matter whether on the Berlin Gasometer, the Munich Olympiaberg or your place-to-after party: "We see the sun rise, yeah yeah!"

43. Alli Neumann - Monster (2019)

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Alli Neumann - monsters

Is that NDW? Nena? Nina Hagen? Or is it some kind of female Falco? None of that! Alli Neumann's "Monster" could be carelessly located in the eighties in terms of sound - but the artist is so much more than a reference to the time of shoulder pads, hairdos and Helmut Kohl. "I'm not in the mood to be another smooth-ironed, adjusted woman in our music industry. It's time for a bit of a riot again," she says herself and we're so involved!

42nd Moop Mama Love (2012)

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Moop Mama - Love (official video)

Hippies in the sixties preached free love and the Beatles sang "All You Need Is Love". In 2012 it all sounds kind of worn out and outdated. Moop Mama don't want to give up the topic of "love" without a fight, they replace the empty phrases with hip-hop vibes and pimp Kenos Lines with fat brass. Moop Mama preach love for everything and everyone, except, "If you're a Becks Lemon, please don't stand on the shelf with the other beers and pretend you're one of them ... asshole!" The Munich Brass Band also has tolerance limits.

41st Ebow - Punani Power (2017)

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EBOW - PUNANI POWER / BAD LAN (official video)

Ebow stands for rap with attitude. On her track "Punani Power" she proves that witty lyrics and a cool vibe are not mutually exclusive. While Ebow effortlessly dismantles the scene's bad guys with lines like "Want to be a gangster because it's so manly. But a real gangster is a feminist", the next breath showered his own crew with empowerment. Punani Power. Language is Ebow's weapon against sexist and racist structures. The beat ensures that the message sticks.

40th Antelope Gang - In Love (2017)

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Antelope Gang - In love

If you can get Monchi from Feine Sahne Fischfilet to dress up as a policeman in your music video, you deserve a place on this list. In addition, there are unbelievably many political messages hidden in this song, which only reveal themselves like the inside of a Matryoshka doll when you listen to them several times: police violence, homophobia, conspiracy theories, the search for the perfect partner who doesn't exist. But "Verliebt" is never too thick - and if it does, it was certainly done ironically.

39th OK KID - Coffee Warm (2013)

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OK KID - warm coffee (video clip)

Who has goose bumps when the shimmering, ever deeper, interwoven electrical loop at the beginning of "Kaffee Warm" is suddenly overwhelmed by the deep synths? And also lyrically: This "I don't want you to know that I don't know what I want" feeling has hardly been set to music more appropriately and without kitsch to this day. OK KID, the three guys from Gießen, the city without a sea, have developed their very own electro-pop-rap sound language with this song.

38. Tua - Who am I kidding (2019)

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TUA - Who am I kidding (Official Video)

Tua, the favorite artist of your favorite artists, the producer genius, almost Germany's James Blake, has released an album again ten years after his last solo record in 2019. It also says "Whom am I fooling you?", A song that leaves nothing to be desired in terms of lyrical and technical sound. For us, Tua has not only proven a further development in his sound, but also shown what German-language pop music can and should be able to do!

37th Big City Whispers - Fickt-Euch-Allee (2015)

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"I'm in my weekend house on Fickt-Euch-Alleeeeeee, where I shaukleeeeee my balls on the veranda." Big city whisper front woman Jen Bender wrote lines here for eternity. No wonder that the song is also traded as a secret Berlin anthem. Thanks to the mixture of misanthropic lyrics, showing middle fingers and electroclash, "Fickt-Euch-Allee" became the ideal party hit for people who really don't feel like partying

36th Tribulation - Tower of Babel (2018)

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DRANGSAL - Tower of Babel (Official Video)

Trouble had its hat on when it came to musically accommodating the international 80s revival in this country as well. His first work "Harieschaim" was celebrated hard by almost everyone. The successor "Zores" sings Drangsal a.k.a. Max Gruber even more in German and with the first single "Turmbau zu Babel" presented a damn catchy tune. The chorus is so surprisingly happy that it could also come from an early doctor record. The supposedly pompous confession of love stands in contrast to the sometimes gloomy stanza text, which is also about sweating blood or the golden shot.Speaking of gloomy: The video for the song is ideal for extensive interpretation analyzes when Gruber in a dried mud costume at the Lake of Knowledge encounters Bible mysticism and disturbing recordings of bowels, pulp and fish.

