What do men love most about women?

Men: That's what they love most about us women

It is often not easy for us women in life - we are still paid less, plague each month with period pains and the like, and have to give birth to our beloved baby in agony. We often think that men take us for granted and are really only interested in our breasts or buttocks. But of course it's not just our appearance that the men's world values ​​us for, but also many other qualities that they even envy us for. Even if it is definitely not our top priority to please a man, on the occasion of the upcoming International Women's Day we are only too happy to wallow in our positive qualities and would find it incredibly interesting to know what really drives the opposite sex crazy and what we do with impress the men. Is it our patience? Or our fantastic empathy? We have researched for you and do not want to keep you tortured any longer.

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1. We are capable of multitasking

Breakfast, checking e-mails, making phone calls and exercising the gluteal muscles at the same time - a normal morning looks like this or something like that, when we feel like we manage everything at the same time. If the day doesn't have enough hours, we just have to go full throttle. Okay, we probably can't do everything at the same time, but a lot of men think of it that way because they know that we can be extremely multitasking if we wanted to - at this trait they just turn green with envy and wonder, how the hell does that work. The answer is probably only known to us women ...

2. We can reveal feelings

We live in an age in which it is no longer a scandal when a man sheds a tear. Nevertheless, many guys find this inappropriate and still have a lot of inhibitions about showing their feelings in front of others. Some cannot even reveal their emotions to their own girlfriend or wife. Over a longer period of time, this can even lead to tensions arising in the relationship and ultimately to ruptures. So it's no wonder that men envy us how easily we can share our emotions with others.

3. We are more empathetic

We women often react understandingly when our fellow human beings feel bad and they start to cry. We hug, comfort and talk well, while panic shoots up in the male species. They often do not know how to behave in emotional situations and would like to run away. They often lack a sensitive streak, which they admire all the more with us.

4. We maintain social contacts

The corona pandemic, which comes with contact restrictions, is not easy for many of us. After all, many of us love to end the evening in relaxed company or just to go out to party. But the current situation also illustrates once again how easy it is for us women to maintain social contacts. Even if we can only meet our friends mainly virtually, we use these opportunities a lot more than men, because we know what feelings of happiness this evokes in us and we are aware that good friendships need to be nurtured. 💕

5. It is easier for us to find a partner

Men are of the opinion that it is a lot easier for women to find partners. After all, we are constantly approached on the street or invited for drinks in the club. But the fact that we are mainly addressed by guys who do not suit us at all probably does not occur to them.

6. We have a flair for good furnishings

Anyone who has ever been to flat shares for men knows that things are more often a bit more chaotic and inconsistent than with some women. Many men often do not bother to deal with stylish decorative items and are usually satisfied quickly. Nevertheless, they admire our feeling for our furnishings when candles and coordinated pictures wrap the room in a beautiful atmosphere. But they wouldn't even bother to lend a hand and enter a decoration shop of their own accord.

7. Our feminine intuition

One last thing that men admire us for is feminine intuition. When we have to make important decisions, we listen inside and dare to simply listen to our gut instinct and do what it advises us to do. Woman power! 💪🏼

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