What is the future of online betting

The trends in sports betting

News from June 23, 2020

Sports betting continues to enjoy great popularity. Bookmakers' sales have exploded in recent years and there is no end in sight to this development. Since the sports betting market is constantly on the move, new trends keep emerging.

Betting on football games is certainly the most popular in this country. That will not change for the time being, after all, King Football is the undisputed number one among the sports, but many betting providers want to take advantage of the great popularity of e-sports. Younger people in particular are enthusiastic about games such as FIFA or League of Legends, and betting on e-sports events is already possible. This area will certainly gain in importance in the next few years and it would be conceivable, for example, that two players competing against each other would bet money on themselves.

Mobile betting
In the past it was only possible to place online bets on a computer or laptop. This changed with the invention of smartphones and tablets. The smartphone in particular has experienced a veritable triumph and accordingly more and more tipsters are using their mobile phones to bet.

Therefore the area of ​​mobile betting is being expanded more and more by bookmakers. Many betting providers already have their own app in their range, but the usability and design of the apps will improve over the next few years, and betting via mobile websites will also become easier for customers. You can still submit your tips via computer or laptop, but more and more people will bet via smartphone or tablet.

The new State Treaty on Gambling 2021
In the early years of online sports betting, bookmakers were more or less in a legal gray area, as the German state wanted to keep its gaming monopoly. However, even through pressure from the EU, this could not be maintained and so an interstate gaming treaty came into force in 2012, which included a betting tax, among other things. Private betting providers could no longer be demonized in this way, after all they generated tax revenue, and so the bookmakers' sales figures continued to skyrocket.

A new State Treaty on Gambling is currently being negotiated and is due to come into force in 2021. Bookmakers will thus arrive even more in the middle of society, but only the already large and well-known betting providers will prevail, as only a limited number of licenses will be granted. Many smaller bookmakers, or new betting providers that have only been founded in recent years, have to make a great effort here to challenge top dogs like Bwin or Tipico for their supremacy on the German betting market.

There will be changes for tipsters too. There should be a limit of 1000 euros per month with which bets can be placed and the range of live bets should be severely restricted.

Sponsorship and social betting
Many betting providers are already sponsoring football clubs. This development will continue in the coming years, although a ban on advertising for bookmakers is currently being discussed. But the soccer business will certainly not want to do without the high income from sponsorship of betting providers and so this form of advertising will continue to exist in the future.

In other countries, such as England, bets on political or social events are extremely popular. This form of betting can only be found very rarely among bookmakers in Germany, but that will change in the near future. The popular betting provider Bet365 is certainly a pioneer. (prm)