35. LGoony x Crack Ignaz - Oida Wow (2016)

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LGoony & Crack Ignaz - Oida WOW (Official Video) (prod. Dj Heroin)

Dialect meets trippy lyrics, the synths pop and the bass pounds. Two hype kids knock out provocative lines in the direction of the Trueschooler and hit exactly the sore point with their anti-attitude. Inspired by Young Thug and Lil B instead of Fanta 4, LGoony and Crack Ignaz demonstrated in 2016 how good Cloud Rap sounds in German. And Oida, this German-Austrian <3 combo just knows how to do turn-up.

34.Blonde - Spinaci (2017)

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The next time you see someone stuck between their teeth, you better tell them. Otherwise you could involuntarily get a song dedicated to it. This is what happened with Blond, who complained in "Spinaci" that someone hadn't told them that they still had vegetables among their pearly whites. At the beginning of the song you still think that it is a separation song with a billing factor. Only in the chorus do you notice that everything is much worse. Blonde's mixture of indie rock and pop paired with their grandiose bass lines make this hit unbelievably suitable for both the dance floor and the car. But it's best to watch it live: The people of Chemnitz rely on audience interaction and rehearsed dances.

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Sorrow - 9010 (official video)

After a few feature appearances as Carsten Chemnitz, Kraftklub frontman Felix Brummer released the song "9010" in 2019 under his real name Kummer. The sequence of numbers is not only the old GDR zip code of Karl-Marx-Stadt, i.e. Chemnitz, but also the beginning of a new seriousness. Put an end to the irony typical of Kraftklub and the exaggerated handling of your own identity as an "Ostler". On the goose bumps beat of BLVTH, Felix Kummer raps about the reality of his life in East Germany and makes an important statement against the right.

32. Faber - Alles Gute (2016)

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Faber - All the best

Great, German-language music came not only from Austria, but also from Switzerland in 2016. "Alles Gute" only needs three chords to captivate us. Lyrically, Faber sums it up just as precisely: "When you are on the ground, you know where you belong. When you are all alone, you know that you will be there for a long time". "Alles Gute" sounds like pure cynicism at first, but then the winds kick in and the vibe suddenly changes. It is precisely this ambivalence that Faber plays with. One moment he's the vulgar macho guy, the next he's the misunderstood poet again.

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Juju - Intro (prod. Krutsch) [Official Video]

After the SXTN-Aus the Berlin rapper Juju gave the go-ahead for her solo career with "Intro" in 2019. On the brutal beat of producer Krutsch, she not only shows her blatant rap skills, but also dismantles the male-dominated scene and its rapped pulp: "I swear to you, half are dishonorable. And I swear to you, half are out tomorrow . Ride the wave with you until dawn. " A song like a bell.

30. Yes, panic! - Libertatia (2014)

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Yes, panic - libertatia

"Libertatia" by the very good Viennese band Yes, panic! succeeds in something that only a few pop songs succeed in: it is clever and cuddly, profound and euphoric. In addition, you can dance choreographies sitting in the bathtub, as in the accompanying music video (no longer online), or wash down your pent-up annoyance with a gin and tonic. For lines like "Around us the world, in us galaxies", the copywriter Andreas Spechtl should be awarded the Nobel Prize for Literature - or at least a place in this small list. For a protest song that doesn't sound like one and that's exactly why it's so liberating.

29. The Orsons - Pink, Blue, Green (2012)

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The Orsons - Pink, Blue or Green // JUICE Premiere

For an Orsons hit you only need high pitched children's voice samples, a disjointed "I am Banksy", unusual but popping turn-up beats and lyrics that hover somewhere between weirdness and stroke of genius. A song like "Rosa, Blau, Grün" can only come from the Orsonian cosmos - where rapanarchy meets blatant skills and chaos meets order. You don't have to understand, but just shoots.

