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(491) The Golden Girl

"TheaterSpiele für Alle" presented the Bulgarian fairy tale of the Golden Girl on the light mile 2017 in a neon green light!

It was pouring rain for the first time in a long time on one of our program items, but that wasn't too bad, as it was with the this weekend Light Mile 2018 an indoor program on our activity plan. Yes, ours ANIMUS CLUB weather god Interestingly, not only lets the sun shine for us regularly during our outdoor activities, no, for a good four years now it has only let it rain when we are in a dry location anyway - in the museum, in the theater, or at an exhibition etc.

Nevertheless, the "grubby weather" was not really inviting for a program activity that day. Accordingly, those responsible very much hoped that some viewers would find their way into the Mannheim neighborhood management would find to them at their premiere of the fairy tale "The golden girl" to attend.

Today again as supporters of this honorable project - “Bulgarian children, most of whom have only recently been living in Mannheim, are putting on a play in German” - we were a good two hours on the spot beforehand to set up the camera technology and to look for the best positions to photograph the piece.

The mask was just in full swing, and children were scurrying about in excitement or restlessly in their seats. For some it was their first big gig. It was almost a matter of course that there was also a portion of stage fright here.

Has one year Director Limeik Topchi rehearsed this almost 40-minute play with the children. Twice a week the Old public bath rehearsed and rehearsed the synchronous dual texts. Limeik Topchi presents once again the special play by playing the plot with two main cast lets play in parallel. That is, there were two Golden girls. two fathers and two mothers-in-law, as well as two old women, who represent the same scene on the stage at the same time and speak the same text. All attention. So we could be excited to see how the children will later implement this live on stage.

A good half an hour before the performance there was a warm-up. Here the trainer led Beate Gerbil Loosening up exercises with the children. Then it was time to move because the first visitors were already entering the projection room.

TheGolden girls reminds of its basic structure "Good father - bad mother-in-law", as well as the disappearance of the girl in the dark forest, a little to Hansel and Gretel, according to the presenter Michelly Nowllywho warmly welcomed the visitors. Otherwise, the story has nothing in common with the extremely brutal classic by the Brothers Grimm.

The young actress of the OUR THEATERS thanked everyone responsible for helping with this project, and then cleared the stage for the premiere of the Golden girl.

Immediately afterwards the children's troupe stormed the stage and gave in the middle of the vernissage of Kemal Celik, a fairy tale for the best, unknown to many viewers. The synchronous speech flashed right from the start, giving the fairy tale an expressive drama. So from now on the crowd of children not only turned into Objects (trees) and towards the middle of the piece also in Animals (spiders), but it also represented the situational state of the main personality.

In the confusion of the children scurrying back and forth, the synchronously played story began. The two girls lost each other in the forest while the two fathers danced with their two new wives. Immediately two old women invited the two stray girls to their home in order to offer them a comfortable home.

Out of gratitude, the girls diligently began to help the mothers in the household and to do good for them. In addition, the actors moved into other roles and the suspense of some scenes could be increased significantly through additional props.

At the foot of a magical river, which changed its color every day, the girls sang a lullaby to the two old people when they wanted to. Then in the deep slumber the water of the river turned yellow, and the girls woke the little mothers.

At the latest when the magical veil of gratitude waved back and forth in front of the audience's eyes, and immediately afterwards the two girls were in Golden girls transformed, even the smallest spectators made big eyes, and were drawn under the spell of this fairy tale, which now danced before their eyes like a beautiful memory.

Dignified with one Box of gold The two were given presents by the mothers Golden girl accompanied back on the path home.

We don't want to reveal now whether the girls found their home again and what adventures they had to go through. Further performances of the fairy tale are planned, and of course we will keep you informed when you can enjoy this great spectacle. It is very worthwhile.


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17th November 2017