Why train with kettlebells

6 reasons why you should incorporate kettlebells into your workout

Small device, big effect: Kettlebells are hardly bigger than a normal dumbbell, but have a lot ahead of their colleagues. The Kettlebell, who comes from Russia, not only trains isolated muscles, but your whole bodyr.

What actually is a 'kettlebell'

The Kettlebell consists of one bell-shaped weight on a handle. Just like classic dumbbells, kettlebells come in all conceivable sizes and weights. Traditionally, kettlebell weights are measured in Russian pud. Here amounts to 1 pud = 16 kiloswhich is why kettlebells are typically 8 kilos (0.5 pud), 16 kilos (1 pud), 24 kilos (1.5 pud), and so on.

What does a typical kettlebell workout look like?

A Kettlebell workout differs from training with classic dumbbells or barbells in several ways. You usually do kettlebell exercises for longer without breaks. As a rule, two or three exercises are completed one after the other without a break and you do several each Repetitionsn - it can even go to the 20 piece become. With the exercises, you use whole muscle groups instead of just isolated muscles, from which your core benefits in particular. Kettlebell training is therefore also suitable as stab training for runners, but other athletes also benefit from the small ball ...

6 reasons why you should incorporate kettlebells into your workout

Fat loss
Kettlebell training brings that entire cycle on the go - and that in the shortest possible time. After training, your body also benefits from the afterburn effect, which makes training twice as efficient.


Time saving
Kettlebells are efficient. Because you train several muscle groups at once, your workout can be extremely shortened. Instead of struggling for two hours on the machines, you train all the important muscle groups in just one short unit. If you do the exercises correctly, that's enough 10-15 minutes intensive training.


We like big butts…. and a healthy back

Goodbye, back problems - through Kettlebell swings you activate your gluteal muscles, which are the basis of a healthy back. Training with the kettlebell is, so to speak, the counter-program to a lot of sitting, and ensures a straight posture and a healthy back.

Three birds, one stone
Kettlebells combine strength and endurance: Kettlebells make you stronger and more enduring at the same time. The workouts combine exercises that are carried out slowly with explosive exercises - so your body receives new impulses again and again. The interaction of the various muscles also trains your coordination.

Kettlebells prevent injuries by reducing your Strengthen your core. While swinging the kettlebell back and forth, you have to stabilize your body the entire time. You can take advantage of this later in other sports.

Minimal equipment for your home gym

Since Corona and Lockdown at the latest, we have noticed that training with your own body weight can get pretty boring in the long run. A kettlebell is something like that Minimal equipment, which has space even in the tightest of spaces: it hardly takes up more space than your running shoes.

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