Which jobs fall under office management

Information on administration & assistance.

Job description & activities.

Here we introduce you to tasks that you can expect in the area of ​​administration & assistance - depending on whether you decide on a classic apprenticeship or different professions after graduation.

What does an office management clerk do?

The office management clerk works in companies in all sectors. The job description of office clerk and the tasks associated with it can be found in different departments of a company. The activities of the office clerk include all administrative tasks. Due to the internal and external correspondence with clients, business partners and authorities, he knows about the current processes in the company. The area of ​​activity in administration is varied:

General office organization:

  • Arranging and monitoring appointments
  • Preparation of minutes of meetings
  • Management of conference rooms
  • Compilation of documents for meetings
  • Sighting the post
  • Creation of organization and duty rosters
  • Regulation of administrative correspondence with customers, suppliers or business partners
  • Preparation of offers and acceptance of orders

Bookkeeping & Accounting:

  • Control of incoming and outgoing invoices
  • Coordination of payment and delivery dates


  • Preparation and analysis of relevant data
  • Monitoring the profitability of the operation


  • Control of stocks
  • Checking incoming and outgoing goods
  • Settlement of complaints

Personnel administration:

  • Creation of personnel files
  • Preparation of employment contracts as well as salary and pay slips
  • Issuance of employment and earnings certificates
  • Recording and monitoring of working, vacation, sickness and absenteeism times

The activities of the office clerk occur in different departments of a company: sales, purchasing, human resources, logistics or production. The tasks of office clerks depend heavily on the size of the company. In small companies, you take care of accounting and customer contact at the same time. In larger companies there are several employees for this. As a result, all activities can be split up. Due to these different activities and possible uses, the salary of office clerks is also not precisely determined.

What does a commercial assistant do?

A trade assistant is a specialist for purchasing, presentation, warehouse management and the sale of a wide variety of goods in (retail) trading companies, for example in textile and clothing stores, in furniture stores or in supermarkets. The tasks include the control of the sale of goods, the composition of the range, the presentation of the goods, the quality control of the goods, price labeling and stocking of the sales rooms, the inventory, discussions and negotiations with customers and suppliers, the selection of advertising material and the control of incoming payments and outgoing payments.

What does the management assistant do?

Many of the activities that you carry out as the right-hand man of the managing director, CEO or department head overlap with those of office clerks. However, your area of ​​responsibility often goes beyond that, so that you are also more strategically and managerial. As a link between management and the team, you take on budget and personnel responsibility and optimize processes.

What do you do in project management & consulting

If you yourself are very knowledgeable about organization and administration, you can also pass this knowledge on. Do you work as a project manager, project assistant or consultant,

  • you support the project management and manage the organization,
  • you identify problems and give solution perspectives and
  • do you introduce innovations (e.g. technical).