Why doesn't Imogen Poots get more recognition

Imogen Poots: Work is more important than fame

Hollywood shooting star Imogen Poots takes no pleasure in life in public

Imogen Poots, 24, doesn't care much about the Hollywood hype.

The actress ("28 Days Later") has meanwhile established herself in the industry and can currently be seen in the blockbuster "Need for Speed". But that doesn't mean the Brit is looking for the limelight: "With fame there is a choice. I don't look for it - that's not how I grew up. I do my job, go home and don't care about the other things," reported the blonde from the British newspaper "Metro". "You want people to see the films you make and you want the work you do to be recognized by the industry. But you don't have to walk around and open stores and get too much attention now to attract."

She prefers to stick to work and counts the collaboration with the late Philip Seymour Hoffman († 46) on the drama "Strings of Life" to the highlights of her career: "That I am with such actors - Philip Seymour Hoffman, Christopher Walken and Catherine Keener - being in a rehearsal room was one of the happiest experiences of my life. I loved watching them work and how relaxed it was - it was a very nice calming and quiet time. No matter what the scene happened - there was so much to consider and time to think about it. "

Soon Poots can be seen alongside Pierce Brosnan (60, "Love Is All You Need") in "A Long Way Down". It was completely different from her work on "Need for Speed", where the film is based on a computer game. "I had a nice time and it's good to work in different genres. You understand what kind of things you would rather do. With something like" A Long Way Down "I feel more creative and artistically filled The story is that you never know what the people you meet every day have to go through. Nobody leads a normal life, "mused Imogen Poots.