Can a confession of love make you sad

Saying "I love you": 7 tips for that special moment

Surely you know the feeling when you first encounter that three magic words be said. "I love you" to say not only means deep affection for a person, but is also a A special kind of statement. Your counterpart has made a whole-hearted decision for you and wants to be with you. But before the first “I love you” there is a lot of excitement about the time and place. Do you already have one tingle in the belly?


When is the right time to say "I love you"?

The fact is that we Germans do not allow us for too long if we want to confess our love to our partner. Almost 20% already say "I love you" a week and 23% wait one month off to confess their love. That sounds like the Germans are quickly certain of your cause.
So when is the right time to say "I love you"?

The perfect time is very individual

Everyone thinks differently and that's a good thing. But that also implies that everyone has a different ratio on the subject Love and feelings Has. Lots of people are shy, others very much extroverted and wear their hearts on their tongues. Some have been injured many times and have become more cautious, while others do not feel it necessary to say “I love you” because you are showing it in a different way.

The important thing is: you should feel safe! Safe in what you are feeling and what you want from your partner.

Is this premise fulfilled? Then you should just say it bluntly. Believe us, you will feel relieved when the magic words are finally said. Nobody forgets the first “I love you” and remains in positive memorieswhether at home on the sofa or in Paris on the Eiffel Tower.
So always remember: If you feel completely comfortable and secure, the will right time for the first "I love you" come by itself and be just right.

Where is the best place for the love message?

We can well understand that if you are the first time "I love you" say, everything perfect should be. This of course also includes a great place that is worthy of this important confession of love.
But here, too, it is very individual: There is not the perfect placeto say "I love you". You may feel like having a great chat with your partner in the evening before going to bed. But maybe the restaurant where you had your first date is also the right place?

The main thing, we think, is that you are facing your partner and that you both have the opportunity to meet to look deep in the eyes and the Reaction of the other to experience. Because even in times of online dating, this is still a thing who says it best personally.

Does it always have to be “I love you”?

No of course not! Especially when you and your partner are still getting to know each other and have rose-colored glasses on, an “I love you” may be a little too early. The feelings go crazy and it still takes a little while for the magical words to come out of your lips with full conviction.

Express your affection through paraphrases

“I've been looking forward to you all day” or “When I'm with you, I always have butterflies in my stomach” - there are countless tokens of lovewith whom you face your partner Express your feelings without having to say the magic 3 words straight away.

Use “I love you” in moderation

Once you've told your partner how you feel about them, it is totally understandable that you want to share your feelings with them every 5 minutes. But it is also something beautiful when the most beautiful sentence in the world remains something special

When is it too early to say “I love you”?

Saying “I love you” too soon can be quick deterrent affect the new partner. We have a few helpful tips for you so that you too feel ready:

1. Take the time to interpret your emotions correctly

For you, things go haywire: a lot of stress at work, your best friend comes to you with problems and wants your advice, and then there is the new partner who gives you heart palpitations every time he is around.
First of all: to keep calm. First bring your Emotional chaos behind you before you fully understand the Emotions towards your partner dedicate. So you both have more of it!

2. Get to know and love your partner very well.

The first dates were breathtaking? Wonderful! Are you floating on cloud nine and think it just can't get any better? Stop! It takes time for you to really learn all sides of each other know. In retrospect, it might even turn out to be you but don't go together so well. The following also applies here: Patience pays off!

3. Wait until you and your partner have become intimate

You've been meeting for a few weeks, but haven't gotten intimate yet? That's not bad at all! Take as much time as you need, because intimacy in a relationship is not only beautiful, it shouldn't just happen either. But before you confess your love, you should perhaps wait for it. Sometimes prospective couples find that once they have become intimate, you are not a good match. Intimacy isn't everything, but it's an essential part of the relationship.

Possible reactions to a confession of love

Your personal horror scenario: Do ​​you confess your love and your partner looks at you completely aghast? Then your partner certainly did not expect such a confession.
Of course, this shouldn't be the case, but so that you are prepared for anything, we would like you to possible scenarios to prepare.

1. Joy dance

You finally said it. your partner shine up over both ears, falls around your neck and replied Your confession of love.

2. Uncertainty

You can see from the facial expression that the other person is happy, but with the situation Overwhelmed is. Don't panic - leave your partner alone short time.

3. The basket

We don't want this to happen, but everything has happened before. You confess your love and the person you are talking to cannot return this now or generally does not want to return it. Then it means: Heads up! This just wasn't the right one.


Whether place, time or type of love confession - Love and relationships are so different, unique and individual that there is simply no ultimate path on these points. It is important that you listen carefully to your heart and your feelings, because then nothing can actually go wrong. We wish you all the luck in the world with your new love!