Which NGO works for disability

NGOs: What is an NGO and which ones are there?

AGA species protection

// Korntal-Münchingen

The international organization has been fighting against threats to animal and plant species for 30 years. Their story began with rescuing sea turtles. Meanwhile, the supporters help many other animal species with their diverse conservation projects. In order to be able to promote the protection of penguins and koalas, for example, they are even active in basic research.

Action against hunger

The humanitarian aid organization fights malnutrition and hunger in more than 50 countries around the world. The activities include direct emergency and disaster relief in crisis areas on site, but also campaigns to prevent malnutrition, the creation of access to clean drinking water and sanitary facilities as well as campaigns to raise public awareness.

Aktion tier - Menschen für Tiere e.V.

// Berlin

"Animal welfare does not begin in the animal shelter, but in people's minds." According to this motto, the association advocates the care of animals in need in the form of prevention and education work as well as its own animal welfare projects. The members show their commitment in animal shelters, animal welfare centers, animal rescue centers and in projects at home and abroad.

Albert Schweitzer Children's Villages and Family Works Foundation

The extensive assistance offers of the nationwide active foundation include Children's villages, facilities for the disabledn, advanced training and family works for senior citizens. The aim is to respond individually and appreciatively to the needs of the people being looked after and to support them in their development as best as possible.

Albert Schweitzer Foundation for our environment

// Berlin

The non-profit foundation collects votes for the abolition of factory farming and aims to spread the vegan lifestyle and reduce the range of animal products. The association wants to achieve its goals with the strategic implementation of campaigns and projects. He works with many companies to promote and expand vegan offerings. The association is of course indispensable on the streets: With virtual reality glasses and 360 ° films, people are shown how things really work in industrial animal factories. You should be encouraged to follow a vegan diet.

Amnesty International

The global non-profit organization has the Protection of human rights and raises public awareness of human rights violations e.g. through online campaigns, public lectures and lobbying work. There is a special focus, for example, on protecting the rights of women, girls and refugees as well as supporting unjustifiably imprisoned political prisoners.

animal public e.V.

// Düsseldorf

In Germany, wild animals are kept under critical conditions, especially in zoos and circuses, and are hunted and killed by hobby hunters. The Animal Protection and Species Protection Association agrees that this is neither appropriate nor necessary. The organization places a special focus on public work to achieve its goals. In animal parks and zoos, for example, they create photos and films that they make available to journalists and publish on the Internet. In addition, they work together with politicians to promote animal welfare law.

Doctors Against Animal Experiments

// Cologne

The association sees its task above all in abolishing animal experiments and promoting animal-free research. To this end, he is involved in a wide variety of ways, e.g. in the form of scientific lectures and international congresses, youth and Eastern European projects as well as various campaigns to represent his message. In addition, he is involved in politics and influences legislation.

Bavarian Nature Conservation Fund

The objects of support of the foundation are Measures to protect, maintain and develop nature and the landscape in Bavaria. The projects are intended to preserve biodiversity and the characteristic properties of the habitats and to establish a nationwide network of biotopes. For example, the purchase and maintenance of ecologically valuable areas and topic-related specialist publications are financially supported.

Federation for the Environment and Nature Conservation Germany (BUND)

The work of the BUND includes, among other things, the maintenance of nature reserves, awareness-raising campaigns and the organization of demonstrations. The topics are broad and range from climate protection and ecological agriculture to species protection. Nationwide there are over 2,000 local BUND groups that are active in their region.

Citizens' Initiative Environmental Protection e.V.

// Hanover

Since 1971, the association has dealt with municipal energy policy and climate protection, with phasing out nuclear energy and avoiding waste. Citizens are sensitized to these topics in the form of public relations work, discussion events and other campaigns.

Climate KIC

// Berlin

Climate KIC is an international community with different locations across Europe. One of their offices is also in Berlin. Her vision is “a thriving, inclusive, climate resilient society with a climate-neutral circular economy by 2050 «. To achieve this, the Climate KIC promotes, among other things, innovation and the systematic change towards climate protection. Since it was founded in 2010, Climate KIC has been funded by the European Institute of Innovation and Technology (EIT).

Deloitte Foundation

The focus of the Deloitte Foundation is the Promotion of education and science. Both educational institutions such as universities and talented young people are funded in the form of study grants. The aim is the future-oriented orientation of the education system, in which young people grow up to be self-reliant and decision-making personalities.

