How did a financial advisor help you

Expectations for financial advice

In order to be able to advise you optimally, it is important Your personal expectations for financial advice to know. Of course we quite frankly said so too own expectations to them. We will clarify these bases for a long-term, fruitful cooperation with you right at the beginning of the first appointment.

your expectations

How does our advice have to be so that you are completely satisfied?

  • Type of consultation: Comprehensive financial check or just individual topics?
  • Type of Result: Lots of details or a better overview - or both?
  • How important is one to you independent Consultation?
  • What have you so far for experience with financial advice?
    - what did you like about it?
    - what bothered you?
  • What are the most important askthat you would like to have clarified?
  • Etc.

Our expectations for financial advice

We also have expectations for financial advice and a well-functioning cooperation:

Openness, honesty and commitment

You definitely want these qualities or soft skills from us (rightly), but we also need them from your side, otherwise we cannot advise you properly!

This also includes, for example To meet deadlines and To answer e-mails promptly. If priorities change or you don't have time, just let us know. Otherwise it is difficult for us to assess whether we are going to help you with a reminder (we are happy to do it to a moderate extent) or whether we are getting on your nerves with it - because we neither have the time nor the inclination to do so, and you probably won't either.

Your Commitment to communication is also important for you in the further course of a collaboration. When the "ball" is in your field, we mostly rely on your personal responsibility. We rarely remember / "annoy"!

How fast do we reply? We usually try to answer "simpler" inquiries very quickly, even at night or on the weekend. However, due to the high workload, an answer can sometimes take longer. As soon as “longer” becomes “too long” from your point of view, please contact us directly. As soon as you “whine”, you are right at the top of our priority list. The satisfaction of our customers is extremely important to us.

Trust and appreciation

It is important to us that our customers recognize that we are technically competent and trustworthy are! See our advice like a navigation system that suggests the optimal route to reach your destinations. Of course, you remain “in the driver's seat” and make your decisions. If we recommend "turn left", we would be delighted if you followed our advice.

Appreciation of our service: We are - specialized - service providers and are happy to take time for you. We are not servants, insurance fuzzis, insurance companies or the like who, for example, send an offer on request and then submissively wait for a response. We treat our customers' time with respect and try to relieve them of work within the scope of our core competencies, but we also expect the opposite. You will hardly find the combination of financial, legal and tax expertise we offer anywhere else.

Active recommendation and good online reviews

If you (and fortunately, almost all of our customers) are completely satisfied with our advice (and only then), we would like you to:

  1. Active recommendation to people in your environment who can also benefit from good advice. Your family, friends, colleagues, acquaintances, etc. will be grateful for this. Do not draw the circle of those “in need of advice” too small. We see again and again how many people are not even aware of their financial deficits. And as with a doctor's check-up, it is also of great benefit to those around you when we confirm that someone did everything correctly.
  2. Good online reviews, deliberately in the plural. You can easily use the text of your rating (ideally in a slightly modified form) for several rating portals.

Decision on cooperation

A common binding Decision about a cooperation at the end of the first meeting:

  1. Are we a good match for you as a consultant? Can we meet your expectations?
  2. Are you a good fit for us as a customer? In addition to the one described above Appreciation our service must also include the chemistry voices. After all, both sides should enjoy working together!

Why is the decision to work together at the end of the first appointment important? As an insurance broker, we always make advance payments, take time for you, answer your questions, you will receive a detailed summary of the conversation with detailed comparisons, etc. Our economic benefit in the form of the broker's fee (see costs of our advice) only arises when we come along You have found the right solution for your "problem". So that Cooperation fair for both sides is, we want to be able to rely on the fact that we will then take the next steps of implementation together with you.

The binding clarification the mutual expectations of financial advice is the solid basis for a long-term fruitful cooperation.

Important: If your or our expectations are not feasible, we will reject a mandate or, if necessary, put it down. In particular, binding communication and the appreciation of our service are extremely important to us! If our emails are not answered several times, this can, for example, lead to the termination of the cooperation.

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