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It's all about freshness
When preparing seafood, it is important that the products you choose are as fresh as possible. You can see and smell whether the products are fresh: Fresh mussels or shrimp smell of seawater and are not slimy. In the case of squid, there is also a shiny skin as a freshness feature. As soon as an ammonia smell emanates from the seafood, it is no longer fresh and should not be eaten. Frozen products are a delicious alternative to freshly caught seafood for many dishes. Before processing, you should let the seafood thaw slowly, so that the mussel or crustacean meat remains nice and tender when cooking.
In principle, fresh seafood is perishable. So it is best to use them on the day you go shopping. Of course, they keep a little longer frozen, but even then the marine animals should be processed immediately after thawing and not refrozen.

Prepare seafood spaghetti
To ensure that your spaghetti frutti di mare tastes just as delicious as it was on your last holiday in Italy, you need plenty of garlic, a fine sauce made from white wine and seafood such as mussels, shrimp and squid. Our recipe for spaghetti with seafood also uses fresh herbs and aromatic onions - give it a try, it's worth it! Dry white wines with fine aromas such as a Chablis or Muscadet go well with pasta dishes with shellfish and mussels. The latter is also good for making the sauce. Chilled Sauvignon Blanc, White Burgundy or a fruity rosé also complement the taste of the fresh seafood very well.

Oysters, mussels and scallops - you should definitely pay attention to this

When processing mussels, freshness is an absolute priority. Our EDEKA cooking expert will tell you how and when you can safely eat mussels and prepare them deliciously. He recommends throwing away mussels that still have a closed shell after cooking. If you accidentally find some opened mussels in your shopping cart, it is essential to test them for freshness before cooking: Simply hold the open mussel under running water. If it closes, you can prepare it without hesitation; if it stays open, it is no longer alive and is therefore not only inedible, but also harbors health risks.

Try one of our delicious scallop recipes or prepare a hearty clam with our clam chowder recipe.

Cook healthy and tasty with seafood recipes

Whether in Mediterranean cuisine or in northern Germany - seafood has few calories (without sauces and dips), has high-quality protein and valuable vitamins and minerals. Served as a delicious and healthy ingredient in a paella, as a starter in the form of tapas or - as in our recipe for salad with mushrooms and crabs - in a fresh spring salad with vegetables, seafood offers a delicious change from meat and fish. You can also discover our popular mussel or squid recipes.

Tip: If you don't want to miss out on seafood or fish when grilling in summer, you will find many extraordinary recipes in our special on the subject of fish on the grill! A seafood salad is also a good starter or side dish for the grilled specialties.