Why are some people afraid of cats

Cat phobia

Worldwide there are said to be 15 million people who are afraid of cats. Well-known personalities such as Gaius Julius Caesar, Heinrich III. King of France, Alexander the Great and Napoleon Bonaparte suffered from a cat phobia (ailurophobia).

In contrast to other animal phobias (fear of dogs = fear of bites or fear of spiders = feelings of disgust), cat phobia can refer to cats in general or only to cats with certain external characteristics, e.g. black cats.

Men are particularly often affected

Since the fear of cats predominantly occurs in men, it is interpreted as a fear of the female sex. The British zoologist and behavioral scientist Desmond John Morris (* 1928 Purton) put forward the thesis that ailurophobia is based on a suppressed sex drive. Hatred of cats could also be an expression of cat phobia. The cruel acts of violence against cats reinforce this assumption, because cat torturers are almost exclusively male.

How do you deal with cat phobia in practice?

Almost every cat owner is familiar with the following situation: Among the guests is a person who is terrified of cats and who absolutely wants to avoid contact with the cat. The cat owner and the other guests do their best to distract the cat from this person. They lure the cat with looks or talk wildly at them with gesticulations.

But this diversionary maneuver goes wrong: the cat goes straight to the panicked person, who, as if rooted to the ground and rigid with fright, avoids eye contact. The cat does not act with bad intentions, it just follows instinct and shows its preference for reserved people. The cat owners have not taken into account that it is forbidden in cat circles to fix someone with glances.

Targeted therapy can help overcome cat phobia. Good therapy results were achieved with desensitization. The patient is confronted step by step with the object of his fear. He should learn to bear the sight of a cat with serenity and to get the fear under control.

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