You can manage engagement without a manager

Optimize and scale social media interactions

Engagement tools

Prepared instead of overwhelmed: Increase visibility, responsiveness and efficiency with Sprout Social.

Prepared instead of overwhelmed: Increase visibility, responsiveness and efficiency with Sprout Social.

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Remove barriers to engagement

Overflowing mailboxes, missed messages, and time-consuming tasks don't have to be the norm. Sprout gives you the tools you need to remove barriers to engagement and thrive on social media, from community management to customer care.


Easy onboarding

Learn how to use Sprout's easy-to-use tools with personalized training and customer support. Get set up quickly and immediately experience the benefits of intuitive tools.


Regain control

Save time and stay one step ahead with automated features and customizable workflows. Monitor social media activity and organize all incoming messages in one place.


Increase business productivity

Promote effective teamwork with communication and collaboration tools. Assign tasks, eliminate redundancy, approve content, and prioritize messages using processes tailored to your team.


Loyal communities

Build relationships with community management and customer care tools. Easily access key audience data, manage support issues, and report on relevant performance metrics.


A better social media strategy

Actively connect with target groups and develop future strategies using a central platform. Publish content, analyze ROI and much more with fully integrated tools.

The core functions at a glance

Smart inbox

Gather all connected networks and profiles in a single stream to monitor incoming messages and respond quickly.

Notifications of increased message activity

Receive notification of an increase in the volume of messages in order to be made aware of crises, time-sensitive events or other urgent situations.

Management of reviews

Manage reviews on Facebook, Google My Business, and TripAdvisor to build your online reputation.

Bot builder

Build automated chatbots to quickly respond to incoming messages, resolve support issues, and share information.

Assignment of tasks

Delegate messages to specific team members and measure user efficiency based on assigned and completed tasks.

Message tagging

Label and sort messages for easy access to messages related to specific workflows, business goals, and marketing strategies.

Social CRM

Access conversation histories and relevant contact details to provide personalized responses to incoming messages.

Team reports

Use presentation-ready reports to analyze how quickly users are responding to social media messages over different time periods.

Help desk integration

Create, track and manage support cases without leaving the Sprout platform through integrations with Zendesk and HubSpot.