What makes you love your girlfriend

In love with your best friend That's how she falls in love with you

It could be so easy.

You and her.

Best friends. And everything would be fine.

But you are in love

In love with your best friend.

And that makes everything very complicated.

Because you want you to become lovers.

Here is my first tip:

On no account write her a love letter in which you confess your love to her! Or just confess your love to her without warning.

Read this article.

Because in it I'll show you what you can do to make her fall in love with you too!

But I'll also show you what you can actually do if she just wants to leave it with a friendship.

It's best to start with this video:

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You won't miss any of our videos again. Click the red YouTube button to subscribe to Strengthen Manhood:

Table of contents of the article

Phase 1: In love with your best friend - The realization

It happens very often to men. And maybe you know that too.

You meet a new woman and find her interesting. But you don't know how to ask her out on a date.

Or you speak to a woman. You're going to meet on a date. But you can't find the right moment to kiss her.

Or you have been friends with a woman for a long time and suddenly you develop feelings for her. And there should be more happening between you than just being best buddies.

Have feelings developed in you too, for your best friend?

This is completely right!

It's absolutely okay if you are in love with her and maybe think about her every day. It's okay if you wish there was more between you. And of course you can't be sure if she feels the same about you.

All of this is completely normal.

And not feeling good about it is completely normal, too.

Nevertheless, we are now changing something about it!

Phase 2: being unhappy

For years I was unhappily in love with my best friend Anika.

At first we were just good friends and everything was fine.

But when we were swimming in the lake for the first time, it happened:

I saw her in a bikini. Your wonderful figure. Your great breasts. Your firm buttocks.

Since then I've started to suffer ...

I kept imagining how we would cuddle with each other. I kept imagining how we kissed. And I kept imagining us having wild sex with each other.

How so much more is happening between us.

But we always just talked and talked and talked and ...

Man! I suffered.

I suffered because this wonderful woman wasn't in love with me, she just wanted me to be her best friend.

Do you feel the same?

Then take advantage of this frustration. Take advantage of this suffering.

Take your frustration to develop strength and motivation to redesign your life.

Find an exciting hobby. Build yourself a great circle of friends. Find and pursue a goal that is really important to you.

Be a man!

And show your best friend what a horny guy you are!

It works a lot better than whining and yelling to everyone: "I'm in love with my best friend. And so unhappy. Because she doesn't return my love. "

If you're just sad all the time ...

If you have no friends ...

If you just sit in front of your PC all the time ...

... and if you then believe: »When my best friend falls in love with me too. Then I am finally happy! «...

... then you can unfortunately forget that!

Your best friend may feel sorry for you but is guaranteed not to find you sexually attractive.

To be a man means to be proactive. In every situation. Even if things are not going so well.

Therefore: Build yourself a great life!

If you have a great life, your girlfriend will notice. And it makes you so much more attractive to her.

Phase 3: Test whether it can be more

Do you already have a great life or have you recently concentrated more on your life?

Do you have fulfilling friendships? Do you have interesting hobbies? Do you have an exciting goal?


Then test it out now. Test to see if more can become of you and your best friend.

To do this, you should meet with her alone. Yes. Alone. You read that right

Don't go out with friends. Instead, just do something for two.

The best thing to do is to do something in which you can exercise and, above all, establish physical contact. For example yoga or fitness training.

Then just show her how to do the yoga or fitness exercise correctly. By gently touching them and placing them in the right position.

Touch her more than a best friend would. But don't grab!

In doing so, give her clues that you find her attractive. Compliment her for her pretty figure, her cute smile. Make an ambiguous joke.

Flirt with her.

Show her that you find her a sexy woman.

Don't you dare to flirt with her and touch her?

Sorry But then you can forget about it and stay her best friend forever. You have to venture out of your safe best friend hiding place in order to become more of you. If you don't want to take this risk, you will definitely lose.

she has a boyfriend
She has a boyfriend - that doesn't have to mean that you can't seduce the woman anyway. How to do this and which women you should better stay away from, you will find out in this article.