German nature protection ring

// Berlin

The German Nature Conservation Ring is an umbrella organization consisting of 87 nature, animal and environmental protection organizations. The main focus of this association is on political lobbying and public relations work as well as campaigns. The organization actively fights for the protection and preservation of natural spaces and habitats at both national and international level.

German Environmental Aid (DUH) e.V.

The DUH gained a large media presence through its lawsuits against some German cities and municipalities to enforce diesel driving bans. As an association entitled to take legal action, the DUH checks compliance with environmentally relevant limit values ​​and consumer protection regulations. The Environmental and consumer protection organization advocates economic activity and sustainable lifestyles that are compatible with ecological limits. The main topics include Species, climate and consumer protection as well as traffic and air pollution control.

German Wildlife Foundation

// Hamburg

The foundation deals with the protection of wild animals in Germany. The aim is to preserve living spaces and create new living spaces. A wide range of projects aims to get people, especially children and young people, interested in the subject of wildlife and nature conservation.

THE CRANK - Katholisches Jugendwerk Oberhausen gGmbH

// Oberhausen

The KURBEL's mission is this Qualification and support for young people and job seekers in their professional and personal development. The association cooperates with a large network of, among others, schools, companies and chambers, the employment agency and. Parishes. The educational offer includes, for example, language courses for people with a migration background, seminars on career orientation and socio-educational support during the transition from school to work.

Overseas services

// Berlin

Services in Übersee gGmbH (DÜ) has been looking for development workers for partner organizations of Bread for the World for almost 60 years. DÜ selects these ecumenically and development-politically committed specialists according to standardized procedures, trains them in intensive preparation for their service over several weeks and accompanies them during their time abroad and after their return.

Bread for the World is the global development agency of the Protestant churches in Germany. In more than 90 countries around the globe, the plant enables poor and marginalized people to improve their living conditions on their own. Bread for the World works closely with local, often church-based partner organizations.

DÜ is one of the seven national organizations recognized by the Development Aid Act (EhfG). With a contract in accordance with the EhfG, skilled workers also receive social security coverage abroad in accordance with German standards. In addition, DÜ provides relevant knowledge and practical skills for intercultural work with people in preparation and support.

The Environment Academy e.V.

// Munich

The Umwelt-Akademie e.V. deals with the Problem of climate change. The organization tries to raise people's awareness of sustainable development. The focus should be on acting responsibly for fellow human beings and the environment.

energiewerk foundation

The mission of the EngieWerk Stiftung is one Realignment of the energy industry towards democratic, decentralized supply structures and the use of renewable energy sources. The funded projects are both nationally and internationally oriented and include, for example, the development of local, resource-saving energy generation or the development of energy-efficient technologies. In addition, the organization of specialist events and political dialogue are part of the work of the foundation.

Engagement Global gGmbH

The non-profit company understands that Service provider for development initiatives. At this central point of contact, organizations and associations in the field of (national or international) development policy can find information and advice on implementing and promoting their projects. The services are also aimed at citizens, schoolchildren, private institutions and municipalities.

EuroNatur Foundation

// Radolfzell

The foundation aims to raise awareness of animal and nature conservation among people across Europe. By working with local nature conservation organizations and partner networks across Europe, the protection of wild animals, plants and their habitats is to be guaranteed.


// Bonn

goal of European Association for Renewable Energies is the complete replacement of fossil and nuclear energy sources with renewable energies. The association carries out intensive lobbying work at EU level and develops recommendations for action for political actors and companies. In addition, EUROSOLAR organizes numerous events such as the »IRES Conference« on the subject of storage technologies and annually awards the »Solar Prize« to progressive municipalities, companies and organizations.

Evangelical Foundation Volmarstein (ESV)

// Weather (Ruhr)

The ContainO is in the Handicapped, sick and senior care operates and operates numerous facilities, e.g. hospitals, care services for senior citizens, dormitories and workshops for people with disabilities as well as its own research institute in the field of »technology and disability«. Around 3,200 employees * work together in all facilities.

Fair Metropolis Ruhr e.V.

