Are Syrians Caucasian Why

Secret service warns of Caucasian Islamists

Potsdam. Constitutional protection chief Frank Nürnberger has warned urgently against extremists from the Caucasus. Among the around 130 Islamists in the state of Brandenburg, around 50 are Caucasians, most of them are Chechens, said Nürnberger in an interview with the rbb radio station Antenne Brandenburg published in advance on Monday. "These Chechen men often took part in civil wars, so they are experienced in combat and can work conspiratorially," explained Nürnberger. "Some of them were meanwhile in Syria and fought on the side of the Islamic State." Nürnberger criticized the fact that the registration of the refugees did not go optimally at first. "Back then, when people were euphoric about the fact that we could help, they might not have seen it exactly," said Nürnberger, who at the time was still in charge of initial reception for refugees in Eisenhüttenstadt. "It was certainly a problem that the federal government did not provide the technology until 2016 to record all refugees biometrically." Asylum applications from Chechens are regularly rejected, said Nürnberger. But it would take the administrative courts several years to make a final decision. dpa / nd

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