What will happen in 100 years

Visions of the future in 2100 - this is what the world could look like in 100 years

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The most important thing on the subject future vision

  • The Future Living Report provides information about what our life could look like 100 years from now. Architects, urban planners and space scientists have come together for the vision of the future in order to give us an idea of ​​future life today.

  • According to the UN, the world's population will grow up by 2100 11.2 billion people. This means that if there are no solutions to the problems, food, housing and medical care will become scarce.

  • Life expectancy will also increase. Besides, we're supposed to Aging process feel less dramatic in the future. Due to the miracles of biotechnology, later generations may even live forever; we could actively control our aging process as early as 2050.

What will the world look like in 100 years?

  • In 100 years the work will be predominantly in Home office. You then hold meetings using holograms.

  • If you have to leave the house, one will replace it drone your car. Drones should then even be able to transport entire houses.

  • The technology is already developing rapidly. Until in 100 years 3D printer print entire houses or meals. To save waste, there could be objects and machines that clean and repair themselves.

  • More and more people need more and more living space. Architects therefore see the solution in Super skyscrapersthat tower above everything that has come before. It is also possible to use the living space 25 floors below the surface. This could also create underwater cities.

  • Medical care will be completely different: Instead of going to the doctor, you go to "medi-pods"who scan your body and give you the diagnosis straight away. It's something like the "Tricoder" Pille used on "Starship Enterprise". Practical: Everyone should have something like this at home. Even operations are then carried out remotely.

The world in 100 years - science fiction or reality?

  • Researchers working on such visions of the future naturally wonder how the world could change. Based on the technical level such studies are being implemented now and the possibilities that are already feasible in the near future. Much of it sounds like something out of a Hollywood movie to us. Even so, some ideas could soon become a reality, especially those whose technological foundations have already been laid.
  • The fact that the population continues to grow brings with it many challenges that scientists have been working on for years. How much the innovations in technology, however push through and whether we will actually go on vacation including a house in 100 years' time remains to be seen.

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