Why is it so hard to live

Why do so many people make life so difficult for themselves

Quite simply because they never understood the meaning of life. We humans are allowed to be guests in this world for a while and yet there are people who make life difficult for themselves. When they are then sick and have to die, they suddenly realize what they have done wrong in life. But then it will be too late for them to be able to correct everything again. The words satisfaction and gratitude as well as respect for other people and animals are foreign words to them. Envy or greed are words that accompany your whole life. These people are just to be regretted; we humans have to leave this world as guests again. So we should go and act like a guest. I mean by feeling comfortable on this earth and understanding the meaning of our existence. If many people become dissatisfied, they should go to a hospital or a hospice again to see that these people would like to still live. You don't have to set a monument to yourself as a person after your death, but now is your time and you should be able to experience it with your family and friends. How many people perished in World War I and II? I think it was millions. They were not allowed to live the way we can do it today. We should be grateful that we are allowed to live in this time today; elsewhere in the world thousands of people are starving and we are upset about the smallest things in life. The word satisfaction has become a foreign word for us. The word envy and resentment comes first for many people. For myself, I am happy every day when I am healthy and can enjoy the few years that I still have to live with my friends. The world has existed for many millions of years and I was only a guest for a second. That alone is a reason to be happy about your life. For my critics, it should be said that even if I have made a few mistakes in my blogs, the world will not end because of that. The fact that we humans are so different is what makes life interesting in itself. I wish all my blog readers a happy new year. Enjoy your life because the day will come when you have to say goodbye to this world. Or in other words, where does the soul find its home at rest. Your Erhard