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Bundeswehr taxation: what do I need to know about taxes and social security?

Of course, it cannot be denied that in addition to all the professional opportunities, the financial reasons also play a role in the fact that many people choose a career in the Bundeswehr. A possible Bundeswehr taxation is of course also interesting around this topic. Do the soldiers have to pay taxes quite regularly? And what about health insurance, social security and old-age provision? We have looked at exactly these topics in the following and want to shed some light on the dark.

Bundeswehr taxation: The issue of taxes for soldiers at a glance

In our little tax advisor for soldiers we want to first of all turn to the tax return and the Bundeswehr taxation. Basically, you should know about this that you will be treated like a civil servant in taxation. In detail, this means that only wage tax will be deducted from your gross salary. You are not obliged to pay any further taxes or social security contributions.

Despite all this, it is advisable not to rely solely on your own abilities when filing your tax return, as numerous aspects must be taken into account when dealing with the tax office. After all no soldier wants to pay too much taxes at the end of the year, because certain expenses or the like were not billed correctly. Special peculiarities in the case of the Bundeswehr taxation are, for example, the activities on a ship, the stay at the military training area, the tax return after foreign deployment of the Bundeswehr or the business trips. So you should remember:

  • Only wage tax is deducted from your salary as a soldier
You can easily find out which Bundeswehr salary you can expect from the Bundeswehr in the salary table. In this way, you will know what your financial opportunities will look like before you even start your career.

As a soldier: Do I have health insurance with the Bundeswehr?

Health insurance is of course also an important topic for prospective soldiers and should be examined briefly at least once before starting a career in the Bundeswehr. For example, it is good for you to know that as a temporary soldier in the armed forces you are not required to have health insurance during your service. So you don't have to pay any health insurance contributions. Instead, it is that you enjoy medical care through the troops. For example, if something happens while you are on duty and you injure yourself, you don't have to worry about your health. You will be well looked after.

However, when it comes to this topic, you have to bear in mind that as a soldier you are obliged to take out long-term care insurance. For this you have to pay the costs yourself. In addition, the Bundeswehr recommends take out preventive health insurance for the time after you leave the armed forces. In this case, you have to pay the insurance premiums yourself again. On the other hand, these contributions play a role in the question: What to sell off? Because precisely those insurance contributions can be deducted in the tax return.

Retirement provision and pension insurance for soldiers

Pension insurance is at least as interesting a topic as armed forces taxation and possible health insurance. In fact, as a soldier you are not insured for a pension while you are in the armed forces. However, there is of course a safeguard. Should you If you leave the armed forces, you will be insured with the statutory pension insurance.You don't have to worry about the costs yourself, because in this case the federal government bears both the employer's and the employee's share and thus pays the contributions for the pension insurance in full.

Recently, a law relating to pension provision in the armed forces has changed significantly, so that even better protection is now offered. The Legislators prescribe an increase in the contribution assessment base by 20 percent. The aim is to avoid that the soldiers have to accept disadvantages compared to the civilian population after their time in the Bundeswehr.

If you have further information on pension insurance, the Bundeswehr taxation or similar topics, you can also get in touch with your contact person at the Bundeswehr.

Conclusion: many pleasant reliefs

As a soldier in the German Armed Forces, you cannot avoid 100 percent of the tax, but you can take advantage of many amenities and facilities. Only the wage tax costs will be deducted from your wages, at the same time you can include foreign assignments, business trips and the like in your tax return. All in all, taxation is not an issue that should give you a big stomachache. It looks similarly positive with the old-age provision and the security for the pension, so that you can look forward to a secure retirement even after your time with the federal government.

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