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Advantages and disadvantages of distance learning

Distance learning is a flexible variant of part-time studies. It offers a high degree of flexibility in terms of learning times and places of study and enables individual planning in order to reconcile studies, work and private life. Nevertheless, the decision to take distance learning should be carefully considered. We describe the advantages and disadvantages of distance learning in this article.

Distance learning is an attractive opportunity, especially for working people, to obtain an academic degree or to continue their education in addition to their job. Because it is characterized above all by great flexibility in terms of time and place of learning. Each student can decide for himself when to sit down where and work through the material. But watch out: Despite the flexible handling, all options should be considered.

We introduce you to the advantages and disadvantages of distance learning; you can find out for yourself whether this type of study suits you or whether you are the type for evening studies.

Distance learning: that's them
advantages and disadvantages

Advantages of distance learning

What are the advantages of distance learning? Why should you choose this type of study? Here are the benefits:

High flexibility

We mentioned it at the beginning: distance learning offers the maximum flexibility, because you learn from home on your own. This means that you decide at what time you study, whether in the morning, at noon or in the evening, in the living room, in the park when the weather is nice or in your favorite café. You determine the learning pace at which you proceed and the rhythm of your studies. This flexibility also makes it easier for you to combine your studies with your private life and work in the best possible way and to get them under one roof.

Combine work and studies

And that's the next advantage: You can continue to work and still study. The burden is very high, no question about it, but with a little organizational skill and discipline, you can combine both - and continue to earn money, which is a very important factor, after all, distance learning also causes costs.

Less strict entry requirements

Distance learning courses usually have less strict entry requirements, so that interested parties can, for example, start distance learning without a high school diploma. There is also usually no numerus clausus or other admission restrictions - it is different, for example, with full-time studies at universities, which cannot accept all applicants due to the given capacities and therefore use an NC depending on the course.

Equal recognition

Don't worry that the quality of distance learning is not as good as that of full-time university study. Because whether you get a full-time, evening or distance learning degree does not matter. Graduation is graduation. In a distance learning course, you also have to work on assignments, write term papers, take exams and, of course, write the bachelor's and / or master's thesis at the end. If you really want to be on the safe side, make sure that your desired distance learning course is accredited and thus full recognition is guaranteed.

Other advantages of distance learning

  • Anyone who pursues and passes a distance learning course secures the Respect from employers, because completing a distance learning alongside your job requires a high degree of discipline, motivation, resilience, organizational talent and time management as well as perseverance. All characteristics that employers also like to see in their employees on the job.
  • The additional qualification gained opens up new career paths and creates new opportunities.
  • As a rule, you can start distance learning at any time and are therefore not tied to specific semesters or semester dates.
  • Even with distance learning, you have the right to financial support such as BAföG, scholarships or student loans.

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