// Herne

The Fair Metropolis Ruhr network bundles civil society, church and municipal activities related to the One World Commitment and Fair Trade at "Ruhrgebiet. Thanks to the joint commitment of various actors, the Ruhr area was the first major region in the world to be awarded a “Fair Metropolis” in 2013. The projects of the association also include »Faire KITA«, a local buying guide for eco-fair products and information on fair procurement.

Friends of The Earth International

// Amsterdam

Friends of The Earth is made up of environmental organizations from around the world. Over 2 million members from 75 countries deal with ecological and social problems. With numerous international campaigns such as "Save the bees" they make a contribution to animal and nature conservation.

Germanwatch e.V.

// Bonn

The Environment and development organization advocates global justice and the preservation of livelihoods. Topics of the lobby and campaign work carried out include international climate policy, corporate responsibility and education for sustainable development. The focus is on the exchange with politics, the public and scientific actors.

Society for International Cooperation (GIZ)

GIZ supports national and international learning and change projects, e.g. on the fields of action rural development, sustainable infrastructure as well as the state and democracy, but also professional qualifications for migrants. The main clients are development and educational organizations and governments.

GLS Treuhand e.V.

// Bochum

The organization founded by GLS Bank advises people who are getting their money through Donations, foundations and wills non-profit for social-ecological projects want to use and manage as Trustee charitable foundations. In doing so, GLS Treuhand uses strict sustainability criteria for its investments, which cover a wide range of topics from development cooperation to organic farming, community housing projects and alternative health approaches. GLS Treuhand also operates its own crowdfunding platform.

Greenpeace e.V.

// Hamburg

The organization, which is represented in over 45 countries around the world, is known for its sensational campaigns among the public. It became known through campaigns against nuclear weapons tests and against whaling, but has meanwhile also covered other environmental protection issues such as overfishing, genetic engineering or climate protection.

Hamburger Tierschutzverein 1841 e.V.

// Hamburg

With the association, its 5,000 members aim to convey animal welfare as a basic value to people. In addition to offering animal welfare advice and animal rescue services, animals such as dogs, cats and exotic animals are also referred to animal lovers. In addition, children and young people are made aware of the subject of animal welfare through guided tours in the animal shelter.

Haniel Foundation

// Duisburg

The purpose of the foundation is to promote responsible entrepreneurship, the development of particularly powerful Young leaders as disadvantaged young people. Under the motto »Educational Opportunities«, the Haniel Foundation is committed to ensuring that children can develop their potential in the best possible way despite difficult starting conditions. In the area of ​​promoting young talent, study grants are also awarded to talented young people or professorships in the area of ​​integration research are financed.

Hanns Seidel Foundation (HSS) e.V.

The foundation's mission is Promotion of political education and anchoring Christian-democratic values ​​in society across generations. The educational work of the HSS includes a variety of seminars on socio-political topics, the promotion of talented students and the implementation of scientific policy analyzes.

Hans Böckler Foundation

// Düsseldorf

The focus of the foundation's work is the promotion of democratic participation by advising works and staff councils and employee representatives on supervisory boards. In addition, as a workshop for ideas, the foundation finances research projects, among others on the topics of “Work of the Future” or “Crisis of Globalization”, and operates its scientific institutes own research. Young scientists are also involved in Study and doctoral grants supported.

International Youth Community Services Bundesverein e.V.

The ijgd organized Voluntary service (e.g. FSJ, FÖJ, work camps) at home and abroad, in which young people can, for example, support disadvantaged social groups and develop their intercultural skills. The possible areas of application are diverse and range, for example, from species and nature protection to working in workshops for the disabled and preserving monuments.

International Rescue Committee (IRC)

The International Rescue Committee works in over 35 countries Help for refugees and war victimsand people in crisis regions. The German branch of the IRC focuses on enabling education for refugee children and young people as well as integration into the labor market, e.g. through seminars or further training offers.

Kindernothilfe e.V.

// Duisburg

The Christian children's charity supports children in need in crisis and disaster areas around the world. As part of numerous projects, the association works with local partner organizations to fight poverty and protect the rights of children.In Germany, too, Kindernothilfe campaigns for the interests of children in developing countries with public campaigns and political advocacy work.

Cologne Green Foundation

// Cologne

The non-profit foundation stands for the maintenance and improvement of Cologne's green spaces. With projects such as "1000 Trees for Cologne", "1000 Benches for Cologne" or "Large Project in the City Forest", she wants to make a contribution to the promotion of biological diversity.

