What is a fresher student

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A change of school can have very different reasons. Some schools normally only go up to the tenth grade, after which they switch to an external upper level. There they all meet freshly, so everyone is in the same situation. Sometimes you have to change schools for other reasons and you come to an existing class structure. Many students have great respect for such a change.

Fresh wind

Such a change of school brings many positive sides with it. New acquaintances, new friendships, ultimately a lot of fresh air in life. You have to learn to integrate into an existing structure and to approach people. This quality will also help you later in your professional life and facilitate your entry into the job.

The change of teachers

With the change there are not only new classmates, but also completely new teachers. In this way, subjects that may have become unpopular lessons at the old school thanks to the teacher can get a new chance. Suddenly math class is fun and even chemistry somehow gets some color.

Rediscover yourself

A completely new environment often also allows you to discover new sides of yourself. If the new circle of friends is extremely enthusiastic about sports, for example, you often have more motivation to exercise than before. A lot can change positively by changing schools and the opportunity should be used.

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