What are the hottest startups in 2019

These are the 25 hottest young companies from Germany

ArtiMinds Robotics - robot programming for dummies

With ArtiMinds, robot arms can be programmed in a simplified and cost-saving manner: Human movements are recorded electronically and transferred directly to the robot arms. In this way, the machines learn motion sequences without complex programming and can be used more flexibly. Experts predict that this outstanding technology will sustainably expand the area of ​​application of robotic arms. According to a recent study by the Boston Consulting Group, robotics will bring about the next leap in productivity in industry. ArtiMinds has meanwhile been honored with numerous innovation prizes and awarded the title “CyberLab Certified Enterprise” by the CyberLab in Karlsruhe.

Founders: Sven Schmidt-Rohr, Rainer Jäkel, Gerhard Dirschl, Simon Fischer
Founded: 2013
Location: Karlsruhe
Segment: robotics
Website: artiminds.com

Berlin Valley News
"Berlin Valley News" is a monthly magazine that has been published since November 2014 and deals with the start-up scene in the German capital. It appears in a print run of 30,000 copies and is free of charge. The magazine is also available for direct download every month at www.berlinvalley.com. The September issue has just finished.

Auctionata - Sotheby’s was yesterday

A self-confident statement is emblazoned on the website: "With sales of 35.7 million euros in the first half of 2015, the online platform Auctionata has usurped market leadership. (...) Welcome to Germany's leading auction house." Auctionata has the potential to become a game changer. The weekly online auctions are very popular: more than 120 auctions in the past six months with more than 30,000 bidders from 140 countries. Investors have so far put USD 95.7 million in venture capital into the Berlin company.

Founders: Alexander Zacke, Georg Untersalmberger
Founded: 2012
Location: Berlin
Segment: Auctions
Website: auctionata.de

Auto1 Group - A new dimension in the used car trade

Auto1 Group is a brand-independent used car wholesaler. Around the clock, seven days a week, car dealers across Europe can purchase vehicles directly with just a few clicks of the mouse. Before that, the wagons are checked and assessed by the company. In contrast to other platforms, Auto1 Group uses its own capital to buy, store and test cars. The company promises that this will shorten the average sales process from around 90 to ten days. Investors have already made more than 200 million dollars available to the three-year-old company. According to Bloomberg, Auto1 Group was valued at $ 1 billion in the last round of funding. The largest donor is the Facebook investor DST Global. The company is currently in another round of funding that aims to raise an additional $ 500 million.

Founders: Christian Bertermann, Hakan Koç, Christopher Muhr
Founded: July 2012
Location: Berlin
Segment: car dealership
Website: auto1.com

BioWink - Clue: the menstrual calendar for the smartphone

Measuring the female cycle with an app: What sounds trivial at first, could mean a clever entry into the lucrative e-health market. Much more important: the app can be a real help for couples who want to have a child. The Clue app has been downloaded almost two million times so far. In the latest round of financing over two million dollars, the French Arnault Group (LVMH), among others, was convinced as an investor.
Founders: Ida Tin, Hans Raffauf, Moritz von Buttlar, Mike LaVigne
Founded: 2013
Location: Berlin
Segment: Health
Website: helloclue.com

Blinks Labs - nibbles for the inquisitive

Blinks are concentrated excerpts from popular, current non-fiction books that can be read in less than two minutes. The key messages of an entire book fit in an average of eight flashes, so that a user only needs around 15 minutes to read the most important ideas from a book. The blinkers currently available in German and English are 100 percent self-produced. The Blinkist app adapts to modern reading habits on smartphones and tablets and also wants to offer busy people access to new knowledge in the fast pace of their everyday lives. As a supplement to the many press formats for on the go, this idea promises a future-oriented way of acquiring knowledge.

Founders: Holger Seim, Niklas Jansen, Tobias Balling, Sebastian Klein
Founded: January 2013
Location: Berlin
Segment: e-learning
Website: blinkist.com

Bonativo - Daily weekly market in your own home

With Bonativo, founder Christian Eggert wants to bring the weekly market into the digital age. You can order fresh, regional products from the comfort of your home at the online mail order company Bonativo. The company relies on credibility and transparency. Therefore you can find out about the exact origin of the products on the website. The first funding came from the startup incubator Rocket Internet, and shortly afterwards Tengelmann Ventures stepped in with 3.2 million euros.