State Association for Bird Protection in Bavaria e.V.

// Hilpoltstein

The association is primarily concerned with preventing species loss and climate change. For this reason, he is actively committed to a sustainable agricultural policy, as well as to human and nature-friendly locations of wind power plants.

Regional Association for Renewable Energies in North Rhine-Westphalia

// Düsseldorf

As a representative of the interests of Renewable energies In North Rhine-Westphalia, the association aims to secure the energy supply in North Rhine-Westphalia entirely from renewable sources by 2050. At the same time, the state is to be strengthened as a business location with innovative energy technologies. The focus of work is, among other things, political communication with state and district governments, public relations, networking and the organization of various event formats, e.g. the "Wind Energy Days NRW".


// Berlin

NABU is one of the largest environmental organizations in Germany. The main goal of the association is to ensure good air, clean water and healthy soil. He is also committed to animal and species protection, e.g. supports care and rescue stations for injured birds and mammals.

NABU North Rhine-Westphalia

// Düsseldorf

The NRW State Association of the Nature Conservation Union (NABU) pursues a wide range of topics related to the Nature, species and resource protection, which ranges from projects to protect the native songbirds to the maintenance of special biotopes such as the peat bog to campaigns for the energy transition. With the »NAJU NRW«, the association offers children and young people the opportunity to gain valuable experiences in nature and to get involved in the preservation of their local ecosystems.

Öko-Institut e.V.

// Freiburg

The Institute for Applied Ecology researches and advises on topics such as energy & climate protection, nuclear technology & plant safety as well as environmental law & governance. The most important clients of the non-profit Öko-Institut include ministries at federal and state level (e.g. the Office for Technology Assessment at the German Bundestag or the Federal Environment Agency), companies and the European Union. The institute also works for NGOs and environmental associations.

Ökolöwe - Umweltbund Leipzig e.V.

This organization has been actively committed to the environment and the liveable development of the city of Leipzig for 30 years. The main areas of work include the sustainable mobility & urban development, green urban development and environmental education.


// Bonn

The Tropical Forest Foundation carries out numerous campaigns to protect endangered rainforests, including in the form of public campaigns such as the Bonn "rainforest bus", educational offers and an information portal for consumers. In addition, the foundation is also active locally in the tropics, initiating scientific studies and entering into dialogue with politicians.

Oxfam Germany e.V.

The international association of Aid and development organizations advocates access to education and health care, crisis aid and fair working conditions in developing countries. Oxfam generates financial resources through its own second-hand shops and a special online shop where "gifts" (e.g. a goat or classroom equipment) can be donated for a specific project.

PETA Germany e.V.

PETA Deutschland e.V. is a partner organization of PETA USA, which is the world's largest animal rights organization with over 6.5 million helpers. Through public relations work and numerous campaigns, they stand up against the exploitation of animals in food production and against animal experiments. They document fur and leather productions in order to make them public. They are also fighting for a ban on animal husbandry in zoos and other animal shows.

QuerWaldEin e.V.

// Cologne

QuerWaldEin provides support in the area of ​​environmental awareness. As a nature and environmental education provider, the non-profit organization organizes regular environmental education events for all age groups. In addition to the events, the association also offers planning and advice in the field of environmental education. Its aim is to bring people into harmony with nature and to strengthen their environmental awareness.

Life & Environment Foundation

// Hanover

One of the goals of the Life & Environment Foundation is to sensitize people to the issues of ecology and sustainability, energy, climate, agriculture and urban development. They would like to achieve this goal through lectures and discussions, exhibitions and seminars.

Mercator Foundation

// Eat

The foundation is dedicated to various social challenges, including increasing the equal opportunity in the area Education and work, strengthening the European cohesion, integration, Climate change and cultural education. The foundation would like to promote social progress both with its own projects and scientific publications as well as by awarding grants.

Berlin Nature Conservation Foundation

The Nature Conservation Foundation advocates the preservation of natural habitats and biodiversity in the Berlin area. The foundation provides financial and non-material support for nature conservation projects and also organizes advanced training, learning locations for children and various events. A particular focus is on the design of natural recreation areas for citizens.

