Are sports only played by rich people?

which sport do the rich play mostly?

The question is difficult to answer. I don't know of any study on this.

It would first have to be clarified what the rich are, there is a wide spectrum.

Some top earners jog, swim, and cycle regularly to keep fit.

So everyone can do that themselves, if the living conditions allow it to some extent.

Some of the expensive sports have already been mentioned. Should you also add winter sports in expensive locations (up with the helicopter, downhill skiing). Car races go from a certain level, gliding and motor flight competitions, cucumbering around the seas with a powerful motor yacht; Whether this is sport is difficult to decide. Many simply consider it decadent.

You can also ride with participation, but your own horse costs a lot to maintain, so that it is out of the question for most of the people.

Tennis is almost free in summer when you are young, it depends on the cub. Those who are clever can acquire a lot without many coaching lessons, see There is also school tennis.

There are also public places in golf. In the United States, you don't have to be wealthy to play golf. This is certainly the case with us.

There are girls who systematically check out the sporting events of the rich in order to be present. For some it works with the (financially optimal) partner search, but caution is advised, this path carries some risks.