What does Psalm 19 tell us?

The Bible in the standard translation


The Psalms, chapter 19


Praise of Creation - Praise of the Law

Ps 19.1[For the choir master. A psalm of David.]Ps 19.2The heavens extol the glory of God, / the firmament proclaims the work of his hands.Ps 19.3One day tells the other, / one night tells the other,Ps 19.4without words and without speaking, / her voice remains inaudible.Ps 19.5But their message goes all over the world, / their news goes to the ends of the earth, where he has built a tent for the sun. /Ps 19.6She emerges from her room like a bridegroom; she exults like a hero / and runs her way.Ps 19.7At one end of the sky it rises / and runs to the other end; / nothing can hide from its glow.Ps 19.8The Lord's law is perfect; it refreshes people. The law of the Lord is reliable / it makes the ignorant wise.Ps 19.9The commands of the Lord are right, / they make the heart glad; the commandment of the Lord is louder / it lights up the eyes.Ps 19:10The fear of the Lord is pure and endures forever. The judgments of the Lord are true, / they are all just.Ps 19:11They are more precious than gold, than fine gold in abundance. / They are sweeter than honey than honeycomb honey.Ps 19:12Your servant is also warned by them; / he who observes them has rich wages.Ps 19:13Who notices their own mistakes? / Free me from guilt that I am not aware of!Ps 19:14Guard your servant also from presumptuous people; / they are not supposed to rule over me. Then I am without blemish / and purely of grave guilt.Ps 19:15May the words of my mouth please you; / What I contemplate in my heart is before your eyes / Lord, my rock and my Redeemer.