Founder: Christian Eggert
Founded: 2014
Location: Berlin
Segment: online trade
Website: bonativo.de

eMio - energized with the scooter

The three twenties jump with eMio in a market niche in the growing share economy: After the Call-a-Bike program of the railway and short-term car rentals such as Car2go and Drivenow, they offer electric scooters for in between. 150 Emco vehicles are already on the road in Berlin. The mobile phone app tells you where the next vehicle is, and it is activated via the smartphone. Each scooter has two protective helmets, the freshly charged batteries are always sufficient for a distance of 100 kilometers. Billing is based on time or kilometers, whichever is cheaper for the customer. The two-wheelers are provided by eMio itself, including with capital from IBB Beteiligungsgesellschaft. According to the startup, the number of users is in the four-digit range. In spring 2015, the scooter sharing idea won the innovation competition of the "Capital City Conference Electromobility".

Founders: Hauke ​​Feldvoss, Valerian Seither, Alexander Meiritz
Founded: January 2015
Location: Berlin
Segment: mobility
Website: emio-sharing.de

Freeletics - a challenge for fitness studios

The fitness app combines intensive calisthenics exercises with running units. The Freeletics makers see themselves as an alternative to established fitness studios (sales volume 4.5 billion euros). Their vision: to support every person in the world to develop their full potential, both physically and mentally. In the meantime, the Munich-based company, which was founded in June 2013, has advanced to become a global sports and lifestyle brand with a community that, according to its own information, has already grown to more than six million members in 160 countries. 10,000 people join them every day. Freeletics earns money with digital premium courses that cost from 79.99 euros a year. The growth is reportedly still clearly in the double-digit range.

Founders: Andrej Matijczak, Joshua Cornelius, Mehmet Yilmaz
Founded: 2013
Location: Munich
Segment: fitness
Website: freeletics.com/de

Kiwi.ki - key rethought

Admittedly, the idea seems strange at first. A startup that is reinventing the key should have the potential to become a game changer? But in fact: The Kiwi.ki team not only dreams of intelligent doors that open automatically when you approach them. It has also developed the corresponding locks - at the interface between smart city and smart home. A thick board. But partnerships with the Post, Allianz and Telekom as well as a financing round of four million euros show that the company is on the right track. And of course, if successful, Kiwi.ki could literally become the key to a whole range of other household-related services.
Founders: Claudia Nagel, Christian Bogatu, Peter Dietrich
Founded: 2012
Location: Berlin
Segment: Smart Home
Website: kiwi.ki

Kreditech - lending using a self-learning algorithm

The industry that is currently being plowed up in the media most effectively is finance. Dozens of startups are preparing to turn the business model of the established banks on its head. The Hamburg fintech startup Kreditech is a real high-flyer. It uses big data and complex self-learning algorithms to make credit decisions within seconds. The vision of the "digital bank" recently also won over top investor Peter Thiel. In total, Kreditech has raised $ 263 million so far.

Founders: Alexander Graubner-Müller, Sebastian Diemer
Founded: 2012
Location: Hamburg
Segment: Finance
Website: kreditech.com

Mobile Motion - More fun communicating with Dubsmash

Text messages were yesterday, from now on it is said: Say it with a video. The Dubsmash app combines sound snippets from films or songs with videos you shot yourself. To do this, you take a filmic selfie, moving your lips as synchronously as possible with the sound. The finished video is sent directly and shared with friends, for example via Whatsapp or Facebook Messenger. According to the company, more than 50 million users have already recorded videos and broadcast them in more than 192 countries.

Founders: Jonas Drüppel, Roland Grenke and Daniel Taschik
Founded: 2013
Launch: 2014
Location: Berlin
Segment: communication
Website: dubsmash.com

Number26 - Mobile Banking in Real Time

The potential customers are queuing - virtually - to be able to open a current account with the Berlin startup Number26. According to its own statements, the team has already set up 30,000 accounts * since January, but many interested parties are still on the waiting list. Once it's your turn, it only takes eight minutes to open an account, promises Number26. The Berlin team has set itself no less than building the bank of the future. Your approach: online banking in real time via your smartphone. Number26 has already convinced a number of prominent investors that this could also succeed, including Peter Thiel, co-founder of PayPal and the first sponsor of Facebook. Thiel's venture capital company Valar Ventures led the group of investors who provided Number26 with ten million euros in April 2015.