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RIN - Bros (prod. Minhtendo)

Distribute baskets, smoke chain, fare dodging. For RIN it was a completely normal evening with his boys. For his fans a hymn that should not be missing at any concert. But "Bros" is not only the ideal turn-up soundtrack, but also a persistent catchy tune. The catchy hook is responsible for this: “I'm going out with my boys today, baby. And she asks, and she asks: 'Will you come to my house with me today, baby, baby?” But I shoot, shoot, baby , Alley oop. " Add to that RIN's unmistakable Ad-Lips and its exaggerated brand flex and that thing is safe. What sounds and looks like the capital here actually comes from the Swabian province of Bietigheim-Bissingen - by the way, also the hometown of Shindy, to which RIN also dedicates a line on "Bros".

27.Casper: In the Ashes (2013)

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Casper - In the ash rain

The album after the breakthrough is never easy. The pressure is increasing, expectations have to be met. There are quite a few bands who failed because of this and only managed a half-warm follow-up. Casper, however, topped his breakthrough album "XOXO" with "Hinterland". Triple gold and number 1 in the German charts for 36 weeks. "Im Ascheregen" dominated not only the charts, but also the speaking choirs in German indie clubs with the line: "One third of heating oil, two thirds of gasoline, eyes and hearts are dynamite (Hey, hey, hey)". And if we're honest, we'll be shouting this song out loud in 2020 as well.

26. Because of Lisbeth - When you dance (2016)

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Because of Lisbeth - When You Dance (Official Music Video)

There is a lot to get upset about. But sometimes you also need a break from all the black paintwork. On "Wenn du Tanzt", Von Wegen Lisbeth sings about the very one person who suddenly puts the world in a different light: "That this world does not collapse is only down to your legs". Fulfilling the indirect dance request is not difficult thanks to the phenomenal bassline. Dance for world peace! Or at least for your own salvation.

25. Fatoni - Benjamin Button (2015)

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Fatoni & Dexter - Benjamin Button (16BARS.TV PREMIERE)

"Fatoni, I am, uh ..." Yes, who is Fatoni anyway? The former Creme Fresh member? The actor? The underdog with the smart texts? In 2015 he brings out the collaboration album "Yo, Picasso" with producer Dexter, which is rightly already being traded as a classic of German rapeseed. With "Benjamin Button", the opener, he also gives us a preliminary answer: He's the guy who doesn't really age out of rap, but grows into his own style and deals with his role: "When I was in my early 20s, I was whack, but look now, I'm getting perfect. " True story!

24. Haiyti - A Knife (2016)

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Haiyti is the Queen of Output, uniting rapper, street and art academy. With "A Knife" in 2016, she not only made it clear that she is definitely not a one-day flyer, but also showed a pretty dark side. What Haiyti herself called "emo trap" back then includes deliberately ignorant rhyming lines, her high pitched grating voice and shrill Adlips. In addition to the musical psycho trip, there are black and white cell phone camera aesthetics and gloomy beats from (the then rather unknown) KitschKrieg.

23. Yung Hurn feat. RIN - Bianco (2016)

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Yung Hurn & RIN - Bianco (Official Video) (prod. Lex Lugner)

It doesn't really matter whether it is about high-end fashion, Lamborghinis or powdery substances. The shit is (after all) white and "Bianco" is firmly anchored in our linguistic usage thanks to Yung Hurn. The song by the Viennese rapper, who has teamed up with homie RIN to form the Mafia of Love, stands for pretty much everything that Yung Hurn brought to German rap: abstract, aesthetic words, the sense of a touch of melody and pure emotion .

22. Debris - Where's The Euphoria (2014)

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If a song manages to beam the listener to one place, then the artist has done something right. Wrecked it in "Wo ist die Euphorie" - a song that inevitably makes you feel like you're standing in the indie club way too late and maybe too drunk and watching the goings-on, dancing and sweating in the crowd. The voice of singer Paul Pötsch seems almost indifferent for a long time, it breaks out bit by bit to almost beg the question of euphoria at the climax of the song. The interplay of the vocals, the single notes of the guitar and the reverb on both creates a dark and engaging mood. Lyrically, the song is at the usual high rubble level and, in addition to the wish to extend the evening, above all deals with the mutual rejection of the author and society.