Phase 4: Put the cards on the table

Hey man!

Does the woman smile at your compliments and allusions? Does she enjoy your touch and the time togetherness?

Do you have the feeling that more could be possible? But are you not quite sure yet?

Then now is the time to put the cards on the table!

Look her in the eye. Maintain eye contact. And tell her:

"I feel more for you than just friendship."

You won't miss any of our videos again. Click the red YouTube button to subscribe to Strengthen Manhood:
You won't miss any of our videos again. Click the red YouTube button to subscribe to Strengthen Manhood:

The woman can react differently now. Mostly it is one of these three statements:

Reaction A: She says "Let's stay friends"

She could tell you that she doesn't feel that way and that you'd better stay friends.

But that doesn't mean that it really stays that way with her. Women just think differently. Her first "No!" May mean that she is feeling a bit taken aback right now.

Hence, it can be worth being persistent. Because a man who really desires her: he is very attractive to women!

Do you give in at this point and say: "Okay, then we'll just stay best friends."

Then you don't get another chance.

But you say: “Hey! I can understand that you prefer when nothing changes. But i fell in love with you And I think that's nice. I won't be the man to deny my emotions. "

Then you are the man who stands by his feelings. And that's sexy.

It's not a guarantee. But if you persevere and keep showing her that you like them, you may be rewarded for that persistence.

But no matter how persistent you are. It can also just be that she has absolutely no feelings of love for you.

Reaction B: She says "No" and means it first

If she says very clearly that there is nothing with her: then accept that.

If, despite your persistence, she makes no move to change her mind, then accept that.

Nothing is more sinister for a woman than a man who chases after her out of supposed love.

The main question is:

Is it easy for you to accept her "no"? And are you just happy to have clarity now? Then just keep concentrating on living your cool life and getting to know other women.

If you cannot accept her "no" and are unhappily in love with your best friend for the next few months or even years, then listen very carefully now:

In love with your best friend? This is totally human!

But it's just as human when your best friend doesn't share these feelings.

If you think that's unjust, wallow in negative feelings or are looking for manipulative techniques to win them over for you after all ...

... then you are not showing the strength of character of a grown man. You act like a little boy.

And then it's no wonder your girlfriend doesn't feel like you.

Reaction C: She says "yes"

Or she could say, “Yes. I also feel more for you. You finally told me! "

But honestly. Most men who have already landed in the friendship zone with women: They stay there.


My experience as a flirt and male coach showed me that. Once you're a woman's best friend, it usually stays that way.

Yes I'm sorry. But I have to tell you this truth now. Because it would be unfair to withhold it from you.

Most men who are in love with their best friend just stay their friend.

Therefore, please do not think that your best friend is guaranteed to fall in love with you if you work through the four phases from this article step by step. You have no guarantee of that. And the statistics are against you too.

Of course: it has worked for other men too. And what kind of man would you be if you didn't try.

But if she says "No!" Then it is important to demonstrate male strength of character:

And distance yourself from her.

It may sound weird in your situation right now. But your best friend isn't the only woman you can fall in love with.

Yes. It may feel to you right now that she is the only real woman and that you absolutely need to get into a relationship with her. It is therefore perfectly normal if you want to keep spending time with her.

And that's absolutely fine too.

But when you start to distance yourself from her to clear your head ...

... then you can use the time without her to reflect on yourself. You can concentrate on yourself, your male friendships, your male self-discipline, your health, your seductive qualities and thus on your life.

You will get involved with other women again faster than you thought. Get to know you. Flirt with them. And seduce them.

And through this you will find the woman who will love you. Just the way you Are.

Get to know more women! This is how it works

Hey man. I already mentioned it.

When your best friend doesn't want to be with you:

Then get to know other women.

On the one hand, you will of course get to know many beautiful women that you might fall in love with. On the other hand, this is how your best friend may see exactly what a great guy you are.

Have you had trouble dating women and flirting? Do you find it difficult to approach women and seduce them? Or take the next step on a date with her?

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