Founders: Valentin Stalf, Maximilian Tayenthal
Founded: 2013, Launch: January 2015
Location: Berlin
Segment: Finance
Website: number26.de

OnPage.org - Optimization for the best

Internet users have increasing demands on the quality of a website. Search engines are also constantly setting new standards for the technical performance of a site. Providers have to react adequately to this and continuously optimize their websites. The analysis software from OnPage.org works like a digital assistant that provides information on acute errors and optimization potential. The tool draws attention to whether redirects are wrong or headings are not displayed correctly and creates a to-do list directly from the analysis. According to OnPage.org, more than 50 percent of the 100 websites with the highest reach in Germany already trust the innovative strength of this software - including Zalando, ImmobilienScout24 and the Süddeutsche Zeitung.

Founders: Marcus Tandler, Jan Hendrik Merlin Jacob, Andreas Bruckschlögl, Niels Dörje
Founded: August 2012
Location: Munich
Segment: software
Website: de.onpage.org

QuantifiedCode - Better software in less time

QuantifiedCode is an online platform that helps software developers write better software, faster. By analyzing a large number of programs, QuantifiedCode automates software development processes that create no value: from manually finding program errors, to understanding complex software projects, to rewriting program code. Companies can get their products on the market earlier, train programmers faster and save on maintenance and development costs. Worldwide, around 600 billion US dollars are spent on software development every year. About half of this is accounted for by manual, repetitive tasks that do not add value. QuantifiedCode has already received angel funding after the end of the Exist start-up grant and the Microsoft accelerator.

Founder: Andreas Dewes, Christoph Neumann
Founded: June 2014, Launch: March 2015
Location: Munich
Segment: software
Website: quantifiedcode.com


ShareTheMeal - End hunger in the world with just a few clicks

ShareTheMeal has a big vision: The two founders want nothing less than to end hunger in the world. With 40 cents you can feed a child in one day. This is how much a meal costs on average, according to the United Nations World Food Program. Exactly these 40 cents can be donated via the ShareTheMeal app with two simple clicks on the smartphone. Within the first seven days of launch, the app was downloaded 100,000 times and to date, more than a million meals have been shared.

Founders: Sebastian Stricker, Bernhard Kowatsch
Founded: 2014, Launch: June 2015
Location: Berlin
Segment: Social Innovation
Website: www.sharethemeal.org

SimScale - Development Workers Online

Better, faster, cheaper: SimScale offers web-based, engineering simulations also for startups and small to medium-sized companies. Without the time-consuming and costly construction of prototypes, constructions can be tested in a virtual environment, for example in the areas of structural mechanics, acoustics or thermodynamics. All you need is an internet connection and a modern browser. "SimScale takes all the hurdles out of simulation technology and makes it accessible to a much wider range of users than is the case with traditional methods," says Hendrik Brandis, partner at the investor Earlybird. "It's a classic case of disruption." SimScale is already used by engineers and designers in 190 countries.

Founders: David Heiny, Vincenz Dölle, Anatol Dammer, Alexander Fischer, Johannes Probst
Founded: 2011
Location: Munich
Segment: software
Website: simscale.com

Sonormed - Tinnitracks: an app that aims to overcome tinnitus

In Germany alone, more than three million people live permanently with ringing in their ears. The Hamburg startup Sonormed has developed a music training program to treat subjective, chronic, tonal tinnitus. Tinnitracks filters music and processes it so that it specifically fights the cause of the noises in the hearing center of the brain. Sonormed combines the findings of the neurosciences with modern IT in one app. In 2014, the European Institute of Innovation and Technology named Sonormed the most innovative company in the health sector in the EU. In 2015, the team also won the startup competition at the South by Southwest (SXSW) technology conference in Austin, Texas in this category. No German founding team has succeeded in doing this before.

Founders: Adrian Nötzel, Jörg Land, Matthias Lanz
Founded: 2012
Location: Hamburg
Segment: medical technology
Website: tinnitracks.com/de

Spotted - Second chance for missed flirt opportunities

The dating platform Spotted aims to bring people together who have already run into each other. This is how she wants to stand out from her competitors. There is the "pure voyeuristic satisfaction of visual effects in the center," claims Spotted. The startup is already active in nine countries and most recently raised $ 14.5 million from investors. Spotted reports 3000 downloads per day and wants to have exceeded the limit of ten million users by the middle of next year.

Founders: Nik Myftari, Alexander Pelz, Nicolas Amann, Christian Kapp, Tung Ngyuen
Founded: 2013
Location: Mannheim
Segment: dating agency
Website: spotted.de