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Business studies is the most popular subject in Germany. From controlling to marketing to business development - business administration graduates can work in a variety of professions after graduating. The desire for a career in business is therefore great. But does business keep what it promises? What is the salary like? As different as the work areas are, as different are the salaries. We take a look at numbers and give you a lot of examples of salaries for business administration graduates in business.

If you compare the economy with other industries, you can see that the salary figures in this area are very good. With a degree in business administration, you have promising opportunities in the job market and your chances of a good income are good. But the economic sector is big and not every company pays the same amount. In addition, the professions in the economy are very diverse and the differences are not only visible in the job titles, the content-related tasks and the various industries, but even more affect the salary.

We want to give you an overview of what salary you can expect in which industry. We will also give you numerous factors that can influence your income and give you specific examples of salary figures.

Note, however: These are only examples! The salary is always regulated individually from company to company and can therefore often vary. All the figures that we give here are not binding, just examples that we have researched for you on the online portal Salary.de.

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When you start your career as a university graduate with a business degree, you will of course start with an entry-level salary in every job. The longer you distinguish yourself in the job, the higher your salary level usually rises.

The starting salaries can be set at an average value depending on the industry, but it is very difficult to make binding statements. Exactly what you earn depends on a variety of factors. On the one hand, general points such as the size of the company, the industry and the company's location have an influence. On the other hand, individual factors such as professional experience, academic performance, additional qualifications and personal presentation skills in the application process as well as skill in salary negotiations also play a role in the amount of the salary. You can learn more about the various factors in the next section.

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Every business administration graduate starts their job with a different starting position, but over time everyone has the chance to distinguish themselves through their achievements in their job and thus to climb up the salary levels. Diligence and motivation are therefore in most cases not a wasted effort, but can be driving success factors.

Usually that is monthly starting salary for a business economist between 2,500 and 4,500 euros gross - depending on the industry and profession. So you come up with a Gross annual salary from 30,000 to 55,000 euros. A study by Salary.de also analyzed that the starting salary for the top business administration professions in management consulting and controlling for graduates is over 50,000 euros per year.

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The better your qualifications, the higher your salary potential. With a fresh off the press bachelor’s certificate, fewer big jumps are possible than with a corresponding counterpart at master’s level. With a Bachelor of Arts in Business Administration you can have an average income of, for example, in Germany according to salary comparison.com 37,104 euros to your account with a Master of Arts in the same discipline, however, the average salary is around 42,564 euros.

Starting salary in business administration by occupation and industry

Of course, the salary figures also depend on the specific job position and the respective industry. In order to support your imagination in this regard, we have compiled some exemplary salary figures for common business administration professions as well as classic business administration sectors:

Professions for business administration graduates:

Top jobs
for beginners in business administration
Average Starting salary
Business consultant46.872 €
Risk manager 48.816 €
Supply chain manager45.876 €
IT consultant44.916 €
Business Development Manager45.912 €
Marketing Manager35.148 €
Business analyst42.120 €
Project manager37.080 €
Controller43.176 €
Auditors46.272 €

Source: Salary Comparison.com; Status: 12/2020

Industries for business administration graduates:

Top industries
for beginners in business administration
Average Starting salary
car industry52.226 €
consultation 51.803 €
Insurance51.444 €
Banks50.703 €
Chemistry, process engineering49.949 €
metal49.673 €
Energy, water, environment, disposal49.083 €
E-technology47.663 €
Mechanical engineering, pumps, shipbuilding47.133 €
construction45.041 €

Source: Salary.de; Status: 12/2020

Factors that influence the business administration salary

As you have already seen from the entry-level salary, the factors industry and position in particular play a decisive role in relation to your future business administration salary. In general, it can be said that it is always difficult to make fundamental statements about salary payments in the economy. It is difficult to give firm figures as there are many different factors that influence the salary.

First and foremost has the industrywhere you work has a huge impact on your income. Basically, business professions usually pay decently, but it makes a big difference whether you work in the automotive industry or in the tourism industry, for example. In addition to the industry also plays your job title in relation to your income. Management consultants earn a different salary than project managers - even if both employees may have completed the same business administration degree. This is because the salary is always set individually by the company.

Besides industry and position it also affects the size of the company on your merit. Most of the time, larger companies are able to pay better salaries than smaller companies or start-ups. But don't let that put you off! In small companies, the hierarchies are often flatter, the opportunities for advancement are greater and the opportunities for an uncomplicated salary increase are also given. In this way, you can possibly get into a better position faster and increase your income in the process.

Besides these three big factors, however, also have the site, i.e. the state in which you work, your college degree (Bachelor or Master) and your previous practical experience (Internships, vocational training, student part-time jobs) an influential meaning for the receipts on your salary account.

