Which country is good for software outsourcing?

Where can you find the best IT professionals in 2020? Part 2

In our recently published post, "Where Can You Find the Best IT Professionals in 2020?", We talked about how fast growth and flexible scalability are a must for businesses these days. We have also named 4 countries that are well suited to relocate software development there in 2020. There are excellently trained developers and low operating costs. There it will be possible for you to put together an excellent development team.

This post is the continuation of the first list and focuses on countries that many do not initially consider. Even if these countries do not have a huge talent pool like the ones mentioned above, it can still work for young companies to scale their development there without going bankrupt.

5. Vietnam

The Southeast Asian country of Vietnam is one of the 20 most popular countries that are considered excellent destinations for outsourcing. With over 55 million people under the age of 30, Vietnam is a hub for the young generation of talented professionals who are technologically very advanced and highly motivated.

Tech giants such as IBM, Nokia, Intel and Samsung have been outsourcing software in the country for what feels like forever. Vietnam exported software worth $ 3.5 billion, according to the Department of Information and Communication. However, Vietnam is no longer just suitable for IT offshoring and outsourcing.

Local companies are also expanding into all sorts of areas, such as FinTech, blockchain, SAAS, e-commerce and artificial intelligence. Even if the market there is still growing comparatively slowly, it is growing steadily and will continue to do so for a long time. So if you're still looking for a cheap way to embrace new technology, Vietnam may be the place.

6. Poland

In recent years, the IT industry in Poland has played a central role in the country's economy. According to a study by Euromoney, the IT sector in Poland grew by an average of 8.2% between 2015 and 2019. This growth is due to the 15,000 engineers and developers who graduate there each year.

One of the main advantages of the Polish market is also the lower cost. With salaries on average 20-50% less than in Western Europe, Poland is a cheap alternative for companies that want to scale their software team and are unable to pay the high prices in Germany.

Even if Poland is not yet a high-tech location, the country can be a promising option for IT offshoring. Especially for Western European companies, because there is no time difference and the cultural differences are not really worth mentioning.

7. South Korea

South Korea was named the most innovative economy by Bloomberg. The patent activity and tremendous productivity suggest enormous expenditures for research and development. The country has the fastest internet connection in the world on average and, despite its small size, has become an economic powerhouse. On a par with Apple, the South Korean company Samsung has been able to hold its own for years.

Through digitization, robotics, artificial intelligence, autonomous vehicles, and increased connectivity, South Korea is now a pioneer of the industrial revolution. In addition, South Korea is also a leader in areas such as digital banking and FinTech. If you are looking to harness Korean talent for your business then this country may be for you.

8. Latin America

Latin American countries like Mexico and Peru are a relatively recent addition to the attractive destinations for IT offshoring. Mexico, for example, is a good option for North American companies because of its geographical proximity and the small time difference. The cultural differences are greater, but not significant here either.

With hourly wages between US $ 20 and US $ 50, Mexico offers decent benefits and a well-trained workforce. The number of IT professionals in the country is slowly increasing. Many of the developers are looking for opportunities to expand their expertise through North American companies. Since the IT industry in Latin American countries is still relatively young, there is still a lot of room for improvement in project management and corporate governance.

In the end, regardless of where you want to outsource your IT processes, the key is to work with a partner company that can find the best local developers for you and put together a first-class team for you. It's not just about cost or geographic proximity - the value of the work is most important.

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