Failure is a lifetime

Failing successfully: 41 strong thoughts that will get you back on track

Can you fail successfully?

There are days that go anything but according to plan.

Maybe the training was canceled. Or the diet was ... let's put it this way: suboptimal.

Some would call it failure.

But in reality, such supposed regression is part of every successful life.

It's not about so-called failures. It's about how you deal with them.

In this article I want to share with you the best advice and thoughts from people who - like all of us - have faced regression.

Some of these people have gone down in history, others still live among us.

Wisdom from 2,500 years, bundled in 41 proverbs. They help you control your thoughts, hold on to it and - look good naked.

Failing successfully: 41 powerful sayings that will keep you focused

  1. "Failures are signposts on the way to success."
    C. S. Lewis, Writer (1898-1963)
  2. “I can accept failure. Everyone fails at some point. But what I can't accept is that I didn't even try. "
    Michael Jordan, Basketball player (born 1963)
  3. "No one has ever achieved anything important who has not at least one leg on the verge of failure."
    Napoleon Hill, Writer (1883-1970)
  4. “Always tried. Always failed. No matter. Tried again. Failed again. Failed better. "
    Samuel Beckett, Writer (1906-1989)
  5. "The only real failure in life is not being true to your good conscience."
    Siddhartha Gautama, Founder of Buddhism (563-483 BC)
  6. “An inventor fails 999 times. But once he is successful, he is there. He simply sees his failures as a goal exercise. "
    Charles F. Kettering,Engineer, scientist, inventor and philosopher (1876-1958)
  7. "If you make one mistake and don't correct it, you commit a second."
    Confucius, Philosopher (551-479 BC)
  8. “Failure is just a way to try again. Smarter this time. "
    Henry Ford, visionary automobile manufacturer (1863-1947)
  9. “At a young age, I realized that nine out of ten things I did were mistakes. So I worked ten times as much. "
    George Bernard Shaw, Playwright, politician and satirist (1856-1950)
  10. “A person can fail many times. But he didn't fail until he blamed someone else. "
    John Burroughs, Naturalist (1837-1921)
  11. “Living without failure is impossible. Unless you live so cautiously that you might as well not have lived at all - which amounts to total failure. "
    J.K. Rowling, Writer (* 1965)
  12. “There are no failures. Unless you keep thinking of her. "
    Confucius, Philosopher (551-479 BC)
  13. "Anyone who has never failed has never tried anything new."
    Albert Einstein, Theoretical physics scientist (1879-1955)
  14. “If you've never done something before, try it three times. First, to overcome fear. Second, to learn how to do it. And a third time to find out whether you like it or not. "
    Virgil Thomson, Composer (1896-1989)
  15. "If we allow ourselves to fail, we allow ourselves to surpass ourselves at the same time."
    – Eloise Ristad, Music educator (1925-1985)
  16. “It is part of growing up that you take responsibility for your successes and failures. You cannot blame others or be jealous of others' success. Anyone who interprets the success of another as their own failure leads a sick lifestyle. "
    Kevin Bacon, Actor (born 1958)
  17. "Anyone who wants to develop something completely foolproof usually underestimates the ingenuity of complete fools."
    Douglas Adams, Children's book author (1953-2001)
  18. “Mistakes are not bad. But a lack of willingness to change can have dire consequences. "
    John Wooden, Basketball player (1910-2010)
  19. "I now know that all of my past failures and frustrations have laid the foundation for the life I enjoy today."
    Anthony Robbins, Bestselling author and NLP trainer (* 1960)
  20. "Failing after a long period of persistence is far greater than never striving for something that could justify the term 'failure'."
    George Eliot, Writer, translator and journalist (1819-1880)
  21. "Someone can fall a lot, but no one will call them a 'failure' until they say someone pushed them."
    Elmer G. Letterman, Entrepreneur and bestselling author (1897-1982)
  22. "A life in which you make a lot of mistakes is not only more honorable, but also more worth living than a life in which you do nothing at all."
    George Bernard Shaw, Playwright, politician and satirist (1856-1950)
  23. “What is the first thing you do when you learn to swim? You're making mistakes, right? And then? Do you make more mistakes. And when you've made all the mistakes you can make without drowning - and many of them again and again - what do you find out? That you can swim In life it is just like learning to swim! Don't be afraid of failure because there is no other way to really live. "
    Alfred Adler, Doctor and psychotherapist (1870-1937)
  24. “Winners aren't afraid of losing. Losers do. Failures are part of the success process. Who avoids failure, avoids success. "
    Robert T. Kiyosaki, Businessman and author (* 1947)
  25. In my career I have shot more than 9,000 throws. I lost almost 300 games. 26 times I was the one to win the game and I missed. I've failed over and over again. And that's exactly why I'm successful. "
    Michael Jordan, Basketball player (born 1963)
  26. "Failures are nature's plan to prepare you for greater things."
    Napoleon Hill, Writer (1883-1970)
  27. "If you don't shoot, you will miss 100%."
    Wayne Gretzky, Ice hockey player (born 1961)
  28. "Be big enough to stand up for your mistakes, smart enough to benefit from them, and strong enough to correct them."
    John C. Maxwell, Pastor, author and speaker (* 1947)
  29. "There are no mistakes - just feedback and how you react to it."
    Tom Krause, Opera and lieder singer (1934-2013)
  30. "Success never lasts forever and failure is never final."
    Mike Ditka, Football player (born 1939)
  31. "Success is the ability to go from failure to failure without losing enthusiasm."
    Winston Churchill, Statesman (1874-1965)
  32. "Every need, every failure, every grief harbors the seeds of equal or greater gain."
    Napoleon Hill, Writer (1883-1970)
  33. “The biggest risk is not taking risks. In a world that is changing incredibly quickly, taking no risks is the only strategy that is guaranteed to fail. "
    Mark Zuckerberg, IT entrepreneur and patron (* 1984)
  34. “Nobody was ever interesting because they didn't fail. The more mistakes you make, the more you get up and improve, the bigger you become as a person. Have you ever met someone who always managed everything right away - without having to make an effort? Such people either have the depth of a puddle. Or they don't exist. "
    Chris Hardwick, Actor (* 1971)
  35. "The biggest mistake you can make in life is the constant fear of making a mistake."
    Elbert Hubbard, Writer, philosopher and publisher (1856-1915)
  36. "If you always do what you always did, you always get what you always got."
    Mark Twain, Writer (1835-1910)
  37. "Success strengthens character, failure shows it."
    Dave Checkett, Businessman (* 1956)
  38. "Anything you want is beyond your fears."
    Jack Canfield, Author and motivational speaker (* 1944)
  39. "If you are not prepared for the fact that you could be wrong, you will never have a good idea."
    Ken Robinson, Educator, consultant and author (* 1950)
  40. "Remember, failure is an event, not a person."
    Zig Ziglar, Author, businessman and motivational speaker (1926-2012)
  41. "Most great people have their greatest successes only one step after their greatest defeats."
    Napoleon Hill, Writer (1883-1970)

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