What technology can a computer mouse replace

Penclic pen is intended to replace the PC mouse

Hans-Christian Dirscherl

Penclic, a Swedish PC accessories specialist, is presenting the third generation of its Penclic computer mouse at the upcoming IFA. The Penclic is a pen-like input device as an alternative to the familiar computer mouse.

EnlargePenclic pen is intended to replace the PC mouse

According to the manufacturer, the PC mouse replacement Penclic works on almost any surface without a special pad or tablet. With the Penclic, the user operates all functions with the thumb and forefinger using the right and left mouse button and the scroll wheel, which is now in the middle. The foot in which the Penclic pen is mounted on ball bearings is intended to ensure that the pen, which can be tilted in all directions and can be reached at any time, is held securely but flexibly. Installation is possible thanks to Plug & Play with the Windows, MacOS and Linux operating systems.


The manufacturer wants to have improved the precision compared to the previous generation. In addition, the new Penclic should be characterized by a symmetrical design that is designed for optimal use by both left and right-handers.

Model differences

The models R3 with wireless and B3 with Bluetooth are equipped with rechargeable AAA 1.2 V NiMH batteries, which should be charged for about a month with daily use. The recharging takes place via the supplied USB charging cable and can also take place during use. The reaction speed of the cursor can be changed from the standard setting 1200 dpi to 800 or 1600 dpi using the dpi button under the mouse, as the manufacturer explains.

Advantages over the PC mouse

In contrast to working with a traditional computer mouse, the penholder grip position of the Penclic mouse is designed to protect the forearm and wrist. Consequently, pain or injuries that can lead to the so-called RSI syndrome (Repetitive Strain Injury) should be reduced or prevented.


The Penclic is now available in three versions: Penclic D3 with cable for 59 euros, Penclic R3 Wireless for 69 euros and Penclic B3 with Bluetooth for 89 euros.

You will find Penclic at the IFA in Berlin from September 5th to 10th in Hall 7.2c at Stand No. 101 / 21a.