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20 party games for adults: fun, interesting for indoors and outdoors

Of course, for a good party you need good music, food, drinks and good friends. Still, fun cannot always be guaranteed. Do you need something more to warm up your party?

Party games for adults are a great thing. With party games, you always have an ace up your sleeve if the fun doesn't go as planned. We have different types of games here such as card games, drinking games, indoor and outdoor games, and many more.

When choosing your party games, you need to think about who your guests are. It is a great thing that you know your guests and therefore can choose games that you will all enjoy together. You can play party games at any event.

A fun game always goes well with a birthday party. Do fun tasks for your fellow players, ask different questions, play with cards whatever you want, the main thing is that it's fun.

Party games for adults, fun games, drinking games and much more can be found here. Shuffle the cards, do another round, and play good party games.

1. Gargle a song

Fill a glass with water, still water would be best, and drink a little, but do not swallow, keep the water in your mouth. Now comes the fun, try singing a song with your mouth full.

Everyone else has to find out what song it is. Make the game more difficult by having two people gargle the song (one person doing the verses, the other doing the chorus).

2. Nose diving

Material: cotton wool and vaseline

Party games really have no limit. This game will keep everyone entertained and laughing. The best option would be to play outside, but playing inside is not a problem. The nose is the main tool in this game. Pluck the cotton wool in small pieces and form small balls of cotton wool.

Put the cotton balls in a bowl and place on the table. The other thing you need is petroleum jelly. Make a lot of petroleum jelly in a plate and place it right next to the cotton balls. When you've done all of that, the game can begin.

The first thing a gamer has to do is get his nose in petroleum jelly. Then, when you have smeared your nose with the petroleum jelly, dip your nose in the bowl of cotton balls, do this until one of the balls sticks to your nose.

Put some cotton wool on your wet area as far as the other empty bowl and put the cotton wool ball in it. Whoever transfers more balls in 30 seconds (you can choose the time yourself) wins this party game.

3. Two truths and one lie

Each player tells three statements about himself, except that only two are truths and one is made up. The other players walk around the room and guess what they think is the lie.

But tell everything with the same energy and tonality, and something that can be real. Don't tell a big lie now like you were on the moon. All then automatically know that the lie is.

4. Orange game

Material: oranges

The aim of the game is that one player has to pass the orange to another player, but without using any hands. Turn on the music and let the game begin.

It works best when a player holds the orange between his neck and chin. He positions his body to one side so the other person can grab the orange with their neck and chin. If the orange falls down and is on the ground, you lose.

5. Color sorting

Material: several packs of Skittles or M & M’s

This party game does not have a limited number of players. For this game you need several small bowls and some small candies like Skittles or M & M’s.

Each player must receive the same amount of candy. Put the candy in front of each player. Each player gets the same number of each color. You need as many bowls as how many colors there are.

So if you have 4 colors (red, yellow, green and purple) each player should then have 4 bowls in front of them. Each player is only allowed to use one hand and only take candy one at a time.

Sort the colors, the faster the better. In one bowl you make all the red ones, in the other all yellow and so on. Whoever has sorted all the colors first is the winner.

6. Blow the balloon

Material: balloons and cups

Arrange the cups in a row next to each other. You can use as many cups as you want. The more mugs you have, the better and more fun the party will be.

Do not use less than 10 cups. This means that for this game you will need a longer table to arrange the cups around.

One player competes against another. The game is played with each player inflating a balloon and then using it to blow the cups away from the table. Repeat until all of the cups are off the table.

7. Eat the biscuit

Material: biscuits as requested

This is a super fun game. Take cell phone or camera in your hands and take pictures of your friends while they are having difficulty trying to eat the biscuit without hands.

All players should sit on one chair, regardless of their position. One person should put a cookie on each player's face. In most cases, the biscuit is placed on the forehead or between the eyebrows.

When the game starts, players must move their face, eyebrows and cheeks, lower the biscuit onto their mouth and eat it. The use of hands is not permitted.

Players will look super fun trying to eat the cookie. Whoever eats the biscuit first is the winner. There is no limit to how many people can play this game.

8th Kings Cup

Material: cards, mugs and alcohol

Kings Cup is still known as the King's Cup, Ring of Fire, Waterfall or just Big Kings or King Games for short. When it comes to adult party games, this game is inevitable. We've probably all tried playing this party game so far.