Foundation "We help the forest"

As a community of committed forest protectors, the foundation stands up for the immediate Protection of forest areas and their sustainable management, on the other hand, the connection between people and nature is to be strengthened through educational projects and excursions. In addition, the SDW has its own youth organization "Forest Youth", in which children and young people can experience nature and become active in nature conservation.

SWM Education Foundation

The Stadtwerke München Foundation is one of the largest educational foundations in Germany and picks up on their work where the support from schools and care facilities reaches its limits. Socially disadvantaged children and young people, especially those with a migration background, are to be supported on their educational path, e.g. through study grants and the allocation of financial resources to educational projects in Munich and the region.

TERRA MATER e.V. environmental and animal aid

// Graben-Neudorf & Hamburg

The nationwide TERRA MATER animal welfare network consists of 32 partners, including owners of animal farms, volunteer animal rights activists and two of their own animal rescue stations. The main tasks are animal rescue and animal farm work as well as the protection of endangered domestic animal breeds, wild animals and reptiles. In addition, the organization does educational work, e.g. in the form of children and youth projects.

Animal Welfare Association for Berlin and the Surrounding Area Corporation e.V.

// Berlin

The animal welfare association has carried out numerous projects in Berlin since 1841. Among other things, he actively fights circuses with wild animals, campaigns for cat rules so that cats no longer have to fight for survival and he takes action against the operation of horse-drawn carriages in the tourism sector, in which the animals are affected by the noise and optical stimuli Capital to be permanently stressed.

Sponsoring Association Action Alliance Against AIDS e.V.

The action alliance against AIDS is a Germany-wide network of around 300 organizations whose common concern is to improve access to HIV prevention, Treatment and care and nursing is. The association works for socially disadvantaged people, especially in developing countries. Activities include dialogue with political actors, specialist conferences, publications, press work and campaigns.

UN World Food Program

The WFP, established by the United Nations, fights as humanitarian organization with worldwide projects against hunger. The activities include direct emergency aid and on-site reconstruction, but also campaigns for equality, climate protection and resilience.


The organization has set itself the task of encouraging people to eat a plant-based diet for the benefit of animal and environmental protection. The members work with many celebrities, activists and companies and actively work on awareness-raising activities and fundraising in order to bring more veggie products to the market, among other things.

Vegetarian Initiative e.V.

For the association from Hamburg, the well-being of people, animals and earth is the focus. The members make the advantages of a plant-based diet clear in the form of public relations work. They urge people to stop consuming animal products and to pay more attention to animals, health and the environment.

Consumer advice center North Rhine-Westphalia e.V.

// Düsseldorf

The Consumer protection organization advises and informs private individuals on a wide variety of topics, including saving energy, digital world, food, health and mobility. The extensive information platform provides information on various fields of action in everyday life: starting with the correct separation of waste in the household via green electricity providers to the selection of environmentally friendly, pollutant-free consumer products. In addition, consumers can get advice personally on site or by telephone. In addition, the Düsseldorf office is in charge of the “Added Value” project, in which initiatives on the topic of sustainable consumption are networked and numerous campaigns are carried out.

FOUR PAWS Germany e.V.

The international Animal Welfare Association arranges, among other things, animal sponsorships, advocates the appropriate keeping of wild and farm animals and the care of strays on site worldwide. Also petitions and public awareness campaigns, e.g. on the correct handling of young wild animals, are among the activities of FOUR PAWS.

To this end, the foundation is actively involved on a political, social and economic level. For example, it is involved in changes to the law and offers sustainable solutions for animals in need.

World Animal Protection Society (WTG) e.V.

WTG is committed to the worldwide Protection of strays, farm animals and wild animals. The projects include emergency care in crisis areas, veterinary clinics, vaccination campaigns, awareness-raising work and campaigns for more species-appropriate husbandry and compliance with animal welfare regulations. With their program "Veterinarians Worldwide" they actively promote further training for veterinarians and veterinary helpers and are active with national animal welfare campaigns, such as "Protect your cat" for the protection of domestic and stray cats.

World Wildlife Fund (WWF)

Who doesn't know the panda logo? The WWF is one of the world's largest nature conservation organizations and has a special focus on Preservation of biological diversity and natural habitats as well as the containment of environmental damage. With a large number of global initiatives, the WWF aims to protect important protected areas and threatened species in a targeted manner.