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Nueva Familia Orphanage in Chennai

Chennai is one of the four largest cities in India and the capital of the Indian state of Tamil Nadu with about 6.2 million inhabitants, 80% of them Hindus. It is located in southeast India directly on the coast of the Bay of Bengal.
History of Orphanage Work in Chennai
The orphanage work (like all of the humanitarian work of the association in India) came about through the field service of Roy Knight. Roy has been preaching the gospel since he was 16, and his work brings him in constant contact with the suffering in the lives of the people he serves. It happened early on that his parents took into their care and adopted two mentally handicapped girls who had been hit in the head and had been rejected by their father. Later, while on duty in a village called Paravalure, Roy found an abandoned baby wrapped in newspaper, lying under a tree, and took it in.
From these humble beginnings, the orphanage work in Chennai in southern India developed over the years; Roy founded the orphanage himself in 2000. Nueva Familia e. V. has officially supported this work since 2005. (You can find out more about our history here.)

The work on site

We currently care for 70 children through our orphanage, 45 of whom also live directly in the orphanage (the others are either housed in Christian families or study at secondary schools). They all receive accommodation, clothing, meals three times a day, medical care and education (biblical teaching and school or university attendance). This care takes place within the framework of holistic care, it is very important to us that these children and adolescents mature into balanced, healthy adults who can and want to take responsibility for themselves and others. We want to do more than just meet the needs of the moment. We want to give hope and open the door to a better future for our children in India, which is why it is particularly important to us to give them a sound education and to accompany them on their way.
Multiplication is a key word here, because every (former) orphan who in the end stands on his own two feet and maybe even becomes an employee in this work is a great, hope-giving role model for the other orphans. In this way, a seed that we have sown and cared for becomes a tree that provides plenty of shade.
Construction project
The rented building in which the 75 children currently live has become too small. Therefore, a new children's home is currently under construction, which will then offer enough space for 100 children.
Further information and pictures of the construction project can be found here.

Former orphans

It fills us with great joy and gratitude when one of our orphans becomes a "former orphan".
Edwin completed his apprenticeship this year and got a good job with a shipping company (as Customs Dept. Manager). He is now building his house.
Silvia was able to complete her nurse training and also found a good job as a managing nurse in a hospital. In addition, she now takes care of the bookkeeping of our work in India.
Others, such as Rachel or George, are now married and work as part of the Save the Children project to provide other children in need with the help that made their lives possible. We are heartily grateful to God for each of these children of ours.
Thank you for helping us!
We, the German association, and also the children from our orphanage would like to thank you from the bottom of our hearts for your support and help. None of this would be possible without you. It is our God who provides for us, but He does it through people like you. We thank you for taking part in the life of these precious children in India, be it through your financial donation, in prayer for the work and the children or simply by informing yourself here on this page. Each of these children has their own story, their own fate, and thanks to your help they can have hope again. Many Thanks!