In essence, drinking games are very easy, all you need is a celebration, booze, cards, and guests. Each card has a specific meaning and rule. The worst that can happen in this game is that you have to draw the fourth king and drink everything that has been collected in the mug in the middle of the table. All information and instructions on this game can be found here.

9. Truth or Dare

Material: an empty glass bottle

This is a game that is likely centuries old. There is no person, no party that hasn't played this game. We have all tried to get information from a boy or girl through this game. But adult party games are a little more fun than when we were teenagers.

The rules for this game are very simple and clear. All players sat in a circle. One person turns the bottle and whoever the bottle head stops has to choose - "Truth or Dare"!

When he chooses the truth, the most intimate questions are asked, and when he chooses duty, a task is devised for that person. The task can be dancing, singing, embarrassing activity, or anything else that's fun or maybe a little difficult, but safe.

A person cannot choose only the truth or only the duty non-stop. At party games, intimate questions are always topical. When asking a question, don't overdo it. Make sure the questions aren't too private or inappropriate for the occasion.

10. Beer pong

Material: ping pong ball, cups

We all know this party game from crazy American teen movies. No celebration can go on without this game. Don't know the correct rules yet and don't know how to play this adult party game?

With our instructions, you will easily master this game and become an expert at the next party. Beer pong can be played individually as well as in groups.

What you will need for this game are cups, a regular ping pong ball and a long table. Arrange the cups in the shape of a triangle, about 12 or 16 pieces.

There is no exact way how to throw the ball into a mug. The object of the game is to toss a ball across the table into a mug and get the opposing team to drink up the mug you hit.

11. Forehead rates

Do you love fun games? Then this party game is right for you. Once you've downloaded the party game on their smartphone, a person selects a category (whether it's superstars, animals, or more) and puts the phone to their head.

The phone will then display words within that category and the other players on that person's team will have to describe the word within a certain amount of time without actually saying it.

Once the person has guessed correctly, they nod forward with the phone and move on to the next word. The winning team is the one that guesses the most words in the time limit. Actually there are no parties without these types of games.

12. Cards against humanity

Party games such as Cards against humanity are really only suitable for adults without a theme. This party game is only for those mature enough to deal with the intentionally provocative (but often funny) topics and answers.

The goal is to combine the answer and question in the funniest, most provocative, and smartest way possible. Don't worry too much because nothing is taboo here.

The white cards are the answers and the black cards are the questions. Cards Against Humanity is a nice party game for horrible people. The game is actually very simple.

Each round, one player asks a question from a black card, and everyone else answers with their funniest white card.

13. Crime dinner to take home

This is a great game for adults. If you choose to play this game, be prepared to play it all night.

You probably won't get anything else to play with as this game is known to last for hours. You can buy this game or design it yourself.

It's important to be very creative and, of course, mysterious. The object of this game is to find the person who committed the murder. Take on the role of a detective, follow clues and evidence and find the killer. You can read more about this game here.

14. Cards - drinking game

Material: cards

This card drinking game is as easy as it gets. The “dealer” reveals a card from above. The second player then guesses whether the next card is higher or lower than the up card.

If the second player is right, the dealer drinks. If the second player is wrong, he will drink. This is a very easy and fun game for adults.

You can of course also play the game with two dice by specifying beforehand whether you will roll a higher or lower number next. The next party round with cards can continue. Nobody wants to lose at the party games with alcohol.

15. Pictionary

Material: large white sheet and felt-tip pen

If you don't have the original version of this game, it actually doesn't matter, and there is no reason not to play it. Funny games, party games for adults make any celebration better and funnier.

All you need for this game is a black marker pen and large white papers. Split up into groups based on how many players you have.

Before you start drawing and assigning, decide which category to draw. You can choose movies, celebrities, specific locations, etc.

Each team picks a draftsman to draw on paper, depending on which category you choose. While drawing, a person is not allowed to say or use body language.

Other players only guess what is drawn on white paper. Prepare a stopwatch and determine how long you want a lap to last. In fact, a lap lasts 60 seconds. The team with the most hits is the winner.

16. Hitting the pot

Material: pot and wooden spoon

Everyone says pot hitting is for kids, but did you play that game at a party the other day? It's great fun. It is best to play outside because it is more fun and weird when you have a lot of space to hide the pot well. The rules are simple.

