What is your top secret project

# 21 Karo Kauer about her own label, the Miss Germany jury and a (still) top secret project

T HOCH 6 by Miss Germany by Miss Germany Corporation, Max Klemmer, Jil Andert

Welcome to the 21st episode of T HOCH 6. Today we have a woman as our guest who is not only a power woman, entrepreneur, mother of two and lifestyle blogger, but is also part of the jury for the upcoming Miss Germany Final 2021 on February 27th will sit: the great Karo Kauer. Karo Kauer has become an integral part of the Instagram world and today she gives us exciting insights into her work and private life. If you want to find out more about how Karo founded her own label “Karo Kauer” and how she finds the balance between social media and life as a mommy, you should definitely stick with it. Spoiler Alert: Karo also exclusively announces what their new project looks like for the year 2021. We (hopefully) publish our podcast every 2 weeks. In thong talk we talk to interesting women about trends, but also about taboos. Do you have any suggestions or questions? Then write us your ideas and feedback at any time via [email protected] We hope you enjoyed this episode? Definitely recommend them to your friends and be happy to share them !!! Stay tuned and look forward to the next episode! #EmpoweringAuthenicWomen
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