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Washington (AP) - With a newly created "Space Force" the US military is preparing for conflicts in space.

After being passed by Congress, President Donald Trump signed a package of laws on the Defense Budget (NDAA) on Friday evening (local time), which includes the law to create a separate armed force. "With my signature today you will witness the birth of the Space Force, and it will officially become the sixth branch of the United States Armed Forces," Trump said at the ceremony at Andrews Air Force Base near Washington. Space is the newest military area of ‚Äč‚Äčoperations.

With the "Space Force", a separate US armed force was created for the first time since 1947 - at that time the US Air Force was formed as a separate unit. This is a success for Trump because he campaigned for the formation of his own "Space Force". "This is a big moment," said the president. "In the midst of grave threats to our national security, American superiority in space is absolutely essential."

Vice President Mike Pence - who drove the project - wrote on Twitter on Saturday that the "Space Force" would "make America and the world safer". He added: "This achievement by President Trump is not only historic, it is non-partisan." In a guest article for the Orlando Sentinel newspaper, Pence wrote, "Our freedom to operate safely in space is critical to the way we live. Modern communications, commerce, weather forecasting, and even agriculture depend in large part on the security of our space resources . "

Trump nominated General Jay Raymond as the first commander of the "Space Force" ("Chief of Space Operations"). "He will become the very first member of the Space Force," Trump said at the signing ceremony. The commander - who is subordinate to the civilian head of the Air Force - must be confirmed by the Senate. The law does not provide for additional soldiers for the "Space Force", these are to be recruited from the Air Force.

The "Space Force" is now the sixth independent military force in the USA alongside the Army, Navy, Air Force, Marine Corps and Coast Guard. The law states that the "Space Force" should guarantee the freedom of the USA to operate in space and protect the interests of the Americans there. The task of the new armed forces is also to fend off aggression in and from space and to carry out operations there.