What did Confucius teach


Confucianism is the oldest religion in China. It dates back to Confucius (551-479 B.C.E.) - a famous teacher in China who taught thousands and had many closely related students. He believed that through the development of their minds humanity could be led to good. His teaching particularly emphasizes the veneration of the ancestors and contains certain rituals of devotion to the ancestors. Learning, self-discipline and social interaction are other important aspects of Confucian philosophy. Confucius' teaching is less an organized religion than a worldview on the right and moral conduct of life, but his views became the standard for Chinese politics and science and were ultimately recognized as the imperial doctrine of ideas. Confucianism had a great influence on other Eastern religions such as Taoism and Buddhism.

Central question: "How do I live in harmony with the way of heaven?"

The way is the force that directs the fate of the world. The way of heaven is not God, but more of a kind of earthly energy like gravity. If we acknowledge the power of this force, we will have a good life; if we oppose it, a bad one.

The person who taught all of this was Confucius, a teacher and a saint. Confucius taught people to be kind to one another. He called that Jen. Such a life makes people noble, chunqiu, as Confucius called it. Confucius did not write down his teachings, so most of what we know about him comes from the writings of his disciples.

Confucius taught people to honor their ancestors, to light candles for them and to give them presents, even if they were already dead and could no longer accept the presents. These rituals of devotion to ancestors are called li. Confucius also taught the people to venerate the Emperor of China and be obedient subjects.