Ruins WhatsApp relationships

WhatsApp secrets for guaranteed relationship problems

Text messages are convenient and quick to send. What is missing, however, is the emphasis on the language. And here, especially in relationships, misunderstandings and mistrust can quickly arise.

Personal voice messages, emojis galore, sudden calls - the popular WhatsApp messenger combines all of this in a single app. Those who use the application to hide secrets from their partner run a considerable risk. Detected surveillance can also put a heavy strain on a relationship or even end it. Here are some mistakes that, in the worst case scenario, can destroy your relationship.

Mistake # 1 - having an emotional WhatsApp relationship

An emotional affair can be as intense as a traditional one - sometimes even more intense. You reveal a lot of details about your private life and reveal things to others that are actually none of your business. WhatsApp is the ideal platform to have an emotional relationship - not least because of the chat function, which makes phone calls superfluous. However, there is always the risk that the partner will get wind of the emotional affair.

Especially jealous people use a WhatsApp espionage app to convict their partner. If this happens, there is no point in denying the emotional relationship: a professional spy app reads practically all data - including the WhatsApp chat logs stored on the mobile phone.

Mistake # 2 - Put three dots after WhatsApp messages

The famous three points that some people put behind their WhatsApp messages have ruined many relationships. The main problem is that the other person doesn't know what the three points are supposed to mean. Answering a harmless question like “is it ok for you if we postpone the meeting?” With “all right ...” plunges the recipient of the message into a deep dilemma. Is everything all right or is the partner angry and upset? Relationship experts advise always telling you directly when something is wrong. Cryptic statements with diffuse punctuation are to be avoided with WhatsApp.

Mistake # 3 - Monitoring the partner using WhatsApp Web

Anyone using WhatsApp assumes that all data recorded there will remain secret. Few users know that the popular app's web service can also be used by strangers to gain access to the chat history.
To do this, go to the website on a notebook, pick up the target device and scan a QR code. The messaging service is now available on both devices - without login or further checks.

Monitoring your partner via WhatsApp represents a serious breach of trust, which can also be easily uncovered: To find out whether someone is secretly reading, you open WhatsApp and then go to "Settings> WhatsApp Web". If you can see the QR code scanner there, everything is fine. If unknown devices are listed, it has been proven that one is being monitored.