The EMR system reduces burnout at the doctor

Total collapse with burnout - doctor has no understanding

Quote from Burned:

Then in the hospital CT and various examinations. Nothing. I guess I was telling the neurologist about stress. I went crazy right away and got fired.
That alone makes me so madly angry. I can hardly find words.

Then get a referral to the MRI through the family doctor. Inconspicuous. My family doctor reluctantly only wrote me sick for a week. Diagnosis of burnout. Z73G

I was back yesterday and wanted to get another sick leave. I got this more than reluctantly and very disparagingly. To that he made me extremely stressed. I should pull myself together, otherwise I'll have problems with my health insurance. I should quickly (laugh) get help from a psychologist. How unfamiliar is this person?
Today I had an appointment to have my blood drawn, but I didn't keep it. I'm nuts for the doctor now anyway. so what does he want to find in my blood? Little crazy viruses?

I told the doctor everything. A lot has come up in me since the incident and it is now extremely loud inside of me at times. I can't even really drive because I panic. Panic about another attack. Panic before panic etc poof

What should I do now ?

I have to go back to work next week. My doctor will not continue to call me sick after his signals. After the number with the blood draw, no more anyway.
Other doctors no longer take patients. I'm on waiting lists for an initial consultation with psychologists.
According to statements, this will take weeks to months.

Hello burned,

if someone collapses with massive symptoms of failure and then talks about the high level of stress that you have at work, then it is first ensured that something is not physically / neurologically present, i.e. all the examinations that you had in the clinic.

If nothing like a stroke is found, and something like that psychosomatic stress disorder burnoutis suspected, then it falls from neurological hands to family doctor and specialist, that is, psychiatric, hands.

If burnout is suspected, the family doctor first has to rule out the possibility of physical illnesses being present, which means he has to draw blood and see whether the values ​​are all in the healthy range.

Then, if nothing physically ill can be found that could cause all of your complaints, then the specialist is in charge, namely a psychiatrist and psychotherapist, so that they can clarify whether you need medication or whether psychotherapy is enough to work out with you how you can rebuild and maintain your health limits. Also what decisions that could mean professionally.

If you think psychological complaints as stress reactions to be "crazy", then get rid of this idea very quickly. This is simply a STOP sign for your entire organism to be burned if that is it.

But all doctors have to examine you for that. And if your family doctor writes you back to health because he doesn't know enough but you can't work, then it would indeed be an option to go to a psychiatrist as an emergency or to have you admitted to a psychiatric clinic .

Love greetings! Maya

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