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Casual gamers spend much of their day doing work or other commitments. There is hardly much time left to get really deep into a game. The classic weekend player in multiplayer is often cannon fodder. That frustrates. This is where GamerLegion wants to help: The Berlin start-up provides coaches to normal gamers - but also to ambitious professionals. Consistent that GamerLegion also sends eSport teams into the race - with success!

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GamerLegion: It started with tanks

Managing director Nicolas Reber once worked as a coach for "World of Tanks" and was also one of the best players in Germany. The demand for coaching had increased so much that in 2017 he came up with the idea of ​​developing a business model out of it. It started in January 2018 with its GamingLegion, today the company provides daily coaching to around 30 active trainers. Such hours cost the player between 25 and 40 euros and last 60 minutes. The coaches decide for themselves how much money they charge per hour, teachers with eSport successes can call more than their undecorated colleagues. Professionals also collect experience and money directly at GamerLegion: The professional teams are the second mainstay of the company. The “Rainbow Six: Siege” team won first place in the “Masters League” at the beginning of June 2019. Prize money: approximately $ 2,650. In Portugal it was enough for the “CS: GO” team to take second place at the “Moche XL” tournament. USD 20,000 made the bitter defeat a little bit sweeter.