Is using a cell phone harmful?

Dr. Davis believes that the cancer-causing rays were absorbed by the fatty tissue in the breast. If you want to learn more about cell phone cancer risk, follow the link above.

If the cell phone is worn close to the testicles and ovaries, the risk of endometriosis and hormonal disorders increases. Furthermore, cysts can form and the number of sperm cells can also be reduced.

Cell phone radiation leads to infertility

The British Columbia Center for Disease Control (BCCDC) published a 376-page research review in March 2013, specifically warning against proven sperm damage. Unlike in Germany, the results of industry-independent science are not hidden in Canada.

In epidemiological studies on men who were examined for infertility, the reduced sperm motility could be clearly linked to cell phone use.

In addition, the vast majority of in vitro studies (laboratory studies) in which human sperm samples were exposed to cell phone radiation have shown a decrease in sperm motility.

Researchers therefore recommend that cell phones be kept away from the genital organs. So men shouldn't carry their cell phones in their pockets.

8 tips protect against cell phone radiation

Cell phone users should bear in mind that even a cell phone with low levels of radiation generates an energy field that is around a million times stronger than the fields of the body's cells.

If you take the following tips to heart, you can reduce radiation exposure:

  • Tip 1: Try to limit the use of mobile phones in general and make calls as briefly as possible.
  • Tip 2: The better the reception, the lower the load.
  • Tip 3: When making a call, be careful not to cover the antenna.
  • Tip 4: Use the hands-free option as often as possible.
  • Tip 5: Read the operating instructions for your mobile phone before using it.
  • Tip 6: Cell phones are not children's toys - protect your child!
  • Tip 7: Do not carry the mobile phone directly on your body: the distance should definitely be more than 15 mm.
  • Tip 8: The SAR value is a guideline for how radiation-intensive a cell phone is. For cell phones that have been awarded the Blue Angel, the SAR value is a maximum of 0.6 W / kg.

Do not wear your cell phone on your body

The most important tip is not to wear your cell phone directly on your body, especially not all day.


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