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Social Work (B.A.)

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My first experiences while studying "Social Work" were that there are many more areas in social work than I thought.
In addition, areas such as business administration and the like are important for the course.
The dual principle in particular is a great experience, as you not only learn something about social work, but can also experience it.
The degree is also very extensive, so it includes everything about social work, from an introduction to social work, to pedagogy and management.
So you can get an insight into the entire area of ​​social work.
Social work is definitely a study program for people interested in social issues, as well as for those who may plan to set up or run their own institution in their later life.
There is something for every area of ​​activity, i.e. everyone can learn something in this course and use it later in his or her professional field.
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  • For people who do not like business studies or the like, it may be more difficult in some semesters / lectures

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  • Written on: 11/28/2018