21. Deichkind - Who says that? (2019)

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Deichkind - Who Says That? (Official Video)

Deichkind have always stood for parties with an ironic twist. With their very own way of writing, they like to raise more questions than they actually answer. The logical consequence: a track with a lot of rhetorical questions that are sometimes more and sometimes less serious. "Who said that?" shows that Deichkind understand the zeitgeist and at the same time joke it. The secret climax of the song: When the repeatedly repeated refrain question turns into a "Versace" for a second.

20. Erobique - Holidays in Italy (2018)

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Erobique - Holidays in Italy (Live)

You won't find a summer hit from Germany that isn't about beer or lightly dressed hairdressers. Yes, a German summer hit that you don't have to be ashamed of while humming along didn't exist here for a long time. That changed in 2018. "Urlaub in Italien" by the Hamburg original Carsten "Erobique" Mayer is unobtrusively wonderful, greasy and yet never embarrassing. Everything here sounds so like Dolce Vita that one could believe that a life of happiness and peace is possible. You want to rent a Vespa immediately and ride down the Istrian coast to Capri. Or a little less pathetic: just eat stracciatella ice cream and dream of Italy.

19. SXTN - He Wants Sex (2016)

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SXTN - He Wants Sex (Official Video)

SXTN send fuckboys back into the shallows of Tinder in 2016 and give the ole patriarchy a good slap in the face. German rap as a weapon against sexism, German rap as a bastion against males of all kinds. That is rowdy and clever and is a lot of fun. "He wants sex" is the perfect song to shout along with with a raised middle finger instead of an index finger. Instead of academic jargon, Nura and Juju find very clear words that really everyone understands: "You want to fuck me, but you are not allowed to because I forbid it". It's that simple.

18. Picture Book - Bungalow (2017)

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Picture book - Bungalow (official)

With tons of Austrian charm and more eroticism than on St. Pauli at three in the morning, the four Viennese have changed a lot in the pop landscape in recent years. The peak of this triumphal march was without a doubt the over-hit "Bungalow" from 2017. If you haven't danced to this song somewhere this year, you must have lived in a hut in the forest. And even then, someone should have wandered by with the song over cell phone speakers. At "Bungalow" we still have the prize for the most misplaced and perhaps therefore coolest guitar solo in recent music history. And then we would be interested in how much Lada sales have increased since 2017.

17.AnnenMayKantereit - barefoot at the piano (2014)

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Barefoot at the piano - AnnenMayKantereit

In 2014, three street musicians from Cologne had to get out of the pedestrian zone and into a professional musician life - including a major deal and sold-out concerts. Not entirely innocent was a music video in which Henning May, in an undershirt and barefoot, packs his own lovesickness into simple words and deep piano chords. Even at the concerts that are getting bigger and fuller, AnnenMayKantereit still manage to create the intimate, soulful atmosphere that made the video for "Barefoot at the Piano" go viral back then.

16. Marteria - Kids (2 fingers on the head) (2013)

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Marteria - Kids (2 fingers on the head) [Official Video]

Because the reality of life for all other 30+ year olds suddenly revolves more around red wine, pets and dignified family vacations, Marteria has made a counterpart track about the feeling of stoned stoners who prefer to rebel instead of resigning themselves. Even if the Rostock, as an ambitious angler, is in reality not entirely free from philistine clichés. "Kids (2 fingers on the head)" lets us forget all that for a moment and instead mobilizes youthful recklessness.

15. Kraftklub - Songs for Liam (2012)

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KRAFTKLUB - Songs for Liam (official video)

John Lennon would be proud to hear this song. After all, smooching for world peace is also his concept. This has not caught on until today, just like Google+ or the Cherry Coke, but what is not, can still be. And who knows, maybe "Songs for Liam" will not only contribute a bit to world peace, but one day will really bring the Gallagher brothers together again. It is indisputable, however, that this song is responsible for more than seven years of a Kraftklub career. No wonder that "Songs for Liam" MUST be played at every concert of the band to this day!

14. Mine - 90 degrees (2019)

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Mine - 90 degrees