Is it illegal to borrow money for interest?


Basic characteristics for trustworthy investment projects

So that you as an investor can recognize how trustworthy investment projects are, you should pay attention to various factors. This includes, for example, that you can ask yourself whether the investment project in question meets the criteria that are important to you personally:

With these questions you check the seriousness

Does the company seem serious to me? Is there a plausible justification for wanting loan financing? How long has the company been around and has experience in what it does? Do I understand the company's business model? Do I get the impression the company can repay the crowdlending loan over the loan term? Do I understand why the company decided to use crowdlending as an alternative financing method for companies?

In addition, the crowdlending platform provides key factors that are intended to give you, the investor, an assessment of the company's creditworthiness. The rating class in connection with the level of the interest rate shows how certain is the probability of a full repayment of the loan taken out, which the company would like to raise for companies via crowdlending. Basically, the following applies: a low interest rate with a good credit rating means a lower risk that there could be disruptions in the repayment of the corporate loan.


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