Concrete examples of the business administration salary

We have selected a few examples here so that you can get a closer look at the world of work in business and better imagine what you can earn in which specific profession with a business degree. To do this, we did some research for you on the website sprach.de and determined some values ​​for the business administration salary for different job titles.

Attention: These are of course only examples! This is not binding information that you can rely on when looking for a job or negotiating a salary. These numbers are only intended to serve as a guide!

activityBranchGender and ageCompany sizeGross salary / month
Controller Plant construction m, 28 yearsvery large3.491 €
Controller Retail, textile m, 32 yearsvery large4.067 €
Controller Financial services w, 26 yearslarge2.480 €
HR consulting / headhunter HR consulting m, 34 yearsmedium5.241 €
Personnel dispatcher / headhunter HR consultingw, 31 yearssmall2.490 €
Headhunter / recruitingInsurance w, 49 yearsvery large3.010 €
Headhunter / recruiting Business consulting m, 44 yearsmedium4.987 €
Headhunter / recruiting HR consulting w, 30 yearssmall3.591 €
Accountant Energy, water, environment, disposal w, 29 yearsmedium2.990 €
Accountant Wholesale, clothing, textile w, 47 yearssmall3.847 €
Accountant Wholesale, miscellaneous m, 33 yearsmedium4.532 €
Accountant car industry w, 52 yearsmedium3.174 €
International Marketing Manager Electrical engineering m, 48 yearsvery large6.087 €
International Marketing Manager Chemistry, process engineering m, 27 yearsvery large8.117 €
International Junior Marketing Consumer goods and durables w, 47 yearsmedium6.649 €
tax consultant Legal advice m, 30 yearsmedium5.371 €
tax consultant Tax advice, auditing m, 26 yearssmall2.984 €
tax consultant Tax advice, auditing w, 29 yearssmall5.766 €
product manager software m, 45 yearsvery large5.262 €
product manager Furniture, wood m, 38 yearsmedium4.407 €
product manager Media, press w, 28 yearssmall2.092 €
Auditors Tax advice, auditing m, 50 yearssmall11.079 €
Auditors Tax advice, auditing w, 42 yearslarge10.843 €
Auditors Tax advice, auditing m, 36 yearsvery large6.835 €
Business development car industry m, 59 yearsvery large7.645 €
Business development software m, 38 yearsvery large4.687 €
Business analyst Business consulting w, 26 yearsvery large3.792 €
Business analyst Tourism, leisure w, 29 yearssmall3.667 €
Marketing manager car industry m, 28 yearsmedium3.524 €
Marketing manager Media, press w, 46 yearsmedium2.922 €
Project manager Banks m, 38 yearsmedium8.589 €
Project manager Research institutes m, 37 yearssmall2.390 €
Project manager Advertising, PRw, 21 yearssmall2.806 €
Project manager Research institutes w, 30 yearssmall4.069 €
Business consultant Logistics, transport, traffic m, 32 yearsmedium4.899 €
Business consultant car industryw, 28 yearssmall5.110 €
Business consultant Business consulting m, 42 yearsvery large8.744 €
Business consultant Chemistry, process engineering m, 58 yearssmall12.275 €

Source: Salary.de; Status: 12/2020; Company size: 1-20 employees = small | 21-100 employees = medium | 101-1,000 employees = large | > 1,000 employees = very large

A closer look behind the scenes in business administration

Are you interested in studying business administration, but would like to find out more about the individual business administration professions? Here you will find a lot of interviews with professionals from various professional directions. Maybe there is inspiration for you there too?

Interviews with working people

Tips for negotiating salaries

It is part of every job interview: the salary negotiation! There is no general recipe for how to perform well in such a negotiation and how to increase your salary. But we can give you a few basic rules and give you tips that will definitely help you.

  • Be well prepared: Justify with concrete examples why you are entitled to a higher salary.
  • Be self-confident: Make your strengths clear and emphasize them clearly.
  • Stand out from the competition: The more you have to offer, the better your negotiation basis.
  • Don't sell yourself below value: Search the Internet for examples of how high the salary usually is in the relevant industry and position.

Furthermore, two important points play a role in salary negotiations and can have a positive effect on you. In business, it is a great advantage if you have gained practical experience at an early stage. Every internship or every suitable part-time job can help you advance in salary negotiations because it gives you more work experience. A master’s degree will also open further doors for you and improve your chances of getting a higher starting salary.

Study paths to the business administration salary

So far, has it all sounded convincing and an academic path in the business field is becoming more and more likely for you? Then you will find in our University database all matching Course offers and the associated universities, technical colleges and academies. You can also use the available filters to narrow down your search individually and find the place you want to study in no time at all. So what are you waiting for

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