To win, the blindfolded player must crawl around the room and hit the hidden pot with a wooden spoon.

The team of the player who crawls knows where the pot is and they can all give hints with “warm” and “cold”. If the player hits the pot and the time is not over, he has won.

17. Sing karaoke

No party can go by without singing a little. The goal of every game is to have fun, and singing karaoke is very fun and amusing. Let each player choose a song.

To make the competition even more interesting, ask your guests to properly imitate the singer whose song they will be singing.

So you can choose a winner based on your overall stage performance, not just your language skills. This game is really entertaining.

Make sure to let your neighbors know that you are going to be organizing a party because of the noise you are likely to make during the night. You don't want angry neighbors to show up at your door or, in the worst case, even the police.

18. Vial on ex

Material: small baby bottles

This is a classic at every party! Party games for adults really have no limit. For this game you need alcohol (but you already have it) and baby feeding bottles.

Each player receives a teat bottle that is either filled with alcohol or with a non-alcoholic drink. On command, the players have to start sucking. But there is a rule!

Players are not allowed to use their hands. With your mouth open, you take the bottle off the table and you can start sucking. Whoever finished the bottle first, and we promise you that you won't make it so quickly, is the winner.

19. Funny quiz games for adults

Don't forget, of course, the quiz party games for adults. In fact, if you are playing this game at a party at home, this is always the purchased version.

If you invite a small group, you can be the game master yourself and write the questions yourself. Make a list of questions about your party guests, about the situations you went through together, but go into full detail.

Think carefully about the questions to ask, and see who will give the most answers. So you can also see who knows everything about whom and how she knows you all well.

Each quiz package is about knowledge from different categories such as: geography, science, art & literature, sport & pleasure, entertainment and history.

The rules are almost always the same - if the player answers a question correctly, he may roll the dice again and draw another card. If the question was answered incorrectly, it is the next player's turn. The quiz parties in groups are always great fun.

Trivial Pursuit - general knowledge

Probably the most famous quiz game of all time is Trivial Pursuit. This party game is suitable for 2 to 6 players. Everything you need for this game is included in the package. Game content: 1 game board, 6 knowledge wheels, 36 Pursiuts 2,400 new questions, 1 die, 1 set of instructions.

Who Wants To Be A Millionaire?

We all know this good quiz game. Tense moments and correct answers give this game a special shape. For a game night and a good atmosphere, this game is the solution.

Take on the role of the quiz master and make your party a blast. 1 card holder: 752 questions (376 cards), 20 voting cards A, B, C and D, 20 joker tokens, 1 million euro note, 1 answer pad, 1 pen and of course the rules of the game.

Bezzerwizzer - knowledge game

This game is suitable for 2 - 4 players (or for teams). With this party game fun is guaranteed. Accept the challenge and do a round with your fellow players.

In this game, besides knowledge, strategy and tactics play a very important role. Recommended age for this game is 16 years and over.

Krazy Wordz

This is a very popular and great game for friends and family. Gambling is recommended for people over the age of 16. Package contents:

• 270 cards,

• 7 trays,

• 64 letters,

• 48 chips farmer chips,

• 1 rule of the game.

At Krazy Wordz, players are given task cards and letters.With the letters they invent words that fit the task and do not exist.

20. Who am I?

If you don't want to play online then you need to prepare a bit for this drinking game. Use paper, the Post-Ist cards would be best. Write down the names of real or fictional people on the paper. Make sure that the other player does not see the term.

Both stick their notes on the other's forehead and the first round can begin. Now, guessing is done alternately. If the opponent, who can read the term on the forehead of the other, replies with “no”, one sip of one's choice must be taken.

For this game it is best to play with beer, because people drink very often here. Beer is actually better than strong alcohol, you don't want to go to sleep quickly. The game ends when you have guessed the word on your forehead.

Party games are simple and fun

Invite your friends over to your house on the weekend and enjoy these adult party games that we have prepared for you. Skip a Saturday in clubs, cafes and bars and spend the weekend at home with your friends.

It would be a great idea to organize gifts for the winners as well. This will add even more to the competitive spirit and you will fight more to win the game.

When it comes to drinking games, don't overdo it. It wouldn't be nice if the hosts were drunk after the second round.

Whichever party you are organizing, the food has to be served. Prepare several dishes, sandwiches and snacks and serve